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Aimee Lewis

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  1. Post update

    Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams

    Start spreading the news, Williams has made it today. She is now a part of it, a member of the 18 club... and finds she's number one, top of the list, queen of the hill... OK, I'll stop now. I tried my best.

    That's the end of this edition of the live text commentary. Williams had been dominant throughout the fortnight and has now won 82% of the Grand Slam finals she has contested. If there was conjecture beforehand, there shouldn't be now because Williams is one of the greats.

    There will be more live text commentary on Monday for the men's final between the fresh faced new kids on the block, Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic. Thanks, as ever, for your contributions. Bye for now.

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    John McEnerney: "Serena is the greatest of all time, none of the other greats could live with her except maybe Steffi Graf! She's just the best we've ever seen!"

    Rian Hoskins: "Some excellent rallies and Wozniacki defended with resilience. However Serena has been in breathtaking form and was too powerful."

  3. Post update

    A gold bracelet, a shiny silver trophy, and a £3m payout - the biggest in tennis history. It's no wonder Williams has a wide, fixed smile and is jumping for the photographers. It's been a fruitful fortnight for the world number one.

  4. Post update

    Serena Williams

    An emotional Williams thanks the fans and her family, and the Williams camp are in tears. Hankies are required. Williams wipes away a salty tear before Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert trot on to present the champion with a gold Tiffany bracelet. Gold bracelets are a girl's best friend...

  5. Post update

    Serena Williams: "It was a really wonderful feeling. I couldn't have finished things in a better way. It is a pleasure for me to win here, I am really emotional. I couldn't ask to do it at a better place."

  6. Post update

    Serena Williams

    The 32-year-old Williams overtakes Virginia Wade to become the second oldest Grand Slam winner after Martina Navratilova, who won Wimbledon in 1990 aged 33. More records for the world number one, who is the second woman in the Open Era to win three consecutive titles at Flushing Meadows (with Chris Evert winning four straight in the '70s).

  7. Post update

    Caroline Wozniacki: "Congratulations to Serena. She really deserved it today and played better than me. She is an inspiration to me on and off the court and an unbelievable friend...and you definitely owe drinks later!"

    Caroline Wozniacki
  8. Post update

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent at Flushing Meadows

    "You have to applaud Serena for the magnificence of her career. We'll get this match almost instantly because it was a bit of a shocker, yet her achievements are remarkable. To have won Grand Slams 15 years apart is a phenomenal achievement, and you would expect her to be winning at the very least one in 2015."

  9. Post update

    Williams on the floor, sucking in the oxygen. She secures a record-equalling sixth US Open title and joins Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert on 18 Grand Slam titles.

  10. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "The last three points said it all. Wozniacki threw everything at her but Serena just bumped her level up. She's got very few records left to break."

    Serena Williams of the US and Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark embrace
  11. Game, set and match

    *Williams 6-3 6-3 Wozniacki

    Wozniacki digging deep, fetching and retrieving, turning defence into attack and beating the American with a delightful crosscourt forehand. 15-15 but Williams three points away from victory.

    A nervy rally... oohs from the crowd as Wozniacki kisses the line... then Williams kisses the line... 24 shots... 25 shots... rollercoaster screams ripple around the court... 26 shots... Wozniacki caught in no man's land and slaps a backhand into the tape. 30-15. Williams two points away. The defending champion wastes little time. A thumping forehand winner brings up two championship points.... Wozniacki goes long! A familiar feeling for Williams, her legs collapse from beneath her. Devastating. Ruthless. History.

    Serena Williams of the United States reacts after defeating Caroline Wozniacki
  12. Post update

    Williams 6-3 5-3 Wozniacki*

    Williams does not want to detain us for too long. Wozniacki makes a rare foray to the tape, Williams notices from the corner of her eye, attempts to pass her with the backhand but spoons it. The 10th seed seems to have discovered that there's gold by the net and cashes in her chips to drag herself to 30-30. But the Williams serve, what a sight in full flight, gets her out of trouble once again 40-30. A thunderclap of a forehand later and Williams is a game away from retaining her title.

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    Ian Campbell: "Serena is a lady on a mission. She's not letting this one go - the 18th is just over the horizon, and she deserves it."

  14. Post update

    *Williams 6-3 4-3 Wozniacki

    The Wozniacki serve has found its groove. The Dane rattles off three easy points for a 40-0 lead, but there's a sense that this is perhaps too little too late. It's raining aces. A boomer from Wozniacki for a convincing hold.

  15. Post update

    Williams 6-3 4-2 Wozniacki*

    It's master versus apprentice at Flushing Meadows. This is Williams's first Grand Slam final since she won the US Open title in 2013, but she is at home on this stage. She opens with an ace to go 15-0 up... plenty of slice from Williams for her second ace of the match. 30-15. Another easy point. A smile from Virginia Wade as the camera zooms in on her. A hold to 15 and the defending champion gliding serenely towards her 18th Grand Slam title.

    Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark wipes her face
  16. Post update

    *Williams 6-3 3-2 Wozniacki

    Each Wozniacki point enthusiastically cheered by the New Yorkers and the game proves to be one of Wozniacki's most convincing. An ace to the wings - just her second winner of the match - clinching a hold to 15.

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    Naveed Afzal: "Serena looking far too strong for Caroline. I feel her 18th Grand Slam is in the bag."

  18. Post update

    Williams 6-3 3-1 Wozniacki*

    A double fault from Williams gifts her rival the opening point, but it proves to be a momentary blip. Wozniacki forehand return wide. Wozniacki forehand return long. And Williams, cat-like reflexes at the net, secures a hold to 15 with an irretrievable crosscourt volley.

  19. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    Caroline Wozniacki

    "I don't know what Wozniacki is thinking as far as point constrauction goes. She seems to be playing these pot shots where she is going for the winner but that is not her game. If Serena gets into third gear now this could be over really quick."

  20. Post update

    *Williams 6-3 2-1 Wozniacki

    Wozniacki punishes Williams for a tame, and short, forehand, but those opportunities have been rare in this match. Williams controlling the Dane as if she were attached to her by a piece of string, side to side until the 10th seed crumbles. From 30-30 to deuce, a cannon of a return from Williams dragging her level again. Sublime from Williams! Exquisite shot-making from the top seed - thud, thud, thud - until the American unleashes a searing forehand winner. Break point - but Wozniacki reduces the arrears and stops the rot.

  21. Post update

    Williams 6-3 2-0 Wozniacki*

    Serena Williams

    Williams oozing confidence. Swinging and a-grinning. The American chucks in an ace to conclude a razor-sharp hold to love.

  22. Post update

    Jill Craybas

    Former WTA Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "You have this sense Williams is now finding her groove a little bit."

  23. Williams breaks

    *Williams 6-3 1-0 Wozniacki

    Actress Eva Longoria attends the women's singles final match

    Hollywood A-listers have again turned up at Flushing Meadows to watch the tennis. Clearly, no films have been made in LA over the last few days. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is the latest to be caught by the snappers. Wozniacki not desperate yet, but she is struggling to match the power of the Williams groundstrokes.

    At 15-30, Wozniacki is in choppy waters... and, oh my word, the tennis gods shine on the defending champion as the top seed's forehand clips the line and falls gently on to Wozniacki's side of the court. Two break points, just the one needed. Williams forcing Wozniacki to backpedal and it is no surprise when the Dane fails to negotiate the barrier.

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    Abdul Kabir: "It's really amazing that @serenawilliams can still play at this level at this stage of her career."

  25. Game and first set

    Williams 6-3 Wozniacki*

    Stylish from Williams, unleashing a boomer to bring up two set points. The pair embark on another baseline slug-fest... trainers screeching from tramline to tramline, before Williams decides to end the entertaining tussle by stepping in and drilling a forehand winner down the line. Merciless.

    Serena Williams of the US hits a return to Caroline Wozniacki
  26. Post update

    *Williams 5-3 Wozniacki

    Williams has yet to lose a set in this tournament and is unlikely to so in this match if Wozniacki continues to perform so passively. A brilliant return from Williams on the opening point, replays showing it tickled the line by the width of an aphid's waistline (not sure if aphids have waistlines... I'll just go with it).

    From 30-15 to 30-30 - another double fault from Wozniacki giving her opponent a sniff. Errors dribbling from Wozniacki's racquet - drip, drip, drip - into the tape once, into the tape again - Break point Williams. But Wozniacki fights back from the brink, the Dane has grit for guts, and the Ashe crowd warmly applaud as Wozniacki wraps up an iffy hold.

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    Alex Haworth: "Wozniacki is going to have to hold her serve a few times if she wants to stand a chance in this final."

  28. Post update

    Williams 5-2 Wozniacki*

    Serena Williams

    Williams attempting to overpower Wozniacki from the baseline, the Dane holding on... holding on... until she balloons a forehand to present Williams with a 40-15 lead. Wozniacki opting for power rather than precision again, perhaps illustrating the ferocity of Williams's shots, and, this time, a game goes to script. A hold of serve!

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    Matt McGladrigan: "5 games, 4 breaks, error after error. Horrific start to the women's final."

  30. Williams breaks

    *Williams 4-2 Wozniacki

    First blow to Wozniacki, but on the next point Williams creeps closer to the net, pushing her friend and rival further and further towards the back of the court with frightening ferocity. From 15-15 to break point Williams as Wozniacki fails to negotiate the barrier. The Dane wobbling like a blancmange, which is apt considering her outfit, and slips up again, netting a forehand from the baseline. Surely Williams will hold on from here?

  31. Post update

    Jill Craybas

    Former WTA Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Caroline Wozniacki

    "There have been a lot of errors from both players, both are looking a bit tentative and neither of them are moving their feet very well, which is a sign of nerves."

  32. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I feel like Serena is feeling those nerves about becoming one of the greatest and Wozniacki seems to be struggling to adjust to the environment of being in a final. It's like Serena is playing on roller-skates, she is never really getting set up for her shots."

  33. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    "'Go Caroline!' 'Go Serena!' 'Go ladies!' They're not quite up to speed yet but it's early days. It's not a capacity crowd and there are a sprinkling of blue seats visible on the top tier among the sea of orange caps handed out by a sponsor. The conditions are mercifully cool compared to previous days but the ever-present breeze is causing both women a few problems."

  34. Wozniacki breaks

    Williams 3-2 Wozniacki*

    The pair embark on a baseline brawl, but Wozniacki refuses to be bullied and surprisingly comes out on top. 0-30. Trouble for Williams? Oh, yes. Lots of trouble. Big trouble. Double fault from Williams. A collective New York gasp. Three break points Wozniacki. The top seed saves one, but double faults on the next point and it's a sloppy opening from both players on the grand stage.

  35. Post update

    Jill Craybas

    Former WTA Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Caroline seems too frustrated to me. She needs to get focused and play more balls into the court - she is giving away too many free points. It will be down to nerves. She has had a different presence at this tournament but she looks slower here."

  36. Williams breaks

    *Williams 3-1 Wozniacki

    Serena Williams

    Williams the more aggressive of the two finalists, frequently advancing towards the tape to attack the Wozniacki serve and it earns her a 0-30 lead. The backhand is the defending champion's enemy, however, and Wozniacki reins her in to 30-30. An ace down the 'T' - Wozniacki's first ace and her first winner of the match - and the crowd heartily cheer.

    A backhand winner into the Wozniacki forehand corner takes us to deuce and the American goes on to collect a break point - her fifth of the match. The scrambling Wozniacki forces the game back to deuce. Advantage. Deuce. Williams dominates the 10th seed's second serve. A second break point - and Wozniacki gets caught in a trap and there's no going back, netting from the middle of the court.

  37. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    Caroline Wozniacki

    "Whoever makes the least unforced errors is probably going to win this match. Serena tends to make more winners but Wozniacki with her counter-punching ability can hit winners in this match. It might surprise Serena how many."

  38. Wozniacki breaks

    Williams 2-1 Wozniacki*

    Williams serving with aplomb, but perhaps needs to readjust her radar on the groundstrokes as she drills a backhand into the tramlines and allows Wozniacki back into the game at 30-30. Oh, scrap that, major readjustments required. A chance for Wozniacki! Break point! No need for a second invitation for the Dane. Williams screws a backhand into the tramlines and we're back on serve.

  39. Post update

    Jill Craybas

    Former WTA Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's been a tough emotional situation Caroline's been going through (following the breaking off of her engagement to Rory McIlroy) and I think she has used tennis as an outlet to stay focused on her career. It's always good to stay busy when you have had that bit of emotional turmoil in life."

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    John McEnerney: "Tough one to call, Serena to sneak it, Wozniacki will make a match of it though! Serena has too much big match experience but you never know."

  41. Williams breaks

    *Williams 2-0 Wozniacki

    Caroline Wozniacki

    Should the alarm bells start ringing already? Wozniacki coughs up a double fault to gift Williams a 30-15 lead, but the Dane is off the hook as Williams overcooks a return. 30-30. Ah. Perhaps it's time to send up the SOS flares because Wozniacki double faults again - break point Williams.

    Once again, Williams is off key on the return. Wozniacki breathes again, but for how long? Not very long at all, actually. A crazy return from Williams for a second break point and she ruthlessly makes the most of her opportunity, another dreamy forehand winner.

  42. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Wozniacki has got herself really fit, she has been working on the forehand. She was a lot younger five years ago when she broke on to the scene. Everything was happening so fast for her. I think it's taken her time to get bored of money and start loving tennis again. It will be a tall order but if this goes to three I'm going to lean towards Wozniacki."

  43. Post update

    Williams 1-0 Wozniacki* (* denotes next to serve)

    Serena Williams

    The warm-up is over so let's get this party started. First things first, however - outfit chat: Wozniacki in a pink and deep red dress, with cute pink matching trainers, and Williams is in her snow leopard attire.

    Silence as Williams launches the first serve, Wozniacki handles it but eventually goes long. Big hitting from Williams, stepping in from the baseline and beating her opponent with a dumper-truck forehand. 30-15.

    Williams nets a forehand... A lengthy rally ends in the 10th seed's favour - Williams ballooning a backhand wide - Break point Wozniacki. But, hey, hey, hey, Williams averts the danger thanks to crisp ace and proceeds to advantage with canny play at the net. A brutal combination from Williams - backhand into the corner followed by a thumping forehand - and the two-time defending champion seals the deal.

  44. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    Tennis great Billie Jean King poses with Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki

    "I think Serena has been really nervous in her previous three Grand Slams because she has been on this precipice of time. It gets in the head that 'I'm really close to being one of the great tennis players of all time' and I think it's beaten her up a bit mentally. But she has found that synergy again for this event."

  45. Post update

    Jill Craybas

    Former WTA Tour professional on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Serena has looked so focused and motivated from the first match. Sometimes it takes her one or two matches to get going but she has been right at it from the very start here."

  46. Williams v Wozniacki head-to-head

    How many times have Williams and Wozniacki played each other? Nine, with the world number one winning eight of those meetings. The last two matches have been close encounters, however, with Wozniacki forcing tussles in Montreal and Cincinnati to three sets.

    Williams v Wozniacki head-to-head

    "When she's on fire, she's hard to beat, but I have had two tough matches against her the last few weeks. I was really close," said Wozniacki.

    "Hopefully for me that would be third time's the charm."

  47. Post update

    Caroline Wozniacki

    Former world number one Wozniacki has spent longer on court than Williams, but she is physically stronger than in previous years with training for November's New York marathon benefiting her game.

  48. Quick-fire wins for Williams

    Serena Williams

    Williams has quickly rolled over her opponents at Flushing Meadows this year. The top seed has not dropped a set and served the most aces so far in the tournament (28).

  49. BBC Coverage

    BBC Radio 5 live

    The players are at the net, getting ready for the coin toss which will be performed by Billie Jean King. Up goes the piece of silver... and Serena chooses to serve first. Don't forget, you can listen to live coverage of this evening's final by visiting the 'live coverage' tab at the top of this page or clicking on this link to the Radio 5 live website.

  50. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    Fireman at the US Open

    "A huge roar echoes around the grounds and it occurs that the final might have started early, but it turns out that some people called 'the 49ers' have scored what is known as 'a touchdown'.

    "It's the first Sunday of the American Football season and the women's final must await its slot in the schedule. There will be some pomp and a dash of ceremony before the first ball is struck in anger, and apparently fireworks, according to the New York Fire Department who are heading to the roof. Not sure whether to be worried or reassured."

  51. I do feel strong - Wozniacki

    "She just told me the truth," Wozniacki said of Williams's role in her recovery from the public break-up. "Honestly, she just told me that it's going to be hard and there's no skipping anything. But when you get to the other side, you're such a stronger person. Obviously, I didn't see that at the time. It had just happened. But now I do feel strong. I know myself much better."

    And the Dane has enjoyed a fine run of form since her relationship with McIlroy ended, winning 19 of 22 matches since Wimbledon, securing her first title and, now, at Flushing Meadows, reaching her first Grand Slam final in five years.

  52. Williams & Wozniacki - friends and rivals

    "Serena is one of my best friends," Caroline Wozniacki said this summer. "For a long time. But especially in the last year." It was Williams who was planning Wozniacki's hen party before a phone call from golfer Rory McIlroy ended their engagement in May, and it was Williams who helped piece together a broken heart over the summer, offering advice and spending time with her friend in the Florida sunshine.

  53. Friends become foes

    But if Williams is to secure her 18th Grand Slam title, her third successive US Open title, and become the second oldest Grand Slam winner in the Open Era, she will have to put her friend and confidant in a headlock, then wrap her hands around her throat and kill her best friend's dreams of winning a first Grand Slam title. Metaphorically speaking, of course...

    Serena Williams (left) with Caroline Wozniacki
  54. The scene of Serena's first major win

    Fifteen years ago, a 17-year-old Serena Williams defeated top seed Martina Hingis to win the US Open. It was her first Grand Slam title. It would be the first of many - the first of 17 - and this evening the 32-year-old could move a trophy closer to becoming the greatest of the greats, joining Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert on 18 major titles, and just four majors from equalling Steffi Graf's haul of 22, with Margaret Court still topping the lot with 24 titles.

    Serena Williams
  55. Post update

    Hello and welcome to live text commentary of the women's US Open final between 17-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams and 10th seed Caroline Wozniacki. A sunny afternoon in the Big Apple, a soup bowl of a stadium - a perfect setting for history making.

    The stadium
  56. Post update

    Do the greats ever tire of making history or is their thirst for trophies and glory never sated? Do they remain as ruthless in their old age as they were in their youth? Can they coldly turn friends into foes for the sake of that familiar euphoric rush?

    A side-by-side image of Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams