British MotoGP: Steve Parrish on a superb Cal Crutchlow ride

By Steve ParrishBBC motorcycling commentator at Silverstone

Based on Cal Crutchlow's performance in the British MotoGP, I think he's in a prime position to secure a factory drive for 2013.

It was an incredible ride to finish sixth and I guess the only sad part is that he had to start from the back after the accident because I truly believe he could have got a podium had he qualified.

If you look at the lap times he was putting in during the race, he was on course for a top three finish but that's the way it is.

If the race had carried on, he could have been even higher up. His tyres were in such good shape which is great news for him and the team.

He has shown his skill, character, strength and British bulldog spirit. The fans will have gone home happy, as will his Tech 3 Yamaha team.

I think Yamaha will have to be thinking of him as a potential rider for the factory bike, as would Ducati and Honda. I think he's done a stunning job this year and if he can continue this progression and get a podium, he'll be a wanted man in 2013.

Watching Honda's Casey Stoner race Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo was just wonderful. They are probably the two greatest riders around at the moment.

Despite Lorenzo winning his third consecutive race, I don't think he is going to walk away with the championship. Honda will go away from this race and work very hard on their tyre problems.

It might be that they have got to re-tune the chassis to suit the new rubber. But they're a smart team and will address the problem. It just depends on how soon they do it.

We have got three races coming up back-to-back and they can't afford to keep finishing second. They know that and Casey knows that, so they've got to start winning races.

The only upside for Casey is that he knows he's got to win races now where's Lorenzo has to defend his lead, so it's almost tougher for Lorenzo.

Having said all that, Lorenzo was faultless again today. He seems in so much harmony with his bike and signing that two-year contract has helped. I think there are plenty of titles left in him.

Lorenzo's Yamaha team-mate Ben Spies is going to have his tail between his legs after that performance which saw him fall from the lead to fifth.

When your team-mate starts behind you, comes through the field and passes you before going onto win, it's a horrible feeling. But the next race is at Assen, which is where he got his only race win, so maybe he'll feel happier there.

What can you say about Valentino Rossi? None of us enjoy seeing him so far down the field. Something is just not suited to him on that bike.

It's sad to see. I don't want him to leave the sport on a low. I just wonder whether Honda or Yamaha will want him on a factory bike and I wonder if he would want to be because it puts a lot of pressure on him.

If Rossi leaves Ducati, I can see him moving to a satellite team like Tech 3 Yamaha or LCR Honda. He could bring the money in because he's Rossi and he wouldn't be under quite so much pressure to win.

If I was his management, that would be what I would be target because if he gets on a factory bike, he's got Lorenzo or Dani Pedrosa who are young, fast riders to contend with.

Steve Parrish was talking to BBC Sport's Lawrence Barretto at Silverstone

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