Rio 2016: Michael Conlan faces punishment over Rio actions

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Michael Conlan makes his feelings clear after his controversial defeat

Michael Conlan will face disciplinary action by amateur boxing's world governing body over his angry reaction to his controversial Olympics defeat, says AIBA president Dr Ching-Kuo Wu.

The Irish boxer made a rude gesture to the judges after he lost by unanimous decision to Vladimir Nikitin and gave a profanity-laced post-fight interview.

Wu said: "He immediately showed his finger to the referee-judges.

"Disciplinary action will follow, you can't humiliate in public our judges."

Wu also denied accusations of corruption by AIBA in Rio.

Wu said: "People accusing AIBA of corruption, please give me the evidence.

"I have no mercy to those [corrupt] people. I hate manipulation, corruption."

Wu suggested legal action would be taken against those who have accused the AIBA of corruption.

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Crowd boos points win for Tishchenko in gold medal bout

In addition to the Conlan result other controversial decisions in Rio included another Russian, Evgeny Tishchenko, being awarded victory against Kazakhstan's Vassiliy Levit in the heavyweight boxing final.

"I felt in my mind, nothing wrong [about the decision]. Nothing wrong. But the next day, suddenly it becomes a very controversial issue. It was really surprising," said Wu, who was at ringside for the fight.

As well as gesturing at the judges, Belfast fighter Conlan swore and claimed he was "robbed" and "cheated" following his bantamweight quarter-final exit at the hands of Nikitin.

"The International Olympic Committee says this is totally unacceptable. He put himself in a difficult position, I can tell you," added Wu.

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Ireland's Conlan suffers controversial defeat

Will there be changes?

AIBA sent home several referees and judges after debatable verdicts at the Games and the fall-out from the Conlan fight is set to result in a change to the scoring system at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Wu said: "We always assign the evaluators of the referees and judges to watch for fair play. If they find certain referees and judges not meeting expectations, or if some mistake is made, then immediately we interview them.

"The [suspension usually] runs three days. This time, we sent them home. Our policy is zero tolerance. I want perfect. The best.

"Since that happened [the Conlan fight], we want to totally review our [scoring] system and how to improve.

"It will be transparent. We will continue to work to make it in a more perfect condition."

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