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Thomas McGuigan and Keir Murray

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  1. 'They believe they can do it'

    Hibernian manager Alan Stubbs has dismissed the notion the Easter Road side lack "bottle" on the big occasion.

    Hibs have lost two recent Scottish Cup finals and last season's Premiership play-off final against Hamilton.

    But Stubbs and his captain Liam Craig are confident they can disprove their critics against Rangers.

    Hibs boss Alan Stubbs

    The manager told BBC Scotland: "They've got the ability to do it and they believe they can do it. When you've got that, it's not about bottle.

    "People can say what they want, but I know what they are as players and as people and they [the critics] couldn't be any further from the mark."

  2. 'We can get a result there'

    Stuart McCall has urged the Rangers fans to back the players at Ibrox and insisted that the play-off semi-final against Hibernian will not be decided at the end of the first leg.

    "I know Hibs will be saying keep the crowd quiet, score first and the crowd will turn on them," McCall said.

    Rangers boss Stuart McCall

    "We're not a Graeme Souness team or a Walter Smith team or Dick Advocaat team, we haven't got that quality, but the supporters have pleased me so much in last two home games.

    "I'm happy the second leg is away. The other night we knew if we lost that it was it, so it was nervy. When we go to Easter Road, that's flipped on Hibs. If we go to Easter Road without a lead it won't bother me, we can get a result there. It's two even sides, in good form, playing with confidence."

  3. 'Questions entitled to be asked'

    Richard Wilson

    BBC Scotland

    "The decision has been made and it's time to move on.

    "Questions are perfectly entitled to be asked of the SFA, of Dave King and all of these things. "

  4. Dave King - Your views

    Text using 80295

    John B: Well said Bomber, only saying what every Ranger is thinking.

  5. 'I'd like to know more'

    Tom English

    BBC Scotland

    "I don't doubt the integrity of those people making the decision for one iota of a second.

    "What's wrong with me saying I'd like to know more about how they came to that decision?"

  6. 'Time to move on'

    Sportsound pundit Derek Ferguson

    "The decision has been made and it's time to move on. Let's just move on. What John Brown is doing is speaking on behalf of the Rangers supporters. They're absolutely delighted. It's done and dusted and the decision has been made. Dave King's in there; we move on and get on with it."

  7. Dave King - Your views

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    Gary, Dundee: John Brown, what a joke!!!! Just because Dave King wants to put money so he is OK!! We are Rangers we just need to spend money, as always 'we are the people' nonsense, disgrace!!!!Typical, Rangers, let's just move on. John Brown epitomises everything wrong with Scottish football.

    Anon: Craig Whyte, Charles Green & Easdale were all passed fit and proper so this is no surprise.

    Mark, Glasgow: Well done Bomber in taking Jim Spence and Tom English to account.

  8. 'Why don't we move on?'

    Former Rangers defender John Brown

    "I think it's fantastic. For Rangers to go forward you've got the right board. You have guys who want to put money in, not take money out and you've got a manager that is trying to get the club into the Premier League and that will benefit every team in Scotland if Rangers are back up there.

    Former Rangers defender John Brown

    "There are very respectable guys on that SFA committee and they have looked long and hard at it. For Jim Spence to say to find out all the details, why don't we move on and let's see Rangers improve and get money into the club which has been taken out for the past four years? Not enough questions were asked by you journalists of the previous board and (Charles) Green and (Craig) Whyte.

    "Dave King was a director at the club when I was playing for Rangers and he was a great guy. He put a lot of money in and he lost a lot of money. He has been passed fit and proper."

  9. 'This is not good enough'

    Tom English

    BBC Scotland

    "I'm disappointed in the vagueness of the press release from the SFA. I don't doubt for a second that the SFA board put their heart and soul into this. They came to the verdict they thought was right. The problem is we don't know the basis of how they came to this verdict.

    "That is not good enough. I don't think he is fit and proper, but I'm open to be persuaded. I understand there will be confidential documents in their investigation into Dave King but they need to do better than say 'we've spoken to this guy, this guy and this guy and he is OK'."

  10. 'The correct decision'

    Richard Wilson

    BBC Scotland

    "Do I think Dave King will harm Rangers? No. Do I think they came to the right decision? They came to the decision the right way, therefore, it's the correct decision."

  11. 'Board reserves its discretion'

    BBC Scotland's Jim Spence tells Sportsound listeners he is unsure whether it's the correct decision.

    "I'm not surprised. That's the first thing to say. When he's been described as a glib and shameless liar, does he fit the 'fit and proper person' test? I'm not sure.

    "The problem is, is that it's not really a test... it's not a test at all. The key thing is the board reserves its discretion as to whether a person is fit and proper.

    "I'm not really surprised by it. It's up to Rangers fans to discover whether they want the man to be in charge of their club."

  12. 'Weeks of speculation'

    Alasdair Lamont

    BBC Scotland

    "There have been weeks of speculation, questions, documentation and answers being sought from Dave King."

  13. Tune in

    Sportsound is getting under way on BBC Radio Scotland 810MW, on digital and online from 18:30 until 19:30.

    Listen live to the programme here.

    BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound
  14. 'Makes him the club's figurehead'

    Richard Wilson

    BBC Scotland

    "The 'fit and proper test' process has been lengthy for King, but he was always adamant that he would be able to take his place as chairman. In the absence of an executive management team, that makes him the club's figurehead.

    "Fans will look to King and the rest of the board to lead the club forward. King, along with the directors and his fellow investors, will have the main influence in setting the tone and the priorities of the next stage of the club's rehabilitation.

    "A balance of authority and empathy will need to be struck. King has been waiting for long enough, he will now need to show that he is ready."

  15. Coming up


    Sportsound 6.30pm /810MW. The SFA board pass Dave King as fit and proper. Tell us your thoughts #BBCSportsound

  16. Consulted relevant authorities

    BBC Scotland has learned that the SFA consulted the relevant authorities in South Africa and Scotland, including the police, the South Africa Revenue Service and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, before allowing King to become chairman.

    Dave King
  17. Dave King - Get involved


    Chris Addison: Predictable. Risible. Laughable.

  18. Coming up...

    Sportsound gets under way on BBC Radio Scotland 810MW, on digital and online from 18:30 until 19:30.

    We'll bring you all the reaction to the Dave King news during the course of the programme.

  19. Dave King - Your views

    Text using 80295

    Andrew, Glasgow: The reaction to Dave King passing fit & proper from opposition fans is absolutely hilarious. Where has this concern been in the last three years? King is deemed fit & proper to be chairman of a company in the country where the tax issues happened, why would he not be fit & proper here?

    He also stayed on the Whyte board to keep an eye on him at the time & question his actions. King will do what's best for Rangers & that creates fear for others.

  20. 'Task of rebuilding Rangers'

    Dave King quote
  21. Dave King - Get involved


    Murdo Mackenzie: Ha Ha Ha, you just couldn't make this up.......shame on you SFA.

    Christopher: Great news, no excuses now...

  22. 'Fans will look to King to take the club forward'

    "Dave King had been waiting for 74 days to return to Ibrox as a director again," writes BBC Scotland's Richard Wilson.

    "The opening months of the new boardroom regime have seen consolidation, a bid to restore a sense of stability and the beginning of some long-term thinking, but issues still need to be addressed.

    Dave King

    "Fans will look to King and the rest of the board to lead the club forward..."

    Read the rest of Richard's article here.

  23. Dave King - Your Views


    Murray Skinner: We probably should be outraged at this but I suspect most of us have lost the energy.

    Kevin Boyle: What exactly do you need to do to be classed as unfit and improper?

    Colin Walls: I have always admired the SFA's foresight.

  24. SFA statement cont:

    "The scale of this due diligence is unprecedented but befitting the complexities of the consideration placed before the Board. During this exercise both Mr King and the club were fully co-operative and responded to all questions put to them by the Scottish FA.

    "On the basis of this advice presented to it, and having considered all submissions received from Mr King and the club in respect of this matter, the Scottish FA Board granted an approval, conditional upon further submissions from Mr King in respect of documented agreements with the appropriate authorities in South Africa.

    "The Scottish FA can confirm it has now received this supplementary documentation in full and the Board is satisfied Mr King is Fit and Proper in terms of Article 10.2."

  25. SFA statement

    "Following the submission of an amendment to its Official Return by Rangers Football Club, the Board of the Scottish FA has considered the Fit and Proper status of Mr Dave King as a director of the club in respect of Article 10.2 of the Articles of Association.

    Mr King provided substantial information in relation to the matters set out at Article 10.2 (h) and 10.2 (j) namely:

    • He has been convicted within the last 10 years of (i) an offence liable to imprisonment of two years or over, (ii) corruption or (iii) fraud and
    • He has been "a director of a club in membership of any National Association within the 5-year period preceding such club having undergone an insolvency event".
    • In considering the request, the Board of the Scottish FA has sought and received specialist independent legal advice, both in Scotland and South Africa, in respect of Mr King's conviction further to the South African Income Tax Act and in relation to his previous involvement as a Director of the club. It has also received significant documentation from relevant authorities both within the UK and South Africa."
  26. King statement cont:

    Dave King

    "I said before that I must be the most scrutinised candidate in Scottish football history but, as I also previously explained, I was happy to accept this given the importance to the club of having a board fully comprised of individuals with the club's best interests at heart and who are all approved by the Scottish FA.

    "We finally have that, and my colleagues on the board and I look forward to serving the club in the years to come.

    "I thank the Scottish FA for their diligence in this matter and now it is time to look ahead and map out Rangers' future.

    "However, I will elaborate on that in the coming days because there should be no distractions ahead of tomorrow night's match at Ibrox."

  27. Dave King statement

    "I am delighted with today's announcement from the Scottish FA. I can now turn my attention fully to the task of re-building Rangers.

    "The Scottish FA's process has understandably been a long one given their recent negative experience with some of the previous board members, who were tasked with being custodians of the club.

    "It was essential that I dealt fully with all of the Scottish FA's questions and provided them with everything they required, no matter how personal, in order to prove that there were no barriers to me joining the Board of Rangers International Football Club plc.

    "I always maintained I would meet the fit and proper requirements of the Scottish FA once they had examined all the evidence and that is what happened."

  28. Get involved

    Give your reaction to the Dave King story via Twitter using @bbcsportscot or text 80295.

  29. Tax convictions

    King led a successful bid to oust the previous board at Ibrox in March.

    However, the governing body needed time to assess King's suitability, given his tax convictions in South Africa.

    Ibrox Stadium

    The fact he sat on the Rangers board prior to administration and subsequent liquidation was also taken into consideration.

    Acting chairman Paul Murray, who was also on the board prior to administration, had his position as a director ratified by the SFA on 1 May.