Tokyo Olympics: Great Britain and Northern Ireland's Olympic team

Jade Jones, Laura Kenny and Dina Asher-Smith
Jade Jones and Laura Kenny will seek to win gold at a third success Games while Dina Asher-Smith will aim to win her first
32nd Olympic Games
Hosts: Tokyo, Japan Dates: 23 July-8 August
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Great Britain and Northern Ireland named a team of 376 on 8 July - featuring 201 women and 175 men - for the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

A further 22 reserve athletes were chosen in what is Team GB's largest-ever delegation for an overseas Olympics.

Great Britain will try to surpass the success of Rio 2016 where 67 medals were won, including 27 golds, when the Games take place from 23 July until 8 August.

Team GB's youngest Olympian is skateboarder Sky Brown, who turned 13 on 12 July, while the oldest is 54-year-old equestrian athlete Carl Hester, who is competing at his sixth Olympic Games.

There were 122 returning Olympians, of which 51 were returning Olympic medallists.

This is the full team.

*Tennis players Johanna Konta and Dan Evans and shooter Amber Hill have since pulled out of the Games because of positive Covid-19 tests.

Archery (6)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Sarah Bettles16 October 1992Individual & team
Naomi Folkard18 September 1983Individual & team
Tom Hall17 September 1990Individual & team
Patrick Huston5 January 1996Individual & team
Bryony Pitman13 March 1997Individual & team
James Woodgate29 May 2002Individual & team
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Artistic swimming (2)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Kate Shortman19 November 2001Free duet
Izzy Thorpe4 March 2001Free duet
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Athletics (77)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Tom Bosworth17 January 1990Men's 20km race walk
Callum Wilkinson 14 March 1997Men's 20km race walk
Ben Connor17 October 1992Men's marathon
Stephanie Davis27 August 1990Women's marathon
Callum Hawkins22 June 1992Men's marathon
CJ Ujah 5 March 1994Men's 100m / 4x100m relay
Zharnel Hughes 13 July 1995Men's 100m / 4x100m relay
Reece Prescod 29 February 1996Men's 100m / 4x100m relay
Adam Gemili 6 October 1993Men's 200m / 4x100m relay
Oliver Dustin 29 November 2000Men's 800m
Elliot Giles 26 May 1994Men's 800m
Daniel Rowden 9 September 1997Men's 800m
Jake Heyward 26 April 1999Men's 1500m
Josh Kerr 8 October 1997Men's 1500m
Jake Wightman 11 July 1994Men's 1500m
Andrew Butchart 14 October 1991Men's 5,000m
Marc Scott 21 December 1993Men's 5,000m / 10,000m
Sam Atkin 14 March 1993Men's 10,000m
Phil Norman 20 October 1989Men's 3,000m steeplechase
Zak Seddon 28 June 1994Men's 3,000m steeplechase
Andrew Pozzi 15 May 1992Men's 110m hurdles
David King13 June 1994Men's 110m hurdles
Tom Gale 18 December 1998Men's high jump
Harry Coppell 11 July 1996Men's pole vault
Ben Williams 25 January 1992Men's triple jump
Scott Lincoln 7 May 1993Men's shot put
Lawrence Okoye 6 October 1991Men's discus
Taylor Campbell 30 June 1996Men's hammer
Nick Miller 1 May 1993Men's hammer
Richard Kilty 2 September 1989Men's 4x100m relay
Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake 2 April 1994Men's 4x100m relay / Men's 200m
Jona Efoloko23 September 1999Men's 4x100m relay
Cameron Chalmers 6 February 1997Men's 4x400m relay
Matthew Hudson-Smith 26 October 1994Men's 4x400m relay
Michael Ohioze 6 February 1995Men's 4x400m relay
Lee Thompson 5 March 1997Men's 4x400m relay
Niclas Baker 9 September 1994Men's 4x400m relay
Jess Piasecki18 April 1990Women's marathon
Chris Thompson17 April 1981Men's marathon
Ben Connor 17 October 1992Men's marathon
Steph Twell17 August 1989Women's marathon
Dina Asher-Smith 4 December 1995Women's 100m / 200m / 4x100m Relay
Daryll Neita 29 August 1996Women's 100m / 4x100m relay
Asha Philip 25 October 1990Women's 100m / 4x100m relay
Beth Dobbin 7 June 1994Women's 200m / 4x100m relay
Ama Pipi 26 November 1995Women's 400m / 4x400m relay
Jodie Williams 28 September 1993Women's 400m / 4x400m relay
Nicole Yeargin 11 August 1997Women's 400m / 4x400m relay
Keely Hodgkinson 3 March 2002Women's 800m
Alex Bell4 November 1992Women's 800m
Jemma Reekie 6 March 1998Women's 800m
Katie Snowden 9 March 1994Women's 1500m
Laura Muir9 May 1993Women's 1500m
Revee Walcott-Nolan6 March 1995Women's 1500m
Jess Judd 7 January 1995Women's 5,000m / 10,000m
Amy-Eloise Markovc 5 August 1995Women's 5,000m
Eilish McColgan 25 November 1990Women's 5,000m / 10,000m
Elizabeth Bird 4 October 1994Women's 3,000m steeplechase
Aimee Pratt 3 October 1997Women's 3,000m steeplechase
Tiffany Porter 13 November 1987Women's 100m hurdles
Cindy Sember 5 August 1994Women's 100m hurdles
Meghan Beesley 15 November 1989Women's 400m hurdles
Jessie Knight 15 June 1994Women's 400m hurdles / 4x400m relay
Jessica Turner 8 August 1995 Women's 400m hurdles / 4x400m relay
Morgan Lake 12 May 1997Women's high jump
Emily Borthwick2 September 1997Women's high jump
Holly Bradshaw 2 November 1991Women's pole vault
Abigail Irozuru 3 January 1990Women's long jump
Jazmin Sawyers 21 May 1994Women's long jump
Lorraine Ugen22 August 1991Women's long jump
Sophie McKinna 31 August 1994Women's shot put
Imani-Lara Lansiquot 7 December 1997Women's 4x100m relay
Ashleigh Nelson 20 February 1991Women's 4x100m relay
Zoey Clark 25 October 1994Women's 4x400m relay
Emily Diamond 11 June 1991Women's 4x400m relay
Laviai Nielsen 13 March 1996Women's 4x400m relay
Hannah Williams 23 April 1998Women's 4x400m relay
Katarina Johnson-Thompson9 January 1993Heptathlon
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Badminton (7)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Toby Penty 12 August 1992Men's singles
Kirsty Gilmour 21 September 1993Women's singles
Marcus Ellis 14 September 1989Mixed doubles
Lauren Smith 26 September 1991Mixed doubles/Women's doubles
Chloe Birch 16 September 1995Women's doubles
Ben Lane 13 July 1997Men's doubles
Sean Vendy18 May 1996Men's doubles
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Boxing (11)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Karriss Artingstall23 November 1994Women's featherweight (57kg)
Cheavon Clarke14 December 1990Men's heavyweight (91kg)
Frazer Clarke7 August 1991Men's super-heavyweight (91kg+)
Charley Davison24 November 1993Women's flyweight (51kg)
Caroline Dubois11 January 2001Women's lightweight (60kg)
Luke McCormack8 June 1995Men's lightweight (63kg)
Pat McCormack8 June 1995Men's welterweight (69kg)
Peter McGrail31 May 1996Men's featherweight (57kg)
Lauren Price25 June 1994Women's middleweight (75kg)
Ben Whittaker6 June 1997Men's light-heavyweight (81kg)
Galal Yafai11 December 1992Men's flyweight (52kg)
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Canoe slalom (4)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Adam Burgess17 July 1992Men's C1
Bradley Forbes-Cryans25 March 1995Men's K1
Mallory Franklin19 June 1994Women's C1
Kimberley Woods8 September 1995Women's K1
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Canoe sprint (4)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Liam Heath17 August 1984Men's K1 200m
Deborah Kerr 17 November 1997Women's K1 500m
Emily Lewis15 May 1993Women's K1 200m
Katie Reid N/AWomen's C1 200m
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Climbing (1)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Shauna Coxsey27 January 1993Climbing
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Cycling (26 & six reserves)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Tao Geoghegan Hart30 March 1995Men's road/Men's TT
Geraint Thomas25 May 1986Men's road/Men's TT
Adam Yates7 August 1992Men's road
Simon Yates7 August 1992Men's road
James Knox4 November 1995Men's road reserve
Lizzie Deignan18 December 1988Women's road
Anna Shackley17 May 2001Women's road/Women's TT
Joss Lowden 3 October 1987Women's road & TT reserve
Tom Pidcock30 July 1999Men's MTB
Evie Richards11 March 1997Women's MTB
Kye Whyte21 September 1999Men's BMX SX
Ross CullenMen's BMX SX reserve
Beth Shriever19 April 1999Women's BMX SX
Declan BrooksMen's BMX Freestyle Park
James Jones4 March 1994Men's BMX Freestyle Park reserve
Charlotte Worthington26 June 1996Women's BMX Freestyle Park
Ed Clancy12 March 1985Men's Endurance
Ethan Hayter18 September 1998Men's Endurance
Ethan Vernon26 August 2000Men's Endurance
Matt Walls20 April 1998Men's Endurance
Oliver Wood26 November 1995Men's Endurance
Charlie Tanfield17 November 1996Men's Endurance reserve
Katie Archibald12 March 1994Women's Endurance
Elinor Barker7 September 1994Women's Endurance
Neah Evans1 August 1990Women's Endurance
Laura Kenny24 April 1992Women's Endurance
Josie Knight29 March 1997Women's Endurance
Jack Carlin23 April 1997Men's Sprint
Jason Kenny23 March 1988Men's Sprint
Ryan Owens29 September 1995Men's Sprint
Philip Hindes22 September 1992Men's Sprint reserve
Katy Marchant30 January 1993Women's Sprint
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Diving (12)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Eden Cheng2 December 2002Synchronised 10m platform
Thomas Daley21 May 1994Individual & synchronised 10m platform
Daniel Goodfellow19 October 1996Synchronised 3m springboard
James Heatly20 May 1997Individual 3m springboard
Jack Laugher30 January 1995Individual & synchronised 3m springboard
Matty Lee5 March 1998Synchronised 10m platform
Scarlett Mew Jensen31 December 2001Individual 3m springboard
Grace Reid9 May 1996Individual & synchronised 3m springboard
Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix11 September 2004Individual 10m platform
Katherine Torrance10 October 1998Synchronised 3m springboard
Lois Toulson26 September 1999Individual & synchronised 10m platform
Noah Williams15 May 2000Individual 10m platform
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Equestrian (9)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of BirthEvent
Charlotte Dujardin13 July 1985Dressage
Charlotte Fry11 February 1996Dressage
Carl Hester27 June 1967Dressage
Laura Collett31 August 1989Eventing
Tom McEwen10 May 1991Eventing
Oliver Townend15 November 1982Eventing
Holly Smith14 Match 1989Showjumping
Scott Brash23 November 1985Showjumping
Ben Maher30 January 1983Showjumping
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Fencing (1)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Marcus Mepstead11 May 1990Men's foil
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Football (18)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Karen Bardsley14 October 1984Women's Football
Ellie Roebuck23 September 1999Women's Football
Millie Bright21 August 1993Women's Football
Lucy Bronze28 October 1991Women's Football
Rachel Daly6 December 1991Women's Football
Steph Houghton23 April 1988Women's Football
Demi Stokes12 December 1991Women's Football
Leah Williamson29 March 1997Women's Football
Sophie Ingle2 September 1991Women's Football
Kim Little19 June 1990Women's Football
Jill Scott2 February 1997Women's Football
Keira Walsh8 April 1997Women's Football
Caroline Weir20 June 1995Women's Football
Lauren Hemp7 August 2000Women's Football
Fran Kirby29 June 1993Women's Football
Nikita Parris10 March 1994Women's Football
Georgia Stanway3 January 1999Women's Football
Ellen White9 May 1989Women's Football
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Golf (4)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Paul Casey21 July 1977Men's golf
Tommy Fleetwood19 January 1991Men's golf
Mel Reid 19 September 1987Women's golf
Jodi Ewart Shadoff7 January 1988Women's golf
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Gymnastics (8)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Max Whitlock13 January 1993Men: Team & individual
Joe Fraser6 December 1998Men: Team & individual
James Hall 6 October 1995Men: Team & individual
Giarnni Regini-Moran2 August 1998 Men: Team & individual
Alice Kinsella 13 March 2001Women: Team & individual
Jennifer Gadirova 3 October 2004Women: Team & individual
Jessica Gadirova3 October 2004Women: Team & individual
Amelie Morgan31 May 2003Women: Team & individual
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Hockey (32 plus four reserves)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Giselle Ansley31 March 1992Women's hockey
Grace Balsdon13 April 1993Women's hockey
Fiona Crackles11 February 2000Women's hockey
Maddie Hinch 8 October 1988Women's hockey
Sarah Jones 25 June 1990Women's hockey
Hannah Martin 30 December 1994Women's hockey
Shona McCallin18 May 1992Women's hockey
Lily Owsley10 December 1994Women's hockey
Hollie Pearne-Webb19 September 1990Women's hockey
Izzy Petter27 June 2000Women's hockey
Ellie Rayer22 November 1996 Women's hockey
Sarah Robertson27 September 1993Women's hockey
Anna Toman29 April 1993Women's hockey
Susannah Townsend28 July 1989Women's hockey
Laura Unsworth8 March 1988Women's hockey
Leah Wilkinson3 December 1986Women's hockey
Amy Costello14 January 1998Women's hockey reserve
Sarah Evans12 April 1991Women's hockey reserve
David Ames25 June 1989Men's hockey
Liam Ansell12 November 1993Men's hockey
Brendan Creed3 January 1993Men's hockey
Adam Dixon11 September 1986Men's hockey
Jacob Draper24 July 1998Men's hockey
James Gall20 May 1995Men's hockey
Chris Griffiths3 September 1990Men's hockey
Ollie Payne6 April 1999Men's hockey
Phil Roper24 January 1992Men's hockey
Liam Sanford14 March 1996Men's hockey
Rupert Shipperley21 November 1992Men's hockey
Ian Sloan19 November 1993Men's hockey
Tom Sorsby28 October 1996 Men's hockey
Zach Wallace29 September 1999Men's hockey
Jack Waller28 January 1997Men's hockey
Sam Ward24 December 1990Men's hockey
Alan Forsyth5 April 1992Men's hockey reserve
Harry Martin23 October 1992Men's hockey reserve
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Judo (6)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Sarah Adlington5 August 1986Women's +78kg
Chelsie Giles25 January 1997Women's 52kg
Gemma Howell13 June 1990Women's 70kg
Natalie Powell16 October 1990Women's 78kg
Lucy Renshall11 December 1995Women's 63kg
Ashley McKenzie17 July 1989Men's 60kg
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Modern pentathlon (4)

Team GB athletes
NameDate of birthEvent
Joseph Choong23 May 1995Men's competition
Jamie Cooke3 March 1991Men's competition
Kate French11 FebruaryWomen's competition
Joanna MuirWomen's competition
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Rowing (41 & four reserves)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Victoria Thornley30 November 1987Women's single sculls (W1x)
Helen Glover17 June 1986Women's pair (W2-)
Polly Swann5 June 1988Women's pair (W2-)
Emily Craig30 November 1992Lightweight women's double sculls (LW2x)
Imogen Grant26 February 1996Lightweight women's double sculls (LW2x)
Graeme Thomas8 November 1988Men's double sculls (M2x)
John Collins24 January 1989Men's double sculls (M2x)
Rowan McKellar24 May 1994Women's four (W4-)
Harriet Taylor14 February 1994Women's four (W4-)
Karen Bennett5 February 1989Women's four (W4-)
Rebecca Shorten25 November 1993Women's four (W4-)
Oliver Cook5 June 1990Men's four (M4-)
Matthew Rossiter25 September 1989Men's four (M4-)
Rory Gibbs3 April 1994Men's four (M4-)
Sholto Carnegie28 February 1995Men's four (M4-)
Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne1 October 1994Women's quadruple sculls (W4x)
Hannah Scott18 June 1999Women's quadruple sculls (W4x)
Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne8 October 1996Women's quadruple sculls (W4x)
Lucy Glover25 November 1998Women's quadruple sculls (W4x)
Harry Leask16 October 1995Men's quadruple sculls (M4x)
Angus Groom16 June 1992Men's quadruple sculls (M4x)
Thomas Barras7 January 1994Men's quadruple sculls (M4x)
Jack Beaumont21 November 1993Men's quadruple sculls (M4x)
Fiona Gammond19 October 1992Women's eight (W8+)
Sara Parfett8 October 1991Women's eight (W8+)
Rebecca EdwardsWomen's eight (W8+)
Chloe BrewWomen's eight (W8+)
Katherine Douglas3 August 1989Women's eight (W8+)
Caragh McMurtry22 August 1991Women's eight (W8+)
Rebecca Muzerie3 December 1989Women's eight (W8+)
Emily Ford8 November 1994Women's eight (W8+)
Matilda Horn (Cox)16 August 1992Women's eight (W8+)
Joshua Bugajski5 October 1990Men's eight (M8+)
Jacob Dawson2 November 1993Men's eight (M8+)
Thomas George22 September 1994Men's eight (M8+)
Mohamed Sbihi27 March 1988Men's eight (M8+)
Charles Elwes15 July 1997Men's eight (M8+)
Oliver Wynne-Griffith29 May 1994Men's eight (M8+)
James Rudkin7 July 1994Men's eight (M8+)
Thomas Ford3 October 1991Men's eight (M8+)
Henry Fieldman (cox)25 November 1988Men's eight (M8+)
Madeleine Arlett7 June 1994Spare rower
Morgan Bolding13 May 1995Spare rower
Saskia Budgett21 September 1996Spare rower
Matthew Tarrant11 July 1990Spare rower
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Rugby sevens (24 & two reserves)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Dan Bibby6 February 1991 Men's Rugby Sevens
Alec Coombes26 November 1995Men's Rugby Sevens
Alex Davis3 October 1992Men's Rugby Sevens
Robbie Fergusson30 August 1993 Men's Rugby Sevens
Harry Glover31 December 1995 Men's Rugby Sevens
Ben Harris8 September 1999 Men's Rugby Sevens
Ollie Lindsay-Hague8 October 1990 Men's Rugby Sevens
Ross McCann30 October 1997 Men's Rugby Sevens
Max McFarland13 July 1993Men's Rugby Sevens
Tom Mitchell22 July 1989 Men's Rugby Sevens
Dan Norton22 March 1988Men's Rugby Sevens
Ethan Waddleton23 November 1996 Men's Rugby Sevens
Reserve: Tom BowenMen's Rugby Sevens
Holly Aitchison3 September 1997 Women's Rugby Sevens
Abbie Brown10 April 1996 Women's Rugby Sevens
Abi Burton9 March 2000 Women's Rugby Sevens
Deborah Fleming10 July 1991 Women's Rugby Sevens
Natasha Hunt21 March 1989 Women's Rugby Sevens
Megan Jones23 October 1996 Women's Rugby Sevens
Jasmine Joyce9 October 1995 Women's Rugby Sevens
Alex Matthews3 August 1993 Women's Rugby Sevens
Celia Quansah25 October 1995 Women's Rugby Sevens
Helena Rowland19 September 1999 Women's Rugby Sevens
Hannah Smith30 October 1992 Women's Rugby Sevens
Emma Uren1 October 1997 Women's Rugby Sevens
Reserve: Lisa ThomsonWomen's Rugby Sevens
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Sailing (15)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvent
Giles Scott23 June 1987Finn
Alison Young29 May 1987Laser radial
Hannah Mills29 February 1988Women's 470
Eilidh McIntyre4 June 1994Women's 470
Luke Patience4 August 1986Men's 470
Chris Grube22 January 1985Men's 470
Emma Wilson7 April 1999Women's RS:X (Windsurfing)
Tom Squires3 August 1993Men's RS:X (Windsurfing)
Charlotte Dobson5 May 198649erFX
Saskia Tidey11 June 199349erFX
Dylan Fletcher3 April 198849er
Stuart Bithell28 August 1986 49er
Anna Burnet27 September 1992Nacra 17
John Gimson11 March 1983Nacra 17
Elliot Hanson12 February 1984Laser
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Shooting (5)

Team GB athletes
NameDate of birthEvents
Matt Coward-Holley14 December 1994Men's Trap
Aaron Heading21 May 1987Men's Trap
Kirsty Hegarty12 September 1988Women's Trap
Seonaid McIntosh15 March 1996Women's 3x50 rifle and 10m air rifle

Skateboarding (2)

Team GB athletes
NameDate of birthEvent
Sky Brown12 July 2008Women's Park
Bombette MartinBorn in 2006Women's Park

Swimming (32)

Team GB athletes
NameDate of birthEvents
Freya Anderson4 March 2001TBC
Kieran Bird 2 September 1999TBC
Kathleen Dawson3 October 1997TBC
Tom Dean 2 May 2002TBC
Luke Greenbank 17 September 1997TBC
James Guy26 November 1995TBC
Anna Hopkin 26 April 1996TBC
Lucy Hope 30 January 1997TBC
Adam Peaty28 December 1994 TBC
Jacob Peters 20 August 2000TBC
Ben Proud21 September 1994TBC
Calum Jarvis 12 May 1992TBC
Dan Jervis 9 June 1996TBC
Harriet Jones 27 May 1997TBC
Joe Litchfield 8 July 1998TBC
Max Litchfield 4 March 1995TBC
Ross Murdoch 14 January 1994TBC
Molly Renshaw 6 May 1996TBC
Matthew Richards 17 December 2002TBC
Duncan Scott 6 May 1997TBC
Laura Stephens 2 June 1999TBC
Alys Thomas 10th October 1990TBC
Sarah Vasey 29 August 1996TBC
Jacob Whittle25 September 2004TBC
James Wilby12 November 1993TBC
Cassie Wild 12 June 2000TBC
Brodie Williams 18 March 1999TBC
Aimee Willmott26 February 1993TBC
Alicia Wilson 5 March 2000TBC
Abbie Wood4 March 2001TBC
Alice Dearing23 April 1997Marathon swimming
Hector Pardoe29 March 2001Marathon swimming

Table tennis (3)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Liam Pitchford12 July 1993Singles
Tin-Tin Ho3 September 1998Singles
Paul Drinkhall16 January 1990Singles
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Taekwondo (5)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Mahama Cho16 August 1989Men's +80kg
Jade Jones21 March 1993Women's -57kg
Bradly Sinden19 September 1988Men's -68kg
Bianca Walkden29 September 1991Women's +67kg
Lauren Williams25 February 1999Women's -67kg
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Tennis (4)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Andy Murray15 May 1987 Men's singles & doubles
Liam Broady4 January 1994Men's singles
Heather Watson19 May 1992 Women's singles
Jamie Murray13 February 1986Men's doubles
Neal Skupski1 December 1989Men's doubles
Joe Salisbury20 April 1992Men's doubles
TBC-Mixed doubles

Trampolining (2)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Laura Gallagher26 March 1989Women's Individual
Bryony Page10 December 1990Women's Individual
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Triathlon (5)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Jonny Brownlee30 April 1990Men's individual & mixed relay
Vicky Holland12 January 1986Women's individual & mixed relay
Jess Learmonth18 April 1988Women's individual & mixed relay
Georgia Taylor-Brown 15 March 1994Women's individual & mixed relay
Alex Yee18 February 1998Men's individual & mixed relay
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Weightlifting (4)

Team GB athletes confirmed
NameDate of birthEvents
Emily Campbell6 May 1994Women's +87kg
Sarah Davies19 August 1992Women's +64kg
Zoe Smith26 April 1994Women's +59kg
Emily Muskett 22 October 1989Women's +76 kg
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