Glass resigned to not getting home during AFL suspension

Conor Glass plays for Hawthorn
Conor Glass joined Melbourne club Hawthorn in 2016

Aussie Rules player Conor Glass is resigned to not making it home to Maghera during the AFL's enforced break.

The season has been suspended until at least May and some of Glass's fellow players have returned to Ireland.

"The cheapest flight was about £5,000," said the 22-year-old Glen clubman who plays for Hawthorn.

"I got a flight booked, but it was cancelled the next morning. I won't get home."

Glass, a former Derry minor, believes the anticipated financial hit could prove too much for some AFL clubs

"There's going to be a lot of money lost by the AFL. Some of the newer clubs might struggle with money and could fold, hopefully it doesn't get to that," he added.

"A 50% pay cut is the least of my worries, because there are bigger things going.

"The main thing is health and keeping family and friends safe."

'I'd have paid anything to get home'

Glass is in his fourth season at Hawthorn in Victoria, having moved there with a reputation as an outstanding underage Gaelic footballer.

The AFL season had just started when matches were halted because of the worldwide coronavirus crisis

Glass said he had recovered from an ankle injury and remained optimistic about making a real mark in the Aussie Rules game in 2020.

He has a particular interest in mental health, something he feels is important for young men living so far from home.

The issue was raised again when Connor McKenna returned home to Tyrone earlier this year, citing homesickness.

"I meet up with the other Irish boys and we maybe were a bit slack on mental health for a while," said Glass.

"But when Conor McKenna went home it made us pull our heads in a bit and get together that bit more often.

"We catch up once a week, whether it be golf, go for dinner, have boys over for a cup of tea - that's always hard to beat!

"We're all in this together- we're all in the same boat so whatever we can do to help each other is massive over here, especially without our families."

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