How to bluff your way through UFC London

London's O2 Arena
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Know your dirty boxing from your ground and pound? Your rear-naked choke hold from your leg kicks? Your Muay Thai from your Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

No? Well fear not, because as the UFC returns to London on Saturday we have compiled a list of terms to help you bluff your way through the action.

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Let's start with the basics...

Mixed martial arts: A combat sport that has evolved from a number of different fighting disciplines, including boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighting Championship is mixed martial arts' premier promotion, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018, and home to the majority of the world's top fighters.

The octagon: An eight-sided cage inside which bouts take place on a mat - expect to see fighters climbing atop the padded fence to celebrate their victories.

The fight: Fights take place in weight categories - from strawweight to heavyweight - over a maximum of five, five-minute rounds that are scored by three judges, while a referee looks after proceedings inside the octagon.

How to win: The aim is to force your opponent into a submission, getting them to tap out, or by delivering a knockout, but if either of these are not achieved the winner is decided by the judges.

UFC belt
There is a UFC champion in each weight category

So what moves should you look out for?

Strikes: Striking can be delivered in a number of ways, either with punches, kicks, knees or elbows. Counter-striking is also an effective tool for some fighters, who wait for their opponent to throw and then strike themselves.

Leg kicks: A way of striking the opponent by landing a kick on their legs - fighters will condition their shins so that it doesn't hurt them when they throw a leg kick.

Clinch: A clinch is when fighters get hold of one another in a standing position and look to either take their opponent down or strike from close range.

Dirty boxing: The name given to a certain style during a clinch when a fighter pulls their opponent's head down and delivers a series of strikes.

Takedown: A method of taking your opponent to the ground, with fighters often diving or shooting for a takedown, or administering one from a clinch position.

Ground and pound: Exactly what it says on the tin - when a fighter takes their opponent to the ground and then strikes them repeatedly.

Chokes: One of the most effective ways for a fighter to submit their opponent is with a choke, which forces them to either tap out or pass out. There are plenty of ways to deliver them, but here are a few of the most popular:

  • Rear-naked choke: Delivered from behind with an arm around the opponent's neck, this hold is almost impossible to break free from.
  • Guillotine choke: Another choke hold that involves getting the arms around an opponent's neck, but this time from the front and either in a standing position or on the ground.
  • Triangle choke: There are lots of variations to a triangle choke, but essentially it involves wrapping the legs around an opponent's head and arm.

Mount: An advantageous position a competitor takes when they mount their opponent on the ground, legs either side of their body.

Guard: A grappling position when a fighter is on their back and has their legs around an opponent in attempt to avoid being struck.

Hooks: A method used in grappling when a fighter attempts to control their opponent, normally using their heels or feet.

Quick facts to impress your mates...

  • Darren Till's only loss in the UFC came in his title fight against Tyron Woodley last September
  • Leon Edwards is on a six-fight winning streak
  • Gunnar Nelson is a team-mate of Irish star Conor McGregor
  • Nathaniel Wood won the performance of the night bonus on his UFC debut last June
  • Everton fan Molly 'Meatball' McCann is a former Cage Warriors champion