Peter Reed and Andy Hodge remain in GB pair for 2011

Olympic champions Peter Reed and Andy Hodge will start the season together in the Great Britain pair as they bid to overturn New Zealand's dominance.

Since winning in the four in Beijing in 2008, the Britons have lost 12 times to Kiwis Hamish Bond and Eric Murray.

That prompted speculation Reed and Hodge would move into a larger boat, offering a better chance of 2012 gold.

The duo compete in the pair in the first of three World Cup events, in Munich from 27-29 May, 2011.

No decision has yet been made on the line-up for the rest of the season but head coach Jurgen Grobler rarely changes his top crews mid-season.

Reed and Hodge were closer than ever before to their Kiwi arch-rivals - 0.32 seconds away - in taking world silver in Karapiro, New Zealand in November 2010.

"We had to spend some time evaluating everything across the GB squad," Grobler said.

"After the great experience we had last year, the guys have made a lot of improvements in many ways over the winter and we will now continue and see whether we have made progress.

"Now that we have the pair decided we need to look at building the other elements. It's a very exciting time for the squad.

"We won some great medals from the men's squad in New Zealand last year but no golds. And we want to win gold but it's exciting to have many different options".

In April Reed and Hodge for the sixth time together.

"It's an enormous challenge to be in the pair," Hodge added. "But we still hunger for it, especially after the world championships last year. That is what motivates us every day in training. It's definitely the right decision and I'm glad we're going for it again".

Reed continued: "Jurgen Grobler said that what we did at the trials in April showed that we are the top athletes and that we are ready for it.

"Obviously, it's just for the first World Cup for now and anything can change but right now it's very exciting, I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's a great decision."

Great Britain will announce their full squad on 11 May, when veterans Greg Searle and Katherine Grainger will confirm which crews they will feature in this season.

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