Netball Superleague squads for the 2021 season

Jade Clarke
Jade Clarke has joined Superleague newcomers Leeds Rhinos from Wasps

The 2020 Netball Superleague season had barely begun when it was suspended and then later abandoned because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Governing body England Netball made the "difficult decision" after only three full rounds of fixtures, following consultation with the league's board, all 10 teams and stakeholders.

With domestic netball in the UK gradually returning, it was announced in August that the 2021 season is set to return in February and the league's player signing window is open until 30 October.

The league will consist of 11 teams next season, with Leeds Rhinos entering as a Superleague franchise for the first time.

The Yorkshire outfit have already announced the signing of England veteran Jade Clarke from Wasps and her international team-mate Vicki Oyesola from Loughborough Lightning.

There is expected to be plenty of movement between clubs and new international faces coming in, with 2019 champions Manchester Thunder needing to replace stalwart defender Kerry Almond following her retirement, while goal attack Kathryn Turner is expecting her first child.

England centre-courter Beth Cobden returns to Loughborough after a spell with the Adelaide Thunderbirds in Australia's Super Netball, having also recovered from her second serious knee injury in two years.

Elsewhere, Roses players Jodie Gibson and Gabby Marshall will stay at Saracens Mavericks, but the Hertfordshire-based side will need to replace shooter George Fisher, who has left to play for Southern Steel in New Zealand.

Find out who will be playing where below, with the list updated as player announcements are made. (Playing positions in brackets).

With teams rarely announcing players' contract lengths, squads are revealed throughout pre-season when signings and departures are officially confirmed.

Superleague squads for 2021 season

Celtic Dragons - Abby Tyrrell (GK, GD), Amy Clinton (GS, GA), Sophie Morgan (C, WA), Laura Rudland (WA,GA), Shona O'Dwyer (C, WA), Clare Jones (WA), Rebecca Baker (WA, GA), Leila Thomas (GD, GK), Lucy Howells (GK, GD), Christina Shaw (GD, GK), Victoria Booth (WD, C), Rebekah Robinson (GA, GS), Morganne Dunn (GA, GS) and Annie O'Rourke (GD, WD, GK)

Saracens Mavericks - Jodie Gibson (WD, GD, GK), Gabby Marshall (WD, C), Kadeen Corbin (GA, GS), Razia Quashie (WD, GD, GK), Sasha Corbin (WA, C), Britney Clarke ( GA, GS), Bella Baylis (C, WA), Bethany Ecuyer-Dale (C, WA, WD), Steph Collard (C, WA), Chloe Essam (GA, GS), Georgia Lee (WA. C), Jo Trip (GD, GK), Dani McFarlane (WD, GD), Ine-Mari Venter (GS, GA)

London Pulse - Halimat Adio (GD, GK WD), Sigi Burger (GS, GA), Ashleigh Dekker (C, WA), Michelle Drayne (C, WA), Zara Everitt (GD, GK, WD), Funmi Fadoju (GD, GK), Lindsay Keable (GD, GK), Lefebre Rademan (WA, GA, C), Ellie Rattu (GD, GK), Kira Rothwell (GA, WA), Isabel Stibbs (C, WA), Olivia Tchine (GA, GS), Emma Thacker (GA, GS), Adean Thomas (c, WA, WD), Monique Thompson (GA, WA)

Loughborough Lightning - Beth Cobden (C, WA, WD) Sam May (WD, GD, GK), Anabel Roddy (GD,GK), Beth Gabriel (GA, GS), Lucy Parize (GA, GS), Ella Clarke (GS, GA), Hannah Williams (C, WA), Alice Harvey (GD, GK), Jas Odeogberin (GD,WD), Suzie Liverseidge (C, WA), Natalie Panagarry (C, WA, WD)

Manchester Thunder - Berri Neil (GA, GS), Lois Pearson (GA, WA), Caroline O'Hanlon (C), Emma Dovey (GD, GK), Rebekah Airey (GD, WD, GK), Eleanor Cardwell (GS, GA), Laura Malcolm (WA, C, WD), Amy Carter (C, WD, WA), Joyce Mvula (GS, GA), Loreen Ngwira (GK., GD). Training Partners: Alicia Scholes, Ella Standring, Emilia Roscoe, Millie Sanders and Elia McCormick.

Severn Stars - Liana Leota (C, WA), Nia Jones (GD, WD), Georgia Rowe (GS), Bethan Dyke (C, WA), Paige Reed (GA), Lucy Harris (C, GA, WA), Jane Taylor (GA, GS WA), Lucy Herdman (GA, GS), Malysha Kelly (GD, GK). Training partners: Ellie Gibbons, Iman Thomas, Hannah Howl, Chloe Carchrie and Issy Eaton.

Strathclyde Sirens - Claire Maxwell (WD, C), Nicola McCleery (WA, C), Emily Nicholl (GD, WD), Gia Abernethy (WD, C), Emma Barrie (GS), Lynsey Gallagher (GS, GA, WA), Zanele Vimbela (GK), Taylor Cullen (WD, WA), Beth Goodwin (GA, GS), Niamh McCall (GA, WA), Sarah MacPhail (GD,WD), Emma Love (WA) Caitlin Pringle

Surrey Storm - Niamh Cooper (C), Leah Middleton (GD), Emily Gulvin (WA, C), Alima Priest (GD, GK), Yasmin Parsons (C, WA), Karyn Bailey (GS), Nicole Humphrys (WD), Grace Sullivan (GK, GD), Ellie Kelk (GS, GA), Felisitus Kwangwa (GD, GK)

Team Bath - Serena Guthrie (WD, C), Layla Guscoth (WD, GD, GK), Rachel Shaw (GA, WA), Tash Pavelin (GD, WD), Abi Robson (WD), Betsy Creak (GA, GS), Imogen Allison (C, WD), Sophie Drakeford-Lewis (GA, GS), Eboni Usoro-Brown(GD, GK), Summer Artman (GD, GK), Chartie Curtis (GD, GK), Hannah Passmore (GS), Kirsty Harris (WA, C), Jess Shaw (WA, C)

Wasps - Hannah Leighton (GD, GK), Sophia Candappa (C, WA), Katie Harris (GA, GS), Josie Huckle (GD, GK), Iona Christian (C, WA), Ella Powell-Davies (GD, WD), Amy Flanagan (C, WD), Rachel Dunn (GS, GA), Fran WIlliams (GD, GK), Gezelle Allison (GA) Training Partners: Hannah Leighton, Ally Housley, Leah Goss, Megan Thorne, Ruth Hughes.

Leeds Rhinos - Jade Clarke (C, WD), Vicki Oyesola (GD, WD) Brie Grierson (GA, WA), Rosie Harris (C, WA, WD) Britt Coleman ( GA, GS) Rhea Dixon (GA, GS, WA), Sienna Rushton (GA, GS), Amelia Hall (WA, C, GA), Madi Browne (WA, C), Fi Toner (C, GD, WD), Paige Kindred (WD, GD, GK), Michelle Magee (GD, GK), Emily Hollingworth (WD, GD)

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