BBC Sport - Rio Olympics 2016: The caddie who brought golf to Rio's poorest

The caddie who brought golf to Rio's poorest

Jair Medeiros fell in love with golf as a teenage caddie for Vicky Whyte, a member of Brazil's national golf team in the 1980s. Normally the preserve of the country's elite, being on the golf course was an eye opener.

"I had only seen golf in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon. It was a crazy novelty," recalls Jair.

He was determined that others should get the chances he'd had. With support from Whyte and the mayor of Japeri, one of Rio's poorest suburbs, he established Japeri Golf, Brazil's first public golf course.

More than a thousand children have been through his academy and graduates are among the top players in every age group of Brazil's golf tournaments.

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