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  1. 'Sorry Tim, you'll have to work this out by yourself'

    Tim Peake - launched into space, where he spends six months fixing highly technical things on spacewalks, before successfully navigating his way back to Earth.

    Lewis Hamilton: "Which button do I press?" Team: "Not telling you."


    Take care folks. We'll see you in Austria in two weeks' time.

    peake and hamilton
  2. Rosberg wins

    Mercedes' Nico Rosberg takes victory in the first race held in Azerbaijan.

    Video content

    Video caption: Mercedes' Nico Rosberg takes victory in the first race held in Azerbaijan.
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  4. 'With the champion'

    Singer Enrique Iglesias posts a picture on Twitter of him with the 2005 and 2006 world champion Fernando Alonso.

    Positives after you have to retire from the race?

    More time to chillax with Enrique.

  5. Post update

    Williams' head of performance Rob Smedley has spoken to Sky Sports about the restrictions on radio messages.

    "It's very difficult sometimes when you need to pass non-performance messages or critical messages about safety and reliability. It makes everyone's life a little bit more difficult."

  6. Red Bull sitting ducks

    BBC Formula 1 pit-lane reporter Jennie Gow reveals Red Bull ran out of new tyres.

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    Video caption: BBC Formula 1 pit lane reporter Jennie Gow reveals Red Bull ran out of new tyres.
  7. 'Debris in the radiator'

    Haas driver Romain Grosjean missed out on the points as he came 13th. This is his reason why...

  8. 'Not lots of fun, but not a disaster'


    Some quotes from an unhappy Kimi Raikkonen, who had a five-second penalty for crossing over the pit-lane line, and some entertaining/frustrating exchanges with his mechanics who could not give him technical advice.

    "I don't understand the rule of crossing the line - you gain zero from it," says Raikkonen, who finished fourth.

    "Unfortunately I twice ended up following, once a Sauber and once a Haas, for a full lap. I'm a bit disappointed, it has been a difficult week, not lots of fun, but it was not a disaster."

    On the radio regulations, Raikkonen adds: "You would think they are allowed to say 'yes' or 'no' but that's not the way it was."

  9. Drivers' standings

  10. Post update

  11. Post update

    It seems Toto Wolff is saying that Rosberg was able to figure out his issue quicker than Hamilton because he had dealt with a similar issue earlier in the race.

  12. 'It took Lewis 12 laps to work it out'

    Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff on Sky Sports: "We had a problem with both cars with a configuration with the switches. There was a way of changing it on the dashboard which we are not allowed to communicate to the drivers. It took a while for Lewis' to reset.

    "Nico had done a switch change before and he changed it back a couple of laps later and Lewis was trying to work out what it was and it took 12 laps. The reason why we have those radio regulations is we want more unpredictability and we don't want them to be engineer driven."

  13. Hamilton help

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton looks for advice as his car develops a problem

    Video content

    Video caption: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton looks for advice as his car develops a problem
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  15. 'A shame I couldn't race'


    Lewis Hamilton talks about the technical problems that hampered his race. He tells Sky Sports: "I had no idea (what was wrong). It was like 16 different engine positions and in each of these there are 20 different engine settings. I had no idea, it was just low power.

    "I didn't do anything, it just fixed itself. I then turned the engine down at the end as I was 14 seconds behind the guys at the front with only seven or eight laps left and 10 seconds in front of the guys behind me. I just saved the engine to try and get more out of this engine."

    On the radio ban that restricts teams giving drivers technical information, Hamilton adds: "I don't see the benefit. The FIA have made Formula 1 so technical, to have 100 or 200 different switch positions and there's no way for me to know what the problem is.

    "It's just a shame I could not race. I wanted to race and if I had been able to fix it, I would've been part of the show and catch the guys ahead."

  16. 'Nico and Lewis had technical problems. Nico fixed it first'

    Niki Lauda, non-executive chairman of Mercedes, is asked about the radio ban that restricts them giving technical instructions to their drivers.

    "It is difficult and in this case it was a discussion about engine modes and we can't tell them," Lauda tells Sky Sports.

    "It was a problem they both had and Nico could fix it quicker than Lewis. The (radio) ban is there, so we all have to adapt.

    "We would've got a penalty and we would've been further back so no-one wants to risk that. Lewis did not get the speed out of the car that Nico did."

  17. Post update

    Eddie Jordan asks Nico Rosberg whether he's going to win the world championship.

    Surprisingly, Rosberg says: "Yes. It's in the bag. Hamilton is a speck on the horizon."

    He doesn't really.

    He actually says: "I'm just enjoying this win. I'm avoiding your question. I'm going to go and celebrate." 

  18. 'My boys did a fantastic job'

    Third placed Sergio Perez says: "I knew yesterday when I put the car into the wall it was a big chance and I was so frustrated with myself but my boys did a fantastic job to put the car together.

    "We had a great qualifying, were in P7 (after qualifying second but getting a five-place penalty) and we had to make our way through.

    "I was fighting with Kimi all the way to the end, I knew he had a five-second penalty, but it was very nice to get past him. When I saw the opportunity, and there was no risk, I went for it."

    Sergio Perez
  19. Post update

    I'm glad Vettel brought up the expectancy of a safety car.

    Nobody remembers that I said I would eat my brake pads if there was no safety car, do they? Good. Let's never speak of it again.

  20. 'I was expecting a safety car'

    Second-placed Sebastian Vettel: "It's the first time here and I didn't know what to expect but it's been a great track. The circuit is incredible - you need to be well equipped around here. Today was a great job for us, we struggled on Friday but to see where we are now is a great recovery - two second places in a row. The car is coming along. I think people lost a lot of money because they were betting on a safety car - I was expecting a couple too."

    Sebastian Vettel