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Steve Sutcliffe

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  1. Goodbye

    Right that's us finished for tonight. I'm off to lie down after watching that from Judd Trump.

    We will be back here on Monday 6 May at 13:50 BST with the final scheduled to be live on BBC Two from 14:00-17:30.

    If we get to an evening session (and that's a big if at the moment) you will also be able to watch that live at the same place from 19:00-23:00.

    You can also read the story of the final so far, in our report here.

    Thanks for joining us. See you all tomorrow.

  2. Watch:Shot of the Championship?

    End of session: Higgins 5-12 Trump

    In case you are wondering just exactly what everyone has been raving about all evening just take a look at this.

    I could literally provide loads of these clips....Judd Trump has been that good.

    Video content

    Video caption: 'Without doubt, the shot of the Championship' - Trump pots long red
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    Ian: Will John take the family to the cinema tonight? Recommend Dazed and Confused.

    Alex Gates: Has Judd Trump secretly put situational sat nav on these balls? Don't touch him because he's on fire.

  4. 'I would hate to be in John's place'

    End of session: Higgins 5-12 Trump

    Steve Davis

    Six-time world champion on BBC Two

    It will take a monumental effort from John Higgins to come back from this position. I have seen some astonishing snooker here - a lot of it from Ronnie O'Sullivan - and that was up there.

    He was clinical as well as brilliant and he quite rightly got a standing ovation. I would hate to be sitting where John was.

    Judd has to sleep on a lead and the fact that he could be world champion maybe that will affect him.

    I think the crowd were a bit overawed by it. You don't often see that level of play in matchplay.

  5. Trump takes eighth straight frame

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-12 Trump

    Judd Trump is on fire. But there is no ton in this frame.

    He could have only reached 97 but breaks down on the yellow. It matters not though.

    A pretty comfortable night's sleep coming up I'd imagine.

  6. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    Judd Trump's in total control of yet another frame with John Higgins slumped in his chair after a pretty abject safety shot.

    Looks like the four-time champion will be facing a seven frame deficit overnight.

    Trump is on his way to winning this session 8-1.

  7. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    Stephen Hendry

    Seven-time world champion on BBC Two

    John Higgins has gone at the moment. He barely gets half way to the green.

  8. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    What has happened to John Higgins? Is it fatigue or just the pressure that Judd Trump has been placing on him.

    He get's another chance at the table and knocks in a red but then then inexplicably leaves his white short of the green ball he was trying to trying to get behind.

  9. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    That's been the tale of the last few frames for John Higgins. He gets a touch unfortunate and runs out of position on 18.

    He's also left Judd Trump with another chance after playing what can only be described as desperate waft into the corner, fouling in the process.

    Green miss
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    Alex Barnard: Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone play so completely as Judd Trump is now. A masterclass in excellence for any sport

    Jonathan Shaw: Wonder how much the epic semi yesterday took out of John Higgins? He looks a bit tired tonight.

  11. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    Is this a gift from Judd Trump? A miscue has given John Higgins a look at a red into the bottom right corner.

    Not easy this. The again at this stage nothing is.

  12. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    That's a nightmare for John Higgins. He's miles off with a pot into the bottom left corner and is wearing a pretty flat expression at the moment.

    Like a man who doesn't know where his next frame is coming from. Judd Trump lets him off the hook though. He's still in this one.

  13. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    John Higgins is shaking his head. He's been left with zip and a whole host of problems behind the baulk line by Judd Trump.

    A big safety shot coming up. But Judd Trump responds.He's left a pot but it's a tough one.

  14. 'Controlled annihilation'

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    Steve Davis

    Six-time world champion on BBC Two

    This is like controlled annihilation of a great player. I don't think anyone could have predicted this would happen after John Higgins won the first frame.

    Judd Trump is making a lot of very difficult shots seem so easy. He's not had easy breaks, they've been problematic, but he has pulled shot after shot out of the bag.

    Another player would be foot to the floor to pull off some of his shots but he's nowhere near that, he's just in second gear.

    He has great cue power but with that comes the risk of missing the ball but he is so confident it is like he is making the ball give in as it gets to the pocket.

  15. Post update

    Frame 17: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    I can't overstate this. John Higgins needs this frame desperately.

  16. Trump takes another frame

    Frame 16: Higgins 5-11 Trump

    Fast. Slow. Power. Swerve. This chap Judd Trump has it all.

    We're at the snookers required stage already. It seems the only thing he can't carry off is a double on the green.

    That's seven frames on the trot though. John Higgins is in big trouble.

  17. Post update

    Frame 16: Higgins 5-10 Trump

    John Higgins can't get a shot Mark.

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    Amy: Literally is there any shot Judd Trump cant play??? He is incredibly talented.

    Elias: Judd is in proper nawty mode tonight!

    Mark: Judd Trump playing like a world champion today. Hope he can sustain it tomorrow. John Higgins ain't gonna fold.

  19. Post update

    Frame 16: Higgins 5-10 Trump

    This is like guerilla snooker from Judd Trump. Pot a red, lay a snooker.

    He's done it twice this frame and has John Higgins in all sorts of trouble. The four-time champion is being outgunned and ambushed at every turn.

    Could this be a seventh frame on the spin?