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  1. Hamilton fastest, Perez loses wheel on long straight
  2. Hamilton fastest in first practice; Ericsson crashes, suffers engine fire
  3. Get involved #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Mike Whalley

All times stated are UK

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  1. Post update

    Anyway, that's enough of my waffling for one day. Thanks for your company and your comments - as entertaining as ever.

    You've got me again for qualifying tomorrow - sorry about that. I've a feeling we'll find plenty to talk about between us, though.

    The live text commentary for third practice goes live at 11:30 BST. In the meantime, if today's practice has maybe given you a few clues as to how Sunday's race will go, why not test your forecasting skills with our F1 predictor?

    And have a read of the considered report of today's practice sessions - which put all the hustle and bustle into order.

    And whatever you do, and wherever you go, make sure your wheels are fixed on properly.

  2. Post update

    That was with Natalie Barratt, the Cheshire-based rally driver, in the mid-2000s. She offered to take me round a course in mid-Wales while I interviewed her. And thus I experienced the thrill of being hurled, terrified, at top speeds round hairpin bends by this remarkably calm woman as she discussed her shopping habits. Phenomenal.

  3. Post update

    I have two experiences of hurtling round a racetrack in a car. I once had a go at Oulton Park during an open day, where they popped me in a car with an instructor - who told me off for driving too slowly. (I do tend to pootle along like a grandad. I was probably doing 30mph, indicating, the works.)

    As for the other occasion...

  4. What's it like to drive at Paul Ricard?

    You'll love this. Go on, give it a go.

    Video content

    Video caption: How does it feel to drive an F1 car at Paul Ricard?
  5. Get Involved - Romance update


    Harry T: "I’m in love with Formula 1. Nothing else."

    You say that now, Harry T, but as Cilla Black used to sing: Life is full of surprises.

    Cilla Black
  6. 'It was nice to be in a new place'

    Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen, fourth quickest, speaking to Sky Sports: "I think the conditions in the afternoon were quite difficult, but it was nice to be in a new place. It was good."

    You'll be pleased to know that, as cheery as those words night read, Raikkonen delivered them with the thinly disguised disdain he always uses in interviews.

  7. 'It's a tricky track'

    Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, who was fifth fastest, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was so-so. The car is quick but I wasn't able to be quick. Sometimes you have these days. It's a tricky track. It's difficult to find the sweet spot in some corners."

    You can't move for sweet references right now.

  8. Sweet and sour stories

    If you missed the reports about McLaren considering strike action after being rewarded for their work with chocolate bars, Zak Brown - McLaren's chief executive, has just been down to talk to Sky Sports about it.

    Brown said: "Things are tough, This is a difficult sport. Sometimes the media like to kick you. At any company, you're going to have a few people not happy with their job. It's nothing more than that.

    "We've had a lot of pressure on us for a few years. It wasn't a good weekend in Montreal. The candy bar story's a bit silly. We're here and we'll keep pushing."

  9. Get Involved - Romance update


    Euan: My romance hopes is the same as McLaren's title hopes. Nonexistent.

    Ah, now come on, Euan. There's someone out there for all of us. (Sorry, I'm sounding like my nan, now.)

  10. Post update

    Ferrari off the pace in that session - with Kimi Raikkonen fourth and Sebastian Vettel fifth. But then we had this in Canada, didn't we? And then they powered through in qualifying. So we shall see.

    Kimi Raikkonen
  11. Chequered flag - Hamilton quickest

    Two out of two for the Mercedes man - while his team-mate watched from the garage.

    1) HAM 1:32.539

    2) RIC +0.704

    3) VER +0.732

    4) RAI +0.887

    5) VET +1.150

    6) GRO +1.160

    Lewis Hamilton
  12. Post update

    Fernando Alonso spins off at Turn Three! He comes to a standstill in the run-off area. He does manage to get the car moving again, but it's too late to do anything. He was in the middle of yelling at his team over the radio when he spun - is that just a lack of concentration that's done for him there? Would seem so.

    Fernando Alonso
  13. Post update

    Perez is back with us. Ninety seconds left.

  14. Virtual safety car ends

    Five minutes left. Sergio Perez is climbing back into his Force India - he fancies another couple of laps before time runs out on us. Lewis Hamilton is still quickest.

  15. Post update

    As Hartley's car is rolled to a safe place, Jennie Gow gives us the latest on his future - suggesting that his drive is safe for the rest of the season. It didn't look that way a couple of weeks ago, so that's encouraging for him.

  16. Yellow flag - Virtual safety car

    Brendon Hartley's been forced to stop in the middle of the track. Some very unpleasant sounds coming from his engine. Looked as if there were flames coming from the exhaust at the back of the Toro Rosso.

  17. Post update

    Stroll's back on the radio again, with the levels of grumpiness familiar to any 19-year-old. "Give me information please," he shouts. "Tell me something I should be doing."

    Well, you can tidy the kitchen and mow the lawn if you like, Lance.

    Lance Stroll
  18. Post update

    "The car doesn't work on these tyres," says Lance Stroll on his team radio. Does the Williams car work on any tyres? You could probably mount it on four blancmanges and not do much worse.

  19. How they stand

    Into the final 15 minutes of P2.

    1) HAM 1:32.539

    2) RIC +0.704

    3) VER +0.732

    4) RAI +0.887

    5) VET +1.150

    6) GRO +1.160

  20. Post update

    Valtteri Bottas was seventh when he had to pull out of P2. It's not the end of the world for him, but it does make things a little tougher, on an unfamiliar circuit, when trying to fine-tune things for qualifying tomorrow.