Geordie Shore, MMA and anxiety - Aaron Chalmers fighting on two fronts

Aaron Chalmers fights Alex Thompson in London in 2017
Aaron Chalmers has had a mixed reception from MMA fans during his cage career

Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers has won five of his six mixed martial arts fights and the sport has also helped the 32-year-old conquer another mighty foe.

This enemy within would have made his appearance at Bellator Dublin, in front of a packed 3Arena in February, virtually impossible.

"There were times when my anxiety was so bad I couldn't go out of the house - now I can walk out in front of four or five thousand people and enjoy it," said Chalmers.

"MMA has got me to overcome anxiety and my own personal issues and I'm thankful for that.

"You are always going to get the naysayers and have the hate but it's starting to slowly turn.

"They thought I was going to give up but I'm still there. Two and half years later I'm still there in the gym and still getting on big cards.

Aaron Chalmers enjoys the press conference for Bellator Dublin
Aaron Chalmers enjoys this week's press conference for Bellator Dublin

"As for those who supported me, they are the one's that have got me through when I sometimes thought I should give up."

The Newcastle fighter will move back up to welterweight for his contest with American Austin Clem.

Chalmers is confident of a good reception in Dublin and he will offer more than just his fighting talent to please Irish fans.

'I want to blow the roof off'

"Dublin has the MMA fans, the atmosphere and I've got a big fan-base from Geordie Shore and I just want a good night - I want to blow the roof off," he added.

"I've fought in London and didn't know if the crowd was going to be on or off but I know the Dublin crowd is going to be in my favour.

"So normally I would be nervous and just want it over but I'm going to embrace it.

"I've got a good song to come out to and they should get behind me - once you've got them onside with the song they are with you the whole fight."

James 'The Strabanimal' Gallagher headlines his third Bellator Dublin event in just one year and he takes on Cal Ellenor.

McCourt targets world title shot in Belfast

The fight was originally scheduled for September but Ellenor was not medically cleared to fight.

But from having feared the end of his MMA career the Englishman has now been given permission to return to the cage.

Belfast fighter Leah McCourt also features on the main card after an impressive first-round win over England's Kerry Hughes in September.

"The dream is to bring Bellator to Belfast - since my amateur career it's been my dream to fight for a title in Belfast," she said.

This dream could very well become a reality for McCourt, who will take on Judith Ruis of Germany on the 22 February bill.

"She deserves every right to be going up and up the card and what better place to put her as a headliner than Belfast," said David Green, Head of Bellator Europe.

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