UFC fighter Johnny Walker in 'worm' move fail

Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker knocked out Misha Cirkunov and his attempt at celebrating his victory had disastrous results

We all love a good winning celebration, and UFC fighter Johnny Walker knows it.

Keen to prolong the entertainment beyond the 36 seconds it took the light-heavyweight to knock out Misha Cirkunov in Las Vegas, Brazil's Walker attempted the 'worm' dance move.

But he failed miserably, landing awkwardly and dislocating his shoulder.

"If I can survive myself, I can survive anyone else," the embarrassed 26-year-old joked, while being propped up by his trainer.

The number 14-ranked contender, who also won his last two bouts with quick knockouts, beat Cirkunov with a stunning flying knee at UFC 235.

Asked about the winning move, he said: "I train every move thousands and thousands of times and I have to be perfect."

Maybe Walker should take the same approach to dance celebration practice, as he does to his UFC moves.

Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker's celebration started so well, with a thankful salute to the crowd. It didn't end so smartly