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Live Reporting

By Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

  1. Thanks and goodbye

    So Sebastian Vettel becomes the fifth different man to win a race this season.

    Thanks as always for joining us and that is where we will leave it today. Not long until the next one, as it is Russia next week.

    Until next time, bye for now.

  2. Vettel beats team-mate Leclerc - read the report

    Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer in Singapore

    Sebastian Vettel ended his 13-month win drought with a controversial victory in the Singapore Grand Prix.

    The German benefited from unusual Ferrari strategy to leapfrog past his team-mate Charles Leclerc into the lead. Leclerc told the team over the radio that it was "unfair" and it will do little to reduce tension within the team.

    But it was a much-needed victory for the four-time world champion who has had a difficult, error-strewn season and faced questions about his status and future.

    The German has continued a run of one major driving error every three races since June last year, and seen Leclerc, already a two-time winner in his first season at Ferrari, emerge as a serious threat to his position as number one in the team.

    But Leclerc was very unhappy and made his feelings clear.

    Ferrari's strategy, however, did secure them their first one-two since the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix and Vettel's first win since the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August 2018.

    And it pushed Lewis Hamilton, who started second in the Mercedes, down to fourth behind Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

    Read the report.

    Sebastian vettel
  3. 'You cannot rest on your laurels'

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff tells Sky Sports... "Lewis had the risk of being caught up in traffic. Ferrari did it right, they had nothing to lose and everyone was surprised at how strong the undercut was.

    "At that moment we had already lost the position to Sebastian and then we tried to do the opposite and go longer. Lewis said the tyres were in good shape and there were lots of assumptions and the tyres wore off and we weren’t competitive anymore - that’s why we ended up nowhere.

    "We almost had to many safety cars, we didn’t really get going, we had a slow start out of the blocks at the start and then slow after the restarts.

    "Yes, you have got to be worried and on your toes all the time. Ferrari have won the last few races and you cannot rest on your laurels from the beginning of the season and the points gap because that’s when you get caught out."

  4. 'You don’t see the full situation as a driver'

    Some more quotes from Charles Leclerc, who says: "You don’t see the full situation as a driver. I was not aware Seb had pitted I couldn’t have asked for anything more than I did. I didn’t expect Seb to overtake me and if the decision has been taken it's for the good of the team.

    "It's frustrating but I've done everything I stick to the plan. I did not expect the undercut but sometimes it goes that way and I'm happy for the team anyway.

    "The only answer I need really is that there was no other way for us to be first and second before the pit stop. I don’t know if I could have stopped earlier. I need the confirmation."

  5. Big respect

    As Sebastian Vettel is talking to the media, Lewis Hamilton comes up behind him and gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder, says congratulations, and then the two rivals hug.

    vettel singapore fireworks
  6. 'We need to stop dragging our feet and get on'

    Lewis Hamilton, who finished fourth, says: "I knew we should undercut, I knew it this morning in the brief I said let's just take the risk and they didn’t.

    "We win and lose together as a team, we all take it on the chin and it’s painful for us because we easily could have won today.

    "It feels like [Ferrari] are hungrier at the moment so we have to step it up. We’re still the best team and we have the ability. We need to stop dragging out feet and get on. We will huddle, get in the scrum, and get back in the race."

  7. Remember this?

    Ferrari are celebrating today, but they weren't back in 2008 when the very first race in Singapore was a belter.

    Raikkonen spun off and finished 15th, but Felipe Massa and the Ferrari pit crew saved the best til last...

    In a title-influencing moment, someone controlling the traffic light system told Massa he could go before they had removed the refuelling hose. Massa sets off, fuel sprays everywhere and off goes the Brazilian up to the end of the pitlane with a giant snake hanging off his car.

    Then it all goes a bit Benny Hill as mechanics sprint up the pitlane and struggle to remove it because the hose is jammed in the car's bodywork. He finished 13th.

  8. Get Involved

    Vettel wins Singapore GP #bbcf1

    Sashank Sekhar Hota: Unfortunate strategy game for Leclerc. Good job by Seb, Max and Bottas. Don't know what happened with Lewis.

    Stephen Taylor: Vettel drove a great race and did nothing wrong driving wise but I can understand why Leclerc would feel aggrieved at the undercut but thats racing and Vettel managed traffic superbly . The gloves are off between the Ferrari boys and thats great for the fans.

    Rob Elmore: At least Leclerc didn't look too annoyed on the podium!

    Leclerc and Vettel
  9. Listen to the moment Sebastian Vettel takes the chequered flag

    It's the second time Sebastian Vettel has taken the chequered flag this year, though he didn't officially win the race in Canada as he was handed a five second penalty... which dropped him down to second.

    Video content

    This content is currently not available

  10. 'Could've done better'

    A despondent Valtteri Bottas has been speaking to the media. He came fifth and said: "I felt like I really had a good pace today but you need big big pace to overtake. For sure as a team we could have done better today."

  11. Another podium for Max

    Australia - Third

    Spain - Third

    Austria - First

    Germany - First

    Hungary - Second

    Singapore - Third.

    All of these put him on 200 points, 96 behind Lewis Hamilton.

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  12. Get Involved


    Nick Hughes: Great drive by Vettel. Strategy helped, but it wasn't a gifted or ordered win. Held off Leclerc, cut through traffic, good restarts and top speed. After all that's been said/written, great to see him win again.

    Weeson: The better driver through no fault of his own ended up as runner-up today. Ferrari should be backing Leclerc who can and is still better-placed to take 2nd place in the championship.

  13. 'It's a good workout'

    Max Verstappen

    Max Verstappen, who finishes third, says: "The whole race went well. At the beginning it was really slow and everyone was close together then I started to struggle with the tyres and we boxed and it was a good call. We undercut Lewis and from there it was about managing the tyres.

    "The safety car restarts were hard because the tyres are cold, but it's good to be on the podium, there's lots of things to work on and look at but I'm happy to be up here in the top three.

    "You have to work harder under the safety car to keep your tyres warm than you do flat out. It’s a good work out."

  14. 'Always difficult to lose a win like that'

    A very diplomatic Charles Leclerc, who finished second, says: "Obviously it is always difficult to lose a win like that but at the end it's a one-two for the team so I'm happy for that, our first of the season.

    "We came here hoping for a podium and came away with a one-two.

    "I'm disappointed for me but I will come back stronger. It looks a lot more positive than expected, they've [the mechanics] done an amazing job.

    "The strategy was fixed at the beginning I stuck to the plan, the most important was that we finished one two."

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  15. 'I was surprised to come out ahead'

    Sebastian Vettel finally wins a race in 2019, and this is what he has to say: "It was a bit sweaty. I'm very happy. It was a great race. First of all big congratulations to the team - the start of the season has been difficult for us then we started to come alive and I'm really proud of everyone's work back home.

    "I really want to thank the fans over the last couple of weeks. We haven't been the best it's happy to get so many letters and nice messages, and it gives me lots of strength and belief and I put it all into the car today.

    "It was a late call for the pitstop. I thought it was a bit early because I thought we could make the tyres last in the first stint but then I gave it everything in the outlap and I was surprised to come out ahead.

    "I was trying to slice through the traffic, and control it at the end but it didn't happen with the safety car."

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  16. Who wins in Singapore?

    • 5 - Sebastian Vettel
    • 4 - Lewis Hamilton
    • 2 - Fernando Alonso
    • 1 - Nico Rosberg
    Sebastian Vettel
  17. How they stand in the title race

    1. Lewis Hamilton 296 points (12 today)
    2. Valtteri Bottas 231 points (10 today)
    3. Charles Leclerc 200 points (18 today)
    4. Max Verstappen 200 points (15 today)
    5. Sebastian Vettel 194 points (25 today)
  18. Get Involved

    Vettel wins Singapore GP #bbcf1

    Karsh Krieg: Ferrari got that aero game on. This was real Ferrari

    Brendan Marks: Great result, and well done to Lando Norris finishing 7th! Nice to give the British fans something to cheer.

    Alber: Binotto just said "well done Charles now go on the podium celebrate and then we talk later"

    Thanks for the translation, Alber...

  19. Post update

    Win number 53 of Sebastian Vettel's career.

    vettel wins