Rio Olympics 2016: Mayweather, baseball caps, cycling celebrations, fainting Finns

Saturday, 13 August

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (centre) was in Rio to witness the Olympic boxing

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Shooter Abdullah Al-Rashidi, a Kuwaiti competing under the Olympic flag in Rio, was "adopted" by Brazilian fans who found the 52-year-old's bigode - Portuguese for moustache - particularly endearing. (Reuters)

With no official Olympic uniform to wear, Al-Rashidi took bronze in the men's skeet shooting competition wearing an Arsenal football shirt.

Owain Doull, one of Great Britain's team pursuit gold medallists, posted this picture on Twitter, adding: "Hats off to the girls they know us too well. Best part of it was I only discovered this message as I was about to walk in to their room thinking it was mine."

Owain Doull Twitter

Google has devised an Olympic table for how much a country "loves" the Rio Games based on entries into its search engine - and Great Britain is well placed. (Google)

American swimming legend Michael Phelps held a question and answer session with fans during a Facebook live broadcast, in which he said he would not return for Tokyo 2020 and is also not a fan of Pokemon Go. (Facebook)

British weightlifter Sonny Webster said he claimed a unique Olympic record on Saturday: "There's only one record I broke today - first man to ever compete in the Olympics with a hat on back to front!" he laughed.

Sonny Webster

Bulgarian runner Silvia Danekova, who was thrown out of the Games after testing positive for a banned substance, say she will not appeal against the decision as the World Anti-Doping Agency is "mafia in white aprons". (Reuters)

Great Britain's gold medal-winning rower Moe Sbihi told his cycling compatriots they need to watch their places for the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

Moe Sbihi

American Olympian decathlete Ashton Eaton drew a mixed reaction on social media after he wore a Canada hat while cheering on his Canadian wife, Olympic heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton. (Twitter)

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey continued his Rio trip by ticking another Olympian off his list. This time Great Britain swimmer James Guy was the man to get a picture, writing on Instagram: "Matthew McConaughey wanted a picture with me last night whilst I was swimming down. I have my last race of the Olympic Games tonight and it's going to be one hell of a race."

James Guy Instagram

Moments after completing a 175kg lift, Finnish weightlifter Milko Olavi Tokola collapsed off the stage after passing out as he raised his fists in the air to celebrate. (Daily Mirror)

Yuri van Gelder, the Dutch gymnast who was sent home for drinking alcohol on a night out in Rio, has vowed to return to the sport:

Yuri van Gelder

US wrestler Jordan Burroughs spotted a boxing legend in Rio, posting on Twitter: "I'm just running into champions today. Just so happens that @FloydMayweather is in Rio for the Olympics too!"

International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams says seeing Team Refugee compete at Rio will remain one of his Olympic highlights: "I look back and I think how I'll remember these Games. I'll remember a really amazing moment when I saw those athletes competing for the first time. It was incredible."

Jockey and former track cyclist Victoria Pendleton sent a message of congratulations to silver medallists Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro:

Victoria Pendleton

They say never to meet your idols. Unless you plan to beat them to a gold medal on the biggest stage of them all eight years later. Here's Singapore's 100m butterfly Olympic champion and world record holder Joseph Schooling as a 13-year-old meeting American 22-time gold medallist Michael Phelps in 2008. (7 Sport)

Michael Phelps with a 13-year-old Joseph Schooling - pictured eight years ago
Michael Phelps with a 13-year-old Joseph Schooling - pictured eight years ago

Ever seen synchronised swimming upside down from under the water? It's a thing of beauty. BBC Breakfast's Mike Bushell gives it a go...

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Mike Bushell tries synchronised swimming

Jamaica's reigning Olympic 100m and 200m champion Usain Bolt has been putting the finishing touches to his preparation, sharing his haircut on Snapchat.

Could that new aerodynamic look help Bolt break his own world records?
Could that new aerodynamic look help Bolt break his own world records?

Another athlete concerned about their hair is USA diver Abigail Johnston, who has threatened to charge Olympic organisers if the green pool stains her locks. "I'm worried about my hair. I'm a hair person so if my hair turns green, I will send my hair dye bill to the Olympics," she said.

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Access all areas at Velodrome with Hoy

Britain's surprise trampolining silver medallist Bryony Page has a lucky charm - a dinosaur lunchbox. The 25-year-old wrote her Sheffield University thesis on dinosaurs' vocal capacity while studying life sciences. Conclusion: "They probably didn't have the vocal chords to roar like they did in the movies," says Page. (Telegraph)

Surprising, Page's brother Marcus told BBC Radio 5 live: "We never had a trampoline, I don't know why my parents never bought one. It's annoying for me seeing how good she is. It's sibling rivalry at its finest."

Clearly there is a bit of down time at the Olympic Village between all these medals, as athletes have been 'swiping' each other on Tinder, according the dating app's spokeswoman Rosette Pambakian. She said: "Matches in the Olympic Village increased by 129% over the weekend, and the company expects that trend to continue." (UK Business Insider)

Google Trends
Answer to question 1 - yes.

US women's football goalkeeper Hope Solo seems intent on making herself the villain of the Olympic Games. After being knocked out on penalties by Sweden and calling her opponents cowards, pointed out that she has not really made many friends in Rio, as did plenty of other people on social media.

Hope and Zika
Hope Solo had tweeted pictures of her anti-Zika measures

Quotes of the day

Michelle Carter in red lipstick and make-up during the shot put
Michelle Carter in red lipstick and make-up during the shot put - she has a clothing line called Shot Diva

"I'm in a sport where people don't look at us like women, they don't look at us like being girls, or feminine. But I've been girly all my life. I love hair, I love make up, I love fashion and I love throwing the shot put." Glamorous US Olympic shot put gold medallist Michelle Carter

"That's what we need to do to compete with them. If that's what they think of us, that's perfect for us. We're not going to back down from anyone." Australian basketball player Patty Mills when asked about the Australian team being called 'pests' by USA

"I needed to be more in the moment in the first half of the race. I was too busy thinking, 'Oh my god I'm in an Olympic final'." Canadian women's lightweight double sculls silver medal Lindsay Jennerich

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