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  1. Hamilton wins, Verstappen 2nd, Vettel 3rd
  2. Perez drives into Sirotkin during attempted overtake
  3. Ocon out after first-lap crash with team-mate Perez

Live Reporting

By Mike Whalley

All times stated are UK

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  1. Mick Hucknall was right

    Mick Hucknall called it absolutely right at 13:08. "Lewis is going to be pretty difficult to catch unless there’s some kind of technical problem," said the flame-haired pop icon before this race got started.

    Clearly, we should get Mick to forecast the outcome of every F1 race. What will his predictions be for Russia? Someone get on to his agent at once to find out.

    We hope to get the Simply Red frontman to gaze into his crystal ball again in Sochi in a fortnight. And we hope you can join us. Thanks for your company - see you then.

    Drivers' championship
  2. Benson's verdict

    "Hamilton's controlled drive from a pole position won brilliantly on Saturday was helped by the latest in a series of questionable strategy calls from Ferrari."

    Andrew Benson's verdict is in. You can read it here.

  3. How the leaders have earned their points

    The team of enthusiastic voles who make up our F1 graphics desk really have been working overtime today. Here's their analysis of how the top three in the title race have picked up their points this season. Kimi Raikkonen, as you can see, is the King of Third Place. Lewis Hamilton has really started racking up the wins at the right time, emphasising James Allison's point about him being "a machine at this time of year" (see 15:43).

  4. Get involved


    Ben: Lewis and Max were stellar this weekend, and Hamilton looks like a deserving champion once again. But BY FAR the most disappointing driver to watch this season is Bottas. I think Ocon could have achieved so much more in the Mercedes.

    Amit Mandalia: Vettel’s body language on the podium… definitely looks like he might know it’s over, will be difficult to overcome a 40-point deficit in the coming six races.

    Rod: What a weekend! SV5 is going to have to be perfect for the last 6 races to overturn a 40 point deficit . Well done Lewis.

    Max Verstappen
  5. 'Today we got our strategy wrong'

    Sergio Perez, on the incident with Ocon, tells Sky Sports: "Well, it's a very unfortunate incident. As I'm picking up the power I get a clip from one car and I didn’t know it was Esteban. I was very sorry for that, it's a big heart ache for us.

    "I don’t think I have much to say. I'm just very sorry for the team in general. I wish I could’ve seen Esteban there or have done something differently. It was a tough day for us especially after a good day yesterday but this is racing and hopefully we can improve in the next few races to get some points.

    On the rest of his race performance, he says: "The strategy for us we had a tremendous first stint but we were behind and we struggled to get past Sirotkin. Then there was that contact. It was a good qualifying session but I think today we got our strategy wrong.

    "I knew my race was going out of my hands. We underestimated the effect because it was not that slow and it was hard to overtake. I was burning my brakes, and tyres and then fighting with Sirotkin and made that contact."

  6. Post update

    We can't leave Singapore without getting the thoughts of Sergio Perez, involved in an opening-lap crash which forced his Force India team-mate Esteban Ocon to retire, and then incurred a penalty for bumping into Sergey Sirotkin. Over to you, Sergio...

  7. 'The softs were the better tyre'

    It does look like Lewis Hamilton's title to lose now, but Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is remaining cautious, as he tells BBC Sport: "This is not it... there are six more races and many points to go. We won on pace today. We've understood the car and tyres and I feel energised for the races left this season now.

    "We had a discussion with James Allison (Mercedes technical director) and it was always very clear we would go on the softs. It was a better tyre and it was a good choice but Sebastian (Vettel) didn't drop off.

    "We had real merit and real pace. We have the right clues now of how to work with our and we’ll see what we can transform into the end of the season.

    "It is important not to be under cut and manage the tyres. When I saw Max (Verstappen) not getting away very fast I thought 'yes!' but then Sebastian dropped off and Lewis was in control of this race."

    Toto Wolff
  8. Four for Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton was the winner in Singapore in 2009, 2014 and 2017 - and now 2018 too. He'll enjoy that champagne.

    Lewis Hamilton
  9. 'Lewis turns into a machine at this time of year'

    So what has made the difference for Mercedes?

    James Allison, their technical director, suggests a gradual improvement of the car has helped - along with Lewis Hamilton's ruthlessness.

    Allison tells Sky Sports: "It was a very nervous race for us. All the way through, a safety car could have snatched a well-earned lead from us at any point.

    "There's been a slow improvement of our performance in that regard. In the last sector at Budapest, we were strong. Last year, we were dreadful in that sector. We've been chipping away at it over the past 12 months.

    "Lewis got the job done, but we've given him the car to do that, and that's a huge source of pride for us. Lewis turns into a machine at this time of year, and he lifts his performance to a level that's superb to watch."

  10. The title battle

    As you see from our handy little chart, put together by our hard-working F1 graphics team, Hamilton has pulled away from Vettel over the past five races - after what had been a nip-and-tuck battle before Germany. As a couple of you have pointed out, Vettel's crash in his home GP is looking like a real turning point.

    Vettel versus Hamilton
  11. Are Ferrari's decisions harming Vettel's shot at the championship?

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    Sebastian Vettel

    You have to ask operationally how much is going wrong at Ferrari and how much of is that are decisions? Is that messing with Vettel's head, it cost them a lot and maybe it cost them pole. You have to look at what they're doing time and time again, are they really harming Vettel's shot at taking this championship?

  12. 'I don’t think we got everything out of ourselves today'

    Sebastian Vettel, third in the Ferrari: "Overall we weren’t fast enough we didn’t have the pace in the race we tried to be aggressive in the beginning and it didn’t work out.

    After that I had a different race with different tyres. A different strategy pitting wasn’t an option because you lose too much time so we just focused on getting home.

    "The strategy problems don't help obviously, I was mostly thinking about today's race and today I think the way we raced, we didn’t have a chance. We maybe weren’t quick enough but I said before the weekend we can only beat ourselves and I don’t think we got everything out of ourselves today."

  13. 'Second was a great result'

    Max Verstappen, second in the Red Bull: "It was not bad for us. It was a shame about the first lap but the team had a gerat strategy so we could get to second. In the end we knew second was going to be the result.

    "Behind the safety car we had a lot of problems, but second was a great result."

  14. 'The longest race of my life'

    Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton, winner of the Singapore Grand Prix, says: "I'm spent! That was a tough race, I have such great support here and we had a great start. The team had never given up faith and belief in me and Valtteri. That was the longest race in my life and its a blessing. I'm just blessed.

    "I was a little but unlucky with the traffic, these guys [Grosjean and Sirotkin] were moving and it was difficult to follow. Max was lucky I think, and the guys wouldn’t let me by, my heart was in my mouth but once I got past I could put the pedal down and just had to go.

    "The Ferraris put a good fight this weekend but I'm not sure where their pace went in the race.

    "It's just special."

  15. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton has been speaking. Let's get his thoughts...

  16. Post update

    And it's the national anthems of the United Kingdom (for Hamilton) and Germany (for Mercedes) that play out as the top three stand on the podium.

    Hamilton receives the winners' trophy and lifts it to the sky with a look of sheer joy. Reaction to come shortly...

  17. Post update

    Yes, Ferrari's decision to pit Sebastian Vettel and put him on ultrasoft tyres on Lap 15 did not work AT ALL.

    But the fact is that Lewis Hamilton has now come out on top in four of the past five races producing some phenomenal performances to do so. The Briton is looking a champion all the way right now.

    Lewis Hamilton
  18. Get Involved


    F1 Statster: Everyone will be praising Hamilton, and rightly so (been perfect all weekend), but this has also been a great drive from Vettel to go some 40+ odd laps on a set of Ultrasofts and essentially save his team from a VERY embarassing strategic blunder.

    Craig: Bottas should’ve been on Vettel, piling on the pressure to force a mistake or for him to light up his tyres. Meanwhile Verstappen will be very happy just to finish a race!

    Reece Young: What a performance. What a win. What a phenomenal driver. Lewis Hamilton made the difference today. The greatest of the current F1 drivers

  19. 'We've got this guys'

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton

    Hamilton's race engineer: "Get in there Lewis – what a drive mate! Fantastic weekend all round really solid effort.

    Lewis Hamilton: "Great job, keep pushing, keep pushing, we’ve got this guys."

  20. Title standings

    1) Hamilton: 281pts

    2) Vettel: 241

    3) Raikkonen: 174

    4) Bottas: 171

    5) Verstappen: 148

    6) Ricciardo: 126