Ulster Grand Prix: Ian Hutchinson dominates at Dundrod as he earns four wins

Ian Hutchinson is congratulated after winning the opening Superstock race at the Ulster Grand Prix
Ian Hutchinson's four triumphs on Saturday bring his career Ulster Grand Prix haul up to nine wins

Ian Hutchinson dominated Saturday's Ulster Grand Prix meeting as his four wins included both Superbike races.

The English rider rounded off his day by breaking the lap record from 2010 as he pipped Bruce Anstey and Michael Dunlop to win Superbike Race 2.

Earlier Hutchinson, 37, had held off veteran Anstey and Dunlop in the main Superbike race.

Hutchinson edged out Dunlop in the Superstock race and then overhauled William Dunlop in Supersport Race 2.

The Bingley rider's manoeuvre late on the final lap to pip William Dunlop in the second Supersport race summed up his brilliance.

That gave Hutchinson his third victory of the day but the Englishman wasn't satisfied as he produced his lap record breaking heroics on the final circuit of the second Superbike race, with a new bencgmark of 134.087mph.

Anstey, 47, also had a tremendous day as he won a red flagged Supersport Race 1 and earned two second places.

As was the case after he was edged out by Hutchinson in the opening Superstock race, Dunlop said that backmarkers had hindered him in the closing stages of the main Superbike race.

Hutchinson maintains 2016 Superstock dominance

Hutchinson won the opening Superstock race after he passed Michael Dunlop late on the final lap with Isle of Man rider Dan Kneen completing the podium positions..

The English rider's victory completed a hat-trick in the Superstock class in this year's international road races after his North West 200 and Isle of Man wins.

Anstey was declared the winner of Supersport Race 1 after it was halted on lap four following an incident.

The veteran New Zealander's victory maintained his sequence of achieving a supersport podium finish at the meeting every year since 2001 as he clinched a 12th Ulster Grand Prix victory.

Bruce Anstey has achieved a supersport podium at the Ulster Grand Prix in every year since 2001
Bruce Anstey won a red flagged Supersport Race 1 at the Dundrod meeting

Anstey forged an early four-second lead but was only 0.818 seconds ahead of Hutchinson when the race had to be halted after English rider Olie Linsdell came off at the Joey's Windmill section of the course.

Manx rider Conor Cummins completed the podium positions ahead of Dean Harrison and Dan Kneen.

Organisers later said that Bedfordshire man Linsdell, 28, did not sustain serious injuries in the incident.

In the opening Superstock race, Hickman led early on but then suffered a puncture which forced him to retire before the end of lap one.

A philosophical Dunlop said that he made a mistake in the closing stages after being hindered by backmarkers on the final lap which allowed Hutchinson, 37, to move ahead.

Hutchinson was down in 15th spot early on but quickly made his way up to the leaders.

Michael Dunlop (left) with Bruce Anstey after they finished behind Ian Hutchinson in the first Superbike race
Michael Dunlop (left) had to be content with a second place and two third positions at Saturday's meeting

Dunlop's brother William looked set to clinch an eighth Ulster Grand Prix victory as he led late in the closing lap of the Supersport Race 2 but Hutchinson produced a remarkable manoeuvre to clinch his third win of the day.

Hutchinson was 0.101 seconds ahead of William Dunlop at the finish with Hickman only 0.60 behind the winner and Anstey a further 0.274 back in fourth.

Gloucester rider Dan Cooper won the Supertwins event ahead of Dubliner Derek Sheils and Yorkshire competitor James Cowton while Ballymena rider Neil Kernohan followed up his Ultralightweight/Lightweight win in Thursday's Dundrod 150 as he again triumphed in that class.

Kernohan finished ahead of Saintfield ride Davy Morgan and Ballymoney man Darryl Tweed in the 250cc/400cc class.

Randalstown-based Christian Elkin took victory in the concurrently-run 125cc/Moto3 event, ahead of Sam Wilson and Paul Robinson.

Superstock results

1. I Hutchinson (Eng) 20:22.182

2. M Dunlop (N Ireland) 0.261 behind

3. D Kneen (Isle of Man) 6.85

4. D Harrison (Eng) 20.729

5. C Cummins (Isle of Man) 20.733

6. G Johnson (Eng) 20.884

Supersport Race 1 - Red flagged after 4 laps

1. B Anstey (New Zealand) 14:08.289

2. I Hutchinson (Eng) 0.818

3. C Cummins (Isle of Man) 3.439

4. D Harrison (Eng) 3.458

5. D Kneen (Isle of Man) 4.077

6. W Dunlop (NI) 4.668

Lightweight 250cc

1. N Kernohan (NI) 19:37.357

2. D Morgan (NI) 17.717

3. D Tweed (NI) 1:22.570

Ultralightweight 125cc

1. C Elkin (Eng) 20:45.380

2. S Wilson (NI) 20.963

3. P Robinson (NI) 24.448

Ulster GP Superbike Race

1. I Hutchinson (Eng)

2. B Anstey (NZ) 0.274 seconds

3. M Dunlop (NI) 3.043

4. C Cummins (Isle of Man) 10.35

5. D Harrison (Eng) 12.444

6. D Kneen (Isle of Man) 14.35

7. W Dunlop (NI) 31.147

Supersport Race 2

1. I Hutchinson (Eng) 21:00.311

2. W Dunlop (NI) 0.101

3. P Hickman (Eng) 0.60

4. B Anstey (NZ) 0.827

5. C Cummins (Isle of Man) 1.458

6. D Harrison (Eng) 2.600


1. D Cooper (Eng) 19:11.608

2. D Sheils (Ire) 0.455

3. J Cowton (Eng) 0.664

4. P Jordan (NI) 0.831

5. D McGee (Ire) 1.037

6. A McLean (NI) 2.836

Superbike Race 2

1. I Hutchinson (Eng) 20:04.228

2. B Anstey (NZ) at 0.80

3. M Dunlop (NI) 1.289

4. C Cummins (Isle of Man) 2.453

5. D Harrison (Eng) 6.89

6. D Kneen (Isle of Man) 12.128

7. P Hickman (Eng) 19.98

8. G Johnson (Eng) 22.236

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