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Michael Emons

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  1. Thanks and goodbye

    And that's the perfect way to end this page on a historic day for Formula 1.

    Thank you for joining us and all your comments as Lewis Hamilton wins the Portuguese Grand Prix to take the 92nd victory of his career - the outright record in F1 history.

    Not long before the next race and it's back to Italy next weekend. That's just a two-day event with no running on Friday, so we will be up and running for practice and qualifying on Saturday morning. Hope you can join us then.

    Until next week, bye for now.

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  2. 'Our best race so far'

    George Russell was seventh at one stage but the wait for a first championship point goes on as he ended 14th.

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  3. 'I don't think it is over - I want to continue'

    Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff

    Lewis Hamilton on his future at Mercedes: "Last year at Hungary Toto [Wolff] was already talking about me signing a new contract. I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason and at the right time.

    "I was definitely not ready then, mentally, to sign a new deal. I wanted to be given space mentally to think about what I wanted to do. How can we get more from each other? How can I give them [the Mercedes team] an easier time?

    "Sometimes more does not mean in quantity, it can mean quality over quantity.

    "I am constantly working on the relationships I have. I believe we are still growing together as a team, I definitely don't think it is over. I really want it to continue.

    "Once we have finished it this year and the stress of the bubble passes us, then hopefully we can get into whatever position we need to be in to continue."

  4. 'Every race feels like the first time - that's why I love what I do'

    More from Lewis Hamilton, speaking to Sky Sports: "I feel I have a lot of energy, I feel super chipper, I have a great vibe right now.

    "Today was so challenging, with so many unknowns. I obviously didn't expect to lose ground at the start, so I had to fight through and back to the front, which thankfully I was able to.

    "I was maybe a little bit over cautious, but I have a championship to lose so didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. I did what I thought was right.

    "After closing down Valtteri and going past him, lap after lap I was discovering a lot about the track and the car. Bit by bit I was learning and rewriting the play book."

    Lewis Hamilton celebrates his first win in Formula 1 after clinching victory at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal
    Image caption: Lewis Hamilton celebrates his first win in Formula 1 after clinching victory at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal

    On his Mercedes team: "I couldn't have done it without the team or without Bonno (Peter Bonnington). It is the longest partnership I have had with an engineer throughout my career. We know each other so well. So thank you to him and to the whole team who have been by my side in this journey.

    "There is a whole team of people working on the car but he's the leader. Our collaboration, the leadership and energy in the team transcends through him to the other guys we work with.

    "We've been through a lot. He had his illness last year. We have both had times when we didn't know if we would continue. "But we have never gone head to head, had a fight or anything like that.

    "He inspires me to be a better driver and I hope I inspire him to be a better engineer."

    On the feelings he gets before each race: "When getting ready before each race I was saying today, jeez I have done this so many times. But it doesn't matter how many Sundays you have raced, the jitters you get, the anxieties you feel, the worries you get, the things you have to remember - all these things don't come easy. It's always like the first time every time you go through it, which is why I love doing what I do."

  5. A title triumph in Turkey?

    In a season like no other, it's been a sensational effort from all concerned to get us 12 races out of 17 already done.

    Lewis Hamilton can clinch a seventh world title as early as Turkey in two races time.

  6. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Which of Lewis Hamilton's 92 race wins have been the best / most memorable and why?

    Richmond Quaye: Where do you start with Hamilton’s best win; Interlagos Brazil 2009, Silverstone 2008/2010. All are great wins but for me Singapore 2018 was sublime given the way he grabbed pole position from Ferrari when everyone thought it was impossible and went on to win the race.

    Mike Dalry: Fantastic from Lewis Hamilton again. Most grand prix wins ever. Going on to equal Michael Schumacher's 7 world titles. Hopefully going on to win more titles and be the most successful and best driver ever.

    Gary Matharu: Lewis you are the greatest driver ever to grace F1. Anyone who says otherwise are just being jealous. F1 GOAT LH 44

    Lewis Hamilton wins the Singapore Grand Prix in 2018
  7. Hamilton closing in on seventh title

    It's just a matter of time before Lewis Hamilton gets his seventh world title. The lead is up to 77 points now with five races to go.

  8. Chequered Flag podcast

    Don't forget to download and subscribe to the Chequered Flag podcast.

    Jennie, Jack and Jolyon will be ready and waiting to take you through all the big talking points from today's record-breaking Portuguese Grand Prix.

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  9. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Which of Lewis Hamilton's 92 race wins have been the best / most memorable and why?

    Alex Thomson: Italy 2018 for me. Starting 3rd behind the rapid Ferraris and he closed down and overtook both of them. Lewis at his best.

    seriousface: Favourite for me has to be Silverstone 2008. Absolutely soaked track, cars off all over the place, his biggest rival for the title (Massa) spinning FIVE TIMES, Hamilton winning by over a minute.

    Daniel Hughes: The British Grand Prix 2008. To finish over a minute in front of Nick Heidfeld in the pouring rain for me truly showed he's was gonna to be one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time. And to break Schumacher a record today just proves what I thought back in 08.

    Lewis Hamilton wins the Italian GP in 2018
  10. 'Portimao circuit was mega'

    Romain Grosjean's F1 career may be coming to an end this season and it sounds like he enjoyed this one. He came 17th today.

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  11. Hamilton v Schumacher: The Stats

    Lewis Hamilton's victory at the Portuguese Grand Prix was the 92nd of his career, taking him beyond Michael Schumacher's record of 91.

    At the time it was set, just 14 years ago, many thought it might never be beaten...

    Andrew Benson looks at the key stats between two of the greatest drivers Formula 1 has ever produced.

    Click here to read.

    Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher
  12. Podium or bust

    Max Verstappen retains his amazing 2020 record of podium or bust.

    Wins: 1

    Second: 5

    Third: 3

    DNF: 3

    In comparison, team-mate Alexander Albon has been third just once.

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  13. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Which of Lewis Hamilton's 92 race wins have been the best / most memorable and why?

    Matt: His most memorable win was surely Interlagos 2008...clinching maiden title on the last bend!

    Damon Salvatore: The British Grand Prix this year because it shows you skill driving and winning with a flat tire is brilliant and Lewis is a class driver.

    Matthew Murnaghan: While I would say Britain 2020 for driving well despite a puncture, I would have to say his first win in Canada 2007.

    He came fifth in Interlagos in 2008 so it's a title win, but not a race win.

  14. 'Pace was the issue for me, not tyre management'

    More from Valtteri Bottas, speaking to Sky Sports: "The start was the high point for me today, after that I didn't match the pace of Lewis. I was trying, but couldn't go any faster.

    "I could feel the vibration with the medium tyre, doing a stint with the soft could have been risky so I decided to settle for the hard tyre and take the points.

    "But I don't think tyre management was the issue today, it was more the pace. I don't have the answer at the moment."

  15. 'Leading was exciting'

    Carlos Sainz began seventh and in a hectic start soon found himself at the front. It didn't last long and he finished sixth, but he's still had a great day.

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  16. 'It's almost surreal'

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff speaking to Sky Sports: "Who would’ve have thought when we started this project in 2013… it’s almost a surreal amount [of wins].

    "It's [Hamilton's] absolute passion and energy and everything he puts into the sport - and the talent and the ability. He’s just standing out.

    "This season he has ramped up his weekend. It’s a lot of learning, understanding the tyres and after the first couple of laps he was just sitting comfortably - then he just ramps it up even more."

    On Hamilton's contract negotiations, Wolff joked: "It's huge! We have to sell plenty of inventory just to come up with the money."

  17. Driver of the day...

    Sergio Perez, currently without a team for 2021, gets the verdict for driver of the day from a vote on F1's official channels.

    He started fifth, got tagged by Max Verstappen on lap one, spun and ended at the back and fought back to finish seventh.

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  18. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Which of Lewis Hamilton's 92 race wins have been the best / most memorable and why?

    For the last hour of this page we want your thoughts and answers to this question...

    Which of Lewis Hamilton's 92 race wins have been the best / most memorable and why?

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