Kirsty Gilmour: GB Olympian's coach Chris Bruil unable to join her in Rio

The eight members of Great Britain's badminton team
Gilmour (second from right) is one of eight members of GB's badminton team in Rio

The coach of Scottish Olympian Kirsty Gilmour, named in Great Britain's team for Rio, says it's "ridiculous" he can't accompany her to the Games.

Dutchman Chris Bruil, who competed in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics, has been coaching Gilmour since just after the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

But he won't be with the 22-year-old at her first Olympics because of a lack of accreditation for individual coaches.

"In Holland we would never do that - we think it's ridiculous," Bruil said.

"That's just the system in the UK, and that's the way she has to work.

"I'm not able to coach her and we knew that up front. We have to try to make it the best we possibly can so she can work together with the GB coaches in Rio.''

Gilmour, ranked 15th in the world, has risen 22 places in the world rankings in the past year and is hoping to challenge for a medal in Rio.

Bruil, speaking to BBC Scotland, admits he finds the accreditation system frustrating, saying "we laugh about it" in Holland.

"That's the system and they won't change that," he added. "So I can't change the law or the system, I can only make sure she has the best preparation for her Olympics and I think we take it in the most positive way we can."

'A lot of dialogue between everyone - Gilmour'

Jon Austin, performance director of GB Badminton & Badminton England, said restrictions on accreditation for individual coaches exist across all Olympic sports.

''There's limited accreditations in Rio for badminton as there is for all sports," he told BBC Scotland. "We have to consider how best to support the whole team which means we are not in a position to cater for individual coaches.

"We will be sending eight players and three coaches to the Olympics, all of whom will support the GB badminton team across the five events.

"Kirsty is an important part of the GB team and is fully engaged and fully integrated with the coaches and staff who will be supporting her in Rio."

Gilmour herself seems relaxed about the situation, despite not training in the same place as the GB coaches.

''Working with Chris has been really good over the last couple of years, but inevitably I will be working with the GB coaches come the Games," she said.

"I'm training up here in Glasgow and they're down in Milton Keynes, so there's a lot of communication, a lot of dialogue between everyone. We all know each other really well, we've got plans in place on how to go about match prep and everything, so we've got most things covered I think.''