Isle of Man TT: Michael Dunlop sets fastest Superbike speed in final TT practice

Michael Dunlop
Michael Dunlop in action during Friday night's TT practice

Michael Dunlop set the fastest Superbike speed of Friday night's final TT practice with a lap of 132.983mph.

The Tyco BMW rider recorded two earlier laps over 132mph during the session but his quickest speed was short of Dean Harrison's best of the week - 133.462.

Peter Hickman registered the leading Superstock lap with 130.829.

Ryan Kneen completed a lap of the circuit at the back of the field as a tribute to his brother Dan, who was killed in practice on Wednesday.

Ryan's appearance on the grid was greeted by applause from spectators at the TT Grandstand, while fans waved their support as he made his way around the circuit.

The start of the practice was delayed because of oil on the circuit on the run towards The Bungalow and when the action did get underway, yellow flags were displayed to warn riders to slow down on that section.

There was a further hold-up to proceedings when red flags went out to temporarily halt the session because of oil on the course following an incident at Hailwood Rise, in which the riders involved were unhurt.

James Hillier and David Johnson set their first laps of the week at over 130mph in the Superbike category.

1. Dean Harrison (ENG)Kawasaki133.462mph
2. Michael Dunlop (NIR)BMW132.983
3. Peter Hickman (ENG)BMW132.806
4. Conor Cummins (IOM)Honda131.175
5. James Hillier (ENG)Kawasaki130.664
6. David Johnson (AUS)BMW130.097
1. Peter Hickman (ENG)BMW130.829mph
2. Dean Harrison (ENG)Kawasaki130.553
3. Conor Cummins (IOM)Honda129.584
4. David Johnson (AUS)BMW129.202
5. Lee Johnston (NIR)Honda128.288
6. James Hillier (ENG)Kawasaki128.110
1. Dean Harrison (ENG)Kawasaki125.797mph
2. Michael Dunlop (NIR)Honda125.741
3. Conor Cummins (IOM)Honda125.152
4. James Hillier (ENG)Kawasaki124.919
5. Peter Hickman (ENG)Triumph124.447
6. Ivan Lintin (ENG)Kawasaki124.376
1. Michael Dunlop (NIR)Paton120.875mph
2. Ivan Lintin (ENG)Kawasaki120.660
3. Stefano Bonetti (ITA)Paton118.848
4. Derek McGee (ROI)Kawasaki117.571
5. Peter Hickman (ENG)Kawasaki117.508
6. David Johnson (AUS)Kawasaki117.029