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  1. Post update

    Formula 1

    With more twists and turns than the circuit itself, the Monaco Grand Prix certainly served up its fair share of drama.

    Throughout the season so far, Lewis Hamilton has looked calm and confident in his pursuit of a second successive world title, but what will the impact of today be on him?

    Two weeks until the next race - the Canadian Grand Prix and it can't come soon enough. Until then, goodbye.

  2. Post update

    It is just about time for us to call it a day so, as ever, I'll point you in the direction of Andrew Benson's race report. There will also be plenty of reaction to come later to a dramatic day of racing, and don't forget to watch the highlights show on BBC One at 17:05 BST.

  3. We go again

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly a man who lives to break records and win titles. Today's strategy error has potentially cost him one record, with third place denying him a 13th consecutive top-two finish. That would have been the second longest streak ever.

    Time to go again...

  4. Post update

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    Formula 1

    "Bad day/Good day."

    Formula 1
  5. When a picture says more than words can...

    Formula 1
  6. Post update

    Formula 1
  7. Post update

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton has been speaking in the post-race news conference and is still managing to keep his real feelings in check.

    "I can't express how I feel right now so I won't attempt to," he said. "But you live to fight another day."

  8. Post update

    Mercedes tweet: "To all our disappointed fans out there, we feel your pain. We got it wrong today and that's the simple fact. We will grow stronger from this."

  9. Post update

    Formula 1

    Giedo van der Garde has dived in with some salient advice for Lewis Hamilton...

  10. Get involved #bbcf1

    Rhys Clark: No matter how much you pay someone, you still just can't get the staff to do the job properly...

    Alex Marks: What were Mercedes thinking. Track position is everything at Monaco, they should know that.

    Peter Goodwin: Lewis has every right to be annoyed there. His team cost him a win.

  11. Super Sainz

    Formula 1

    Also, a fine result for Carlos Sainz who, after starting from the pit lane, finished 10th. His Toro Rosso team-mate Max Verstappen is, pleasingly, OK after his big crash that sparked the late drama too.

  12. Post update

    Alonso tweet

    It wasn't a memorable Monaco for Jenson Button's team-mate Fernando Alonso, though, after he was forced to retire during the race with what is thought to have been a gearbox issue. Despite his personal disappointment, he's still happy for the team.

  13. McLaren's Monaco joy

    Nico and Lewis

    Miserable Monaco for Lewis Hamilton but it will be Memorable Monaco for McLaren and Jenson Button. The Briton picked up the team's first points of the season by finishing eighth. A much-needed positive step forward after a torrid start to 2015.

  14. More advice from Mansell

    Formula 1

    Former world champion Nigel Mansell: "I was told to stay out in Australia and the tyre blew, I wish I had come in. Point is you can't win."

  15. Get involved #bbcf1

    kev smith: how can it be controversial ending - all drivers are allowed to race are they not ? or is it one rule for Lewis Hamilton and one rule for Nico Rosberg.

    David Devoy: Surely Lewis Hamilton is just as much to blame? He should be capable of deciding whether he needs tyres or not.

  16. Post update

    Formula 1

    Oh to be a fly on the wall for this debrief! As Jennie Gow tweets: "Debrief has begun already."

  17. Get involved #bbcf1

    Benedict Salido: If Hamilton loses this championship to Rosberg by only a few points at the end of the season, this race will always be remembered.

    James Locke: Huge shame for Lewis. But to label Nico's win 'undeserved' is disrespectful. Simply finishing at Monaco is an achievement

    Edson Charikinya: If you left your sofa at Lap 65 only to come back an hour later to see that Rosberg has won you would be quiet baffled at the outcome.

  18. Post update

    Former world champion Nigel Mansell: "Years gone by I have come in for a stop in lead and gone out on three wheels and not finished race mistakes happen.

    "Just in one word it's embarrassing, however remember people are human they make mistakes."

  19. "In the moment when it mattered"

    Formula 1

    Sebastian Vettel, who finished second: "We were there in the moment when it mattered and able to pip Lewis when he came out of the pits. When we decided to pit we were a bit too far back but nevertheless, second is a great finish for the team.

    "The thing is these tyres are not made for cooling down and going again. Me and Nico saved the tyres earlier because we maybe knew we couldn't attack Lewis too much which helped when we restarted but it was incredibly difficult. After a few laps they warm up but at first it was hard."

  20. Post update

    A mature and measured response from Lewis Hamilton. Fair play.

  21. "I'll come back and win the next one"

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton, who finished third: "It was not the easiest of races. The team as done amazing all year long, we win and we lose together.

    What were your instructions, were you asked to pit when you did? "I'm sure we will sit down afterwards and try to think of ways we can improve."

    What's going through your mind? "Come back and win the next one."

  22. "I know I got lucky today"

    Nico Rosberg

    Monaco GP winner Nico Rosberg: "Very, very happy of course. I know it was just a lot of luck today. Lewis drove brilliantly and would have deserved the win for sure but that's the way it is in racing.

    "It's difficult in the car to judge what decisions are being made. It was hard to do the restart with the hard tyres which were very cold.

    "I know I got lucky today, I will just enjoy the moment now. Lewis was a little bit stronger this weekend so I have to work hard."

  23. Post update

    Right then, time to hear from the drivers. This could be interesting...

  24. Get involved #bbcf1

    Reece Young: Will Hamilton be regretting signing a new contract after this?

    My Old RE Teacher: No conspiracy theories, just a misjudged call by Mercedes. Gutted for Lewis. Hopefully not an expensive mistake for the championship

    PhilSlocombe: A stupid call might have cost Merc a 1-2 and Lewis a handful of points. The conspiracy theorists will have a field day about Merc.

  25. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Three in a row for Nico Rosberg but what will fill the newspapers tomorrow is the story of Lewis Hamilton."

  26. The standings

    Formula 1

    A horrible day for Lewis Hamilton but for the rest of us, the title race is on! His advantage is now just 10 points over Nico Rosberg in the drivers' championship.

  27. Post update

    National anthems done and Nico Rosberg sprays champagne over his Mercedes colleagues from the top step of the podium. He's delighted, naturally, but a bittersweet win for the team.

  28. Post update

    Formula 1

    Nico Rosberg joins Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Graham Hill in winning the Monaco GP in three consecutive years.

  29. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "You've got to at this stage return to the positives. If ever a man deserved a Grand Prix it was Lewis Hamilton. You have to put your disappointment to one side and be respectful. This is what the emotion of Formula 1 is, it's about people. It's part of the game of Formula 1. Nico has to use this to his advantage psychologically and try to rub Lewis's nose in it."

  30. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton shakes the hand of his team-mate Nico Rosberg on the podium, perhaps recognising Nico Rosberg was not to blame for Hamilton losing this race. Instead, it was a wrong call by Mercedes.


    fORMULA 1
  32. MONACO GP TOP 10

    Formula 1
  33. Get involved #bbcf1

    Rebecca Molloy: Why do Mercedes *always* mess up pit stops with Hamilton? Those conspiracy theories will be starting again... .

    Ashley Norris: Undeserved. You can't celebrate that. What an utter disappointment. I'd be ruined after losing it like that.

    Sergio: Can't remember last time a win was so undeserved? Gutted for Hamilton.

  34. Post update

    "We thought the gap was different to what it was. A complete misjudgement, I am so sorry. We screwed it up for him," says Mercedes head of motorsport Toto Wolff.

  35. Post update

    Oh this is a depressing sight. Lewis Hamilton drives slowly back to the grid and clatters into the third place marker. I'm no psychologist, but I reckon he is fuming!

  36. Post update

    Formula 1
  37. Get involved #bbcf1

    Karl Attwood: If Rosberg celebrates then he is deluded. That was a win he was gifted, not deserved

    Jules Redeye: Was it a bad call by Mercedes? Historic 3rd win just moments away from Rosberg. Mercedes will be part of if that history now

    Shanghai Stan: What have u done Mercedes? Race leader mirrors what everyone else does! Track position everything at Monaco Not tyres!

  38. Post update

    Formula 1

    "Wooohooo," screams Nico Rosberg, who joins an elite group by completing a hat-trick of Monaco GP wins. Sebastian Vettel finishes second and Lewis Hamilton third.

    Elation over Rosberg's team radio, silence from Hamilton who has stopped at Portier and looks to be just staring out over the sea from the cockpit of his Mercedes.

  39. Chequered flag

    Formula 1


  40. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "How can Lewis Hamilton cope with what looked to be an absolutely dominant victory?"


    This is it. The final lap. It is looking like a day to remember for Nico Rosberg as he storms towards victory.

    A day to forget for Lewis Hamilton, though, and a day for some questions to be answered surely?

  42. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Ricciardo is going to throw everything at Lewis Hamilton here. Three cars, fighting for second in the closing moments."

  43. Mercedes team radio

    Lewis Hamilton: "Please stop talking to me, please."


    Daniel Ricciardo is indeed getting closer to Lewis Hamilton, just four tenths of a second between them. Can the world champion even hold on to third...?

  45. The turning point

    This is the moment the outcome of this race changed dramatically...

    Max verstappen

    Max Verstappen sees tyre, he collides with a wall and the consequent introduction of a safety car while Lewis Hamilton was in the pit lane has left the Briton with the seemingly impossible task of moving up from third in the closing laps. What drama.

  46. Post update

    Nico Rosberg pulls further ahead, his lead now 4.3 seconds over Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton, perhaps, needs to start thinking about consolidating a place on the podium. He has the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo, in fourth, getting bigger in his mirrors...

  47. Post update

    James Allen

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "This is the most extraordinary end to a grand prix."

  48. Post update

    Allan McNish

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst in Monaco

    "Lewis has given up mentally."

  49. Post update

    "Impossible to pass," sighs Lewis Hamilton over team radio as he keeps searching for an opportunity to get the better of Sebastian Vettel. Four laps to go.

  50. Post update

    Advantage Nico Rosberg. He takes control by opening up a two second lap over Sebastian Vettel. Meanwhile, tyres touching between Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen as the former tries to nip into fifth.

  51. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton is right on the back of Sebastian Vettel, hunting for the opportunity to pass. Six laps to go.

  52. Get involved #bbcf1

    Döm: Why on earth has he done that? A perfect race weekend undone by a poor pit call.

    Tokunbo: The error of judgment on Mercedes' side is shocking.

  53. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Can they all get tyre temperature? That is the key."

  54. Post update

    Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel on team radio: "This is like sending swimmers out with weight on their legs. We need at least three laps to get some temperature into tyres."

  55. Go! Go! Go!

    We're back racing again. Lewis Hamilton third, but he has the best tyres of anyone out there. Game on.

  56. Safety car going in

    The safety car is going in at the end of lap 70 and what a finish we could have on our hands here! A sprint to the finish.

  57. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "What's that expression: 'we was robbed'. It does seem to apply to Lewis."

  58. Post update

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton says over team radio that he was behind Nico Rosberg when he came out of the pits, but alongside Sebastian Vettel.


    The safety car is still out but the message comes from race control that lapped cars are now allowed to overtake and pass the safety car. There looks to be still some debris where Max Verstappen hit the barrier.

    Is Nico Rosberg set to seal his third successive Monaco Grand Prix win?

  60. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "This is like 1992 when Mansell made a late stop and came out behind Senna despite being massively quicker."

  61. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "The moment Lewis Hamilton rejoined is the moment his heart would have sank."

  62. Team radio

    Lewis Hamilton: "What's happened, guys?"

  63. Post update

    Why did Lewis Hamilton pit? "I've lost the race haven't I?" he says over team radio.

  64. Post update

    Formula 1
  65. Lap 67/78

    Sergio Perez and Jenson Button pit, as does Lewis Hamilton for supersofts. He is back out in third, just behind Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg is the new race leader!

  66. Lotus team radio

    Grosjean: "That was stupid [by Verstappen]."

  67. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "That was all in. You can see Verstappen is moving in the cock-pit. We need to see the replay and just understand was there a late change of direction by Grosjean. Looking at it, Grosjean does not appear to deviate. An error of judgement from Verstappen."

  68. Post update

    Replays show Max Verstappen hit the rear of Romain Grosjean at Ste Devote and went straight into the barriers. His Toro Rosso has taken a fair old whack but, fortunately, Verstappen is able to climb out, a little shaken perhaps but looks fine.

  69. Post update

    Formula 1
  70. Crash!

    Max Verstappen's crashed at Turn 1! He is into the barriers and fortunately reports over team radio he is OK.

  71. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Everyone keeps talking about Verstappen only being 17. In terms of experience he's like a dog. People talk about dog years, he's been in a car since he was four-years old so in racing terms he's about 32."

  72. Grosjean's team radio

    Team: "Well done. Keep Verstappen behind."

  73. Max the shark

    Formula 1

    Anyone watched the BBC series Shark (stay with me)? In one episode a little fish stays close to a massive shark and effectively uses him as cover from the other ocean predators. That is pretty much Max Verstappen.

    He is still hanging behind Sebastian Vettel, and tries to use the cover of the Ferrari to sneak past Romain Grosjean. Grosjean, though, is having none of it, keeping his line after letting Vettel through at the hairpin and Verstappen has to back off.

    Well played, Romain, well played.

  74. Post update

    Formula 1
  75. Post update

    "If I stay with Vettel it's easier for me to overtake," says Max Verstappen, who is a lap behind Vettel but in his slipstream. "Agreed", he's told.

    Verstappen is in 11th, if he can take Romain Grosjean then points are available.

  76. Post update

    Kimi Raikkonen is getting frustrated at the back markers, using some strong language over the radio.

    His Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel is also running into traffic, with Carlos Sainz ahead of him. Sainz gets out of the way and Vettel gets past, with Max Verstappen - who was behind Vettel having just being lapped himself - seizing the opportunity to get the jump on on his Toro Rosso team-mate and move into 12th.

    Verstappen spies an opportunity and he decides to track Vettel, keeping behind him to pass Valtteri Bottas and climb into 11th. Inventive.

  77. Post update

    "What's the plan, are we stopping or not? I'm losing the rear," says Valtteri Bottas in 11th. "We would like to try to go to the end," comes the reply.

  78. Get involved #bbcf1

    John Large: Fuel saving, tyre saving, engine saving. We want them on the bleeding edge, going flat out and going for it.

    Tom G Allen: Watching the Grand Prix intensely at Heathrow airport, COME ON LEWIS!

    Jeremiah Kariuki: What a shame! When McLaren had raised all the hopes of double points, a reliability issue came calling home! Alonso to wait longer.

  79. Post update

    Formula 1
  80. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Vettel can just see the back end of Rosberg's car and after 58 laps of racing I'd say that's a pretty good effort."

  81. Lap 52/78

    Lewis Hamilton wanted the perfect weekend and, so far, it is looking like being just that. He's now 11s clear of Nico Rosberg, who is two seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel.

    Not one of the best races of the season, I'll confess, but plenty of laps to go...

    Lewis Hamilton
  82. Post update

    Formula 1

    Former Caterham and Sauber driver Gio van der Garde tweets: "At least I can say I got as many F1 points as Alonso so far this season..."


  83. Thirty laps to go

    Formula 1

    This is how the top 10 looks with 48 of the 78 laps completed. Further down the field Max Verstappen makes his second stop, pitting from 12th. No botched stop this time as supersofts are bolted on without any bother. He is back out in 13th, behind team-mate Carlos Sainz.

  84. Post update

    Formula 1

    Mercedes: The leader is so quick you can't quite get him in focus...!

  85. Post update

    top 3

    Up in front, Lewis Hamilton's lead is 10 seconds on lap 45. Nico Rosberg laps a shade quicker than his Mercedes team-mate, 0.012s, but he'll need more than that to deny Hamilton a first Monaco GP win since 2008.

  86. Get involved #bbcf1

    Reece Young: As sad as it is, I think people are becoming disillusioned with Monaco. It just doesn't provide exciting racing.

    Phil Slocombe: Will be horrendous bad luck for Lewis if the brake problem can´t be managed and costs him the win.

    Jeremiah Kariuki: Barring any reliability issues, McLaren Honda are going for their first points!

    Just as Alonso retires!

  87. Post update

    Formula 1

    Fernando Alonso's radio says it was a gearbox issue.

    "What happened, what happened," says a worried-sounding Jenson Button. "We don't think it will affect us," is the reply.

  88. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Once again the car looks like it's just switched itself off. McLaren's hopes now rest with Button, running in eighth place."

  89. Alonso out!

    Oh no! It looks like Fernando Alonso has suffered the same electrical problem that cut short his qualifying as he locks up at Ste Devote and comes to a stop on the escape road. He climbs out of his McLaren and that's his race over.

  90. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "I don't want to tempt fate but there has been a fairly low crash rate through practice and qualifying. The drivers have done a good job. As the race gets into the second half though is where fatigue starts to play a part."

  91. Post update

    Everyone has stopped at least once now with 37 laps to go. Kimi Raikkonen is up to fifth but locks up heading into Turn 11, allowing Daniel Ricciardo to eat into his advantage. The Ferrari is 2.1s ahead of the Red Bull.

  92. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Everything looking good for Hamilton to take his second Monaco victory. Untroubled, he just has to stay off those barriers."

  93. LAP 40/78

    Lewis Hamilton pits from the lead and it is a clean stop. He is back out in P1, 11.5s ahead of Nico Rosberg. He'll take some stopping now.

  94. Post update

    James Allen

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "Vettel is going to have to push like mad now."

  95. Post update

    Nico Rosberg

    The leading trio have yet to make a stop...until now. Sebastian Vettel pits from third and Nico Rosberg responds, also diving in. A clean stop for Vettel but is back out in third, with Rosberg resuming in second.

    "We didn't make it," says a dejected Vettel.

  96. Post update

    "How are the tyres?" ask the McLaren team of Jenson Button. "Struggling a lot more with the rears now," he replies. Button then heads in from seventh.

    Meanwhile, Button's team-mate Alonso asks why he had the penalty and is reminded of the earlier incident with Hulkenberg.

  97. Post update

    After that botched stop Max Verstappen is back out in 13th. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso heads in for his first stop on lap 35, pitting from ninth, and serves his five-second penalty for that earlier contact with Nico Hulkenberg, who himself heads in for his second stop of the race. A good stop for Alonso as he is back out in ninth.

  98. Post update


    Mercedes: All quiet in the pit lane... for now...

  99. Post update

    He's not sounded completely happy with matters so far in this race, but Lewis Hamilton is only getting faster. He clocks a 1:19.7s on lap 30, the fastest of the race so far, and he is now nine seconds clear of Nico Rosberg.

  100. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "That's the end of any hope of points for Verstappen. A huge pity when he was on for some here."

  101. Post update

    Tom Clarkson

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "They couldn't get either of the rear tyres off. It was a 31 second stop. Terrible news for Max Verstappen."

  102. Post update

    Daniil Kvyat pits, takes on softs, and resumes in ninth place. A clean stop. Not so much luck for Max Verstappen as Toro Rosso struggle to get his tyres off and he loses a lot of time.

  103. Post update

    Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado retired early on and has never finished a Monaco Grand Prix or any race this season: "Difficult moment. I think as a team we need to be strong and try to solve all of the problems we have had. We have had similar problems in the past and maybe brakes are where we need to focus in future."

    Poor old Pastor, it is not always his fault.

  104. Get involved #bbcf1

    Brandon: I think Hamilton will go on to win with Vettel second and Rosberg third, also McLaren scoring there first points of the season.

    Dennis Lietnev: The pit stop strategies for both Hamilton and Rosberg may eventually decide this race.

    Phil Slocombe: Lewis just needs to stay on the black stuff and off the barriers and he should win it to extend his points lead in the WDC.

  105. Post update

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton runs into traffic as he approaches back markers Marcus Ericsson and Carlos Sainz. He gets past with little trouble, despite reporting that he believes he lost time, and the gap between himself and Nico Rosberg is now 7.3s with 28 laps gone.

  106. Post update

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "Lewis Hamilton has been on the radio again and his engineer said: 'We are approaching the limit on brakes.'"

  107. Post update


    Lewis Hamilton's found something as he breaks 1:20 on lap 24 to clock the fastest lap and he is now 4.6 seconds ahead of Nico Rosberg, who is having to stay mindful of Sebastian Vettel 1.5s behind him.

  108. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "We always talk about the track being a living thing, you can't just collect data on Friday, you have to be on your toes reacting. Some of it is in shade, there is old tarmac and new, fresh tarmac re-laid for this year. It takes different wear patterns on the tarmac."

  109. LAP 21/78

    Formula 1

    No-one inside the top 10 has made a trip to the pits with 21 laps gone. There's not much between the top three at all, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel all lapping within 0.15s of each other.

  110. Post update

    Formula 1

    Romain Grosjean has pitted from 12th with Felipe Nasr, in 11th, swiftly following suit and both retain their position in the race when they return to the circuit.

  111. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Rosberg must have had an issue on that last lap, he dropped 1.3 seconds to Hamilton so has he had a small moment somewhere?

    Rosberg has been asked by his team to close up on leader Hamilton in case the safety car is brought out.

  112. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Ferrari gave us some hope through free practice with Sebastian Vettel fastest of all in the last session. Rosberg doesn't want to have pressure from Vettel, it limits your strategy calls. It's reasonably bunched up right back to Verstappen."

    Vettel, third, is narrowly down on Rosberg while Verstappen is in eight.

  113. Ferrari in the mix

    Sebastian Vettel is certainly keeping Ferrari in the hunt for a first Monaco GP win since 2001. Mercedes' advantage over Vettel will not be as healthy as they would like. He's 1.6s behind Nico Rosberg, who is told to start closing the gap on his team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

  114. Post update

    Formula 1
  115. Post update

    World Champion in 1992 Nigel Mansell tweets:"Lewis will build gap up to have in pocket for tyre stop, just flowing the corners driving slowly you drive faster, slow speed down. Really good to see Seb holding on to Mercs. Lewis for me just saving tyres and brakes which is a little surprise ,you should be able to push."

  116. Post update

    Carlos Sainz, who started from the pit lane, is up to 15th but pits to swap from supersofts to soft tyres. Valtteri Bottas and Marcus Ericsson also make their first stop of the race from 13th and 14th respectively.

  117. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "It wouldn't be the first time that Lewis Hamilton has said something while having a lead that sets hearts racing. He's got margin right now."

  118. A worry for Hamilton?

    Possibly some concern for Lewis Hamilton as he asks over team radio in a concerned tone: "What can I do to save those brakes, I'm having to drive so slow right now."

    The gap between himself and Nico Rosberg, in second, is now 2.4s.

  119. Post update

    Daily Mirror journalist Byron Young: "Nico Rosberg's tyres one lap older than Lewis Hamilton's...will he use that to shout for an earlier stop? Hamilton has priority."

  120. Get involved #bbcf1

    Reece Young: Race has settled down as a gap of at least two seconds stands between each driver. Typically Monaco-esque race so far.

    Alex Withington: Is this the race where McLaren finally get some points? Looking good so far.

    Ashley Norris: Maldonado must be aiming for a record-breaking amount of DNFs. It's getting absurd.

  121. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Jenson Button on super softs, Fernando Alonso on soft. That explains the difference in pace. Jenson around three tenths of a second a lap faster. Jenson has to just keep working himself up but he has some gap to Verstappen. McLaren though, this is their strongest showing to date."

    McLaren have no points this season so far.

  122. Post update

    So far so good for McLaren with Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso into the top 10 now.

    Alonso, a two-time winner in Monaco, has the slower soft tyres bolted on, with Button on the faster supersofts. Alonso is up to 10th, having started 13th on the grid, with Button in ninth.

  123. LAP 10

    Formula 1

    Back to matters at the front of the pack and Lewis Hamilton has a three second lead over team-mate Nico Rosberg with 10 laps gone.

  124. Post update


    Lotus F1 Team: Sadly, game over for Pastor Maldonado.

  125. Post update

    Pastor Maldonado is correct with his earlier assumption that his brakes are not OK. His Lotus has suffered brake by wire failure and he heads into the pits. Game over?

  126. Post update

    Max Verstappen does indeed put pressure on Pastor Maldonado, too much as he kisses the back of his Lotus, some carbon fibre breaking off in the process. Verstappen has another bite of the cherry and he passes Maldonado at Ste Devote.


    Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso has a five-second penalty after colliding with Nico Hulkenberg (above) earlier and he will have to serve that in his next stop.

  127. Post update


    So Vettel nearly made it past Rosberg at the first corner, and Kvyat overtook Red Bull team-mate Ricciardo for fourth. A great move by the Russian.

  128. Post update


    Race Stewards confirm they are investigating the incident between Alonso and Hulkenberg on the opening lap Monaco GP.

  129. Post update

    Brakes, brakes, brakes

    "We think the brakes are OK," says Pator Maldonado's Lotus team on the radio. "They are not OK," he replies.

    The Toro Rosso team quickly tell Max Verstappen to pressure Maldonado: "We think Maldonado is struggling."

    The pair are duelling for eighth.

  130. LAP FIVE

    Formula 1

    Five laps down and this is the order at the moment. Lewis Hamilton maintains his place at the front, ahead of Nico Rosberg and then Sebastian Vettel.

    Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso has been able to keep going despite that earlier contact with Nico Hulkenberg and has actually gained a few positions too, up to 11th now, with his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button a little further down the road.

  131. Post update

    It is a puncture for Felipe Massa on the front right tyre and he has to pit. Nico Hulkenberg also heads in after hitting the barriers earlier and a new wing is popped on while he also swaps softs for supersofts before heading back out.

  132. Get involved #bbcf1

    Sean Richardson: Brilliant strategy by Toro Rosso. Drive fast as you can and overtake as many cars as you can.

    Shane Daly: I know a lot of people are saying this, but I see a Vettel win with Rosberg & Hamilton not finishing. Hopefully Kimi gets 2nd.

    Vaishach: Nico Rosberg under cuts Lewis and wins. And may be rain comes and both McLaren get points, experience will pay off in rain.

  133. Williams team radio

    Felipe Massa: "I'm finished, man. Finished."

  134. No nose for Hulkenberg

    Oh it's a bad start for Nico Hulkenberg, he touches Fernando Alonso's McLaren and is nudged into the barrier at Mirabeau, losing the nose on his Force India. Meanwhile, a problem for Felipe Massa too...

  135. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "That was really great stuff from all the drivers. Wheel to wheel from Rosberg and Vettel."

  136. Go! Go! Go!

    Lights out! Lewis Hamilton gets off the line well and holds off Nico Rosberg into Turn One. Sebastian Vettel tries to sneak past Rosberg but the Mercedes man defends well.

  137. Post update

    Carlos Sainz, starting in the pit lane, has a simple strategy. "Go as fast as you can and overtake as many as you can," he is told.

  138. Post update

    "The track seems to be a bit better," reports Valtteri Bottas over team radio.

    Cloud cover kept the temperatures low for qualifying on Saturday, but the sun is out and it is much warmer today.

  139. A perfect Sunday...

    This doesn't look like a bad way to spend your Sunday. The famous swimming pool near the end of the lap is overlooked by spectators as this image tweeted by Ferrari shows.

    I wonder if anyone will bomb from the top board and get a few claps while the masses wait for the cars...

    Pool in Monaco
  140. Get involved #bbcf1

    Jeremiah Kariuki: To Turn one, Riccardo may try to prove a point. The losers there could be Nico Rosberg and Vettel.

    Niranjana Sreekumar: Can't wait to see how the #MonacoGP takes shape. It's truly one of the best and exciting circuits!

    Max Baggins-Craig: Hamilton to win, he knows the track, probably practiced in his road car & people watched him thinking "what's this guy doing"

  141. Post update

    Formula 1

    And they are away for the formation lap.

    All of the front runners have the red-banded super-soft tyres, with just Fernando Alonso, Nico Hulkenberg, Will Stevens, Valtteri Bottas and Roberto Merhi opting for softs.

  142. THE GRID

    1) Lewis Hamilton 2) Nico Rosberg 3) Sebastian Vettel 4) Daniel Ricciardo 5) Daniil Kvyat 6) Kimi Raikkonen 7) Sergio Perez 8) Pastor Maldonado 9) Max Verstappen 10) Jenson Button

    11) Nico Hulkenberg 12) Felipe Massa 13) Fernando Alonso 14) Felipe Nasr 15) Romain Grosjean 16) Valtteri Bottas 17) Marcus Ericsson 18) Will Stevens 19) Roberto Merhi

    * Carlos Sainz starts from the pit lane

  143. Post update


    Sauber F1 Team: No grid girls but boys here at the Monaco GP.

  144. Post update

    Formula 1

    Red Bull: Absolutely marbles on the pit straight behind us. Full focus on turn one for the Bulls!

  145. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    Formula 1

    "Word on the street in F1 is that there is a bit of tension between Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene.

    "Ecclestone, it is said, is unhappy about Arrivabene sticking his nose in and being critical of various areas Ecclestone controls, such as the restriction of paddock passes.

    "On Sunday, in an interview with the F1 website, Ecclestone gave a little hint of this. It was suggested to him that Arrivabene was 'quite a character', to which Ecclestone replied: 'Only for himself and not for Formula 1.'"

  146. Celeb spot!

    Formula 1

    Last celeb shot then before we crack on with the racing. Michael Fassbender. Quality actor, but I still haven't forgiven you for Prometheus Michael...

  147. Post update

    Allan McNish

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst in Monaco

    "Lewis Hamilton delivered it perfectly in qualifying. He was exceptional. Nico Rosberg, meanwhile, is on the back foot mentally as much as the fact he is second on the grid."

  148. A close battle on the cards?

    Formula 1

    There was just .342s between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's fastest laps in qualifying, could we be in for one of the closest fought battles in Monaco Grand Prix history?

    The smallest winning margin came in 1992 when Ayrton Senna beat Nigel Mansell by just 0.215s.

  149. Drivers championship

    Formula 1
  150. Post update

    Fans on a boat

    As is the norm in Monaco, plenty of yachts have rolled up in the harbour packed with fans. It is a sell out in Monaco and you can tell. A great atmosphere as the sun shines down now on the circuit.

    Just under 12 minutes until lights out.

  151. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    Formula 1

    "Arguably the best section of one of the world's great race tracks has been altered this season, with amendments to the Tabac-Swimming Pool section. Tabac has been slowed by bringing the outside guardrail in by 1.5m, while the daunting fast left-right of Swimming Pool One has been made faster. McLaren's Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso said the challenge of the track remained, but not everyone is so sanguine.

    "Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo said: 'Tabac is still tricky. It's a bit tighter so it's a little bit slower, maybe 10km/h, but it still requires a little bit of testicles. Swimming Pool, unfortunately, we were just full (throttle) now in qualifying. You still had to close your breath a bit but it's a bit too straight. You straight-line the second apex a bit too much. I think the second kerb should be a bit more to the left so we have to weave our way around it. We don't really exit close to the wall on the exit of the Swimming Pool. You have to sort of drive the car out there rather than the kerb washing it out there. That's made it a little bit easier, which is something I don't like.'"

  152. Celeb spot!

    Kendall Jenner

    The celebrities continue to pop up in Monaco. Reality television is not my strong point so a a colleague has kindly informed me that this is Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian's sister.

  153. Mercedes team radio

    Lewis Hamilton: "I want to be pointing towards the corner, [at the start] right?" Team: "Just don't go over the pit exit, because that is a bit slippery."

  154. What the papers say

    Home sweet home

    Lewis Hamilton

    "Lewis Hamilton has always wanted to be the Master of Monaco in the image of his hero Ayrton Senna and yesterday, at the ninth attempt, he claimed the most prestigious pole in motor racing," reads the Mail on Sunday.

    "Yes, he won thrillingly in the wet in 2008 from third on the grid but for years he has kicked himself about the little mistakes which kept him off pole.

    "History tells us that the man who starts on pole in this race goes on to win and 10 of the last 11 races have gone to that pattern."

  155. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    "It has been a poor weekend for Williams, struggling with a lack of low-speed downforce and therefore unable to get the tyres into the correct operating window.

    "As a result, Felipe Massa qualified 14th, with Valttier Bottas 17th, although both will move up as a result of penalties - Massa by two places and Bottas by one. Head of performance Rob Smedley said he was 'reasonably confident' the problems were 'Monaco-specific'."

  156. Post update

    Formula 1

    Williams: Valtteri Bottas is locked and loaded and ready to go.

  157. Post update

    Formula 1

    McLaren: Time to fire-up and head to the grid. Less than 30 minutes to lights out.

  158. Post update

    There's a couple of presumably important ladies walking through the paddock because they have what would appear to be security close by and a group of four staff forming a sort of human barrier around them as they walk. Not seen that before.

  159. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    "A bit of insider potential news for you. Renault, as is well known, is considering its future strategy in F1 - whether to continue with Red Bull beyond the end of its contract next season, buy a team and become a manufacturer outfit again or pull out altogether.

    "There are increasing rumours that the French company is heading towards buying back Lotus - which they sold at the end of 2009 to the Genii Capital investment group.

    "One insider even said he thought this was already 'a done deal'. This is coming from good sources, but Renault will only say it is concentrating on improving its engine and that no decisions regarding future strategy have been made."

  160. What the papers say

    May the force be with Lew

    Lewis Hamilton in the Sun

    "Lewis Hamilton used his Jedi-like powers to become a Phantom Menace to his rival Nico Rosberg," reads The Sun on Sunday.

    It's not the only Star Wars pun the paper uses in a piece which draws reference to the film's director George Lucas (right) being in Monaco to take in the event.

    Hamilton is himself making a foray into the movie world as he stars in Zoolander 2 alongside Ben Stiller later this year.

  161. Celeb spot!

    Tamara Ecclestone

    Plenty of celebrities to keep the photographers busy as we count down to the start of the race. So far we've seen Cristiano Ronaldo, Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender, Chris Evans and Tamara Ecclestone. I'm sure there are plenty more out there too.

    Chris Evans
  162. Caption competition

    Get involved #bbcf1

    Formula 1

    Kyle McLaren: Looks like Rosberg has been spending to much time with Kimi having power naps during press conferences.

    Chris Lord: Go on give him a punt off at turn 1, touch his wheel not to do your front wing, he ain't too good on the brakes.

  163. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    "It was a case of defeat being snatched from the jaws of potential for McLaren, who let the very real prospect of both cars getting into the top 10 for the first time this year slip through their fingers. Alonso's car stopped with an electrical failure at the start of Q2 and Button had to slow for a yellow flag at the start of his final run in Q2, but still only just missed out on a place in the top 10 shoot-out.

    "The frustration was evident in both. Alonso said: 'Being so close definitely the performance was better this weekend and we were sometimes in the top 10. Maybe one or two points is possible for Jenson with a good start and good strategy. In my case, the race is a train of cars and it will be hard for me.' Still, their improved performance around Monaco proved once and for all that the major weakness of the car is its Honda engine."

  164. Get involved #bbcf1

    Alex #ForzaJules: With it being so hard to overtake, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ferrari try the undercut with Vettel to get him ahead of the Mercs.

    Chika Charles: Backing Lewis to win today and extend the gap. I cannot back anyone else.

  165. Post update

    Red Bull

    Red Bull Racing: Pre-race madness Monaco GP style.

  166. Post update

    Formula 1

    Given the tight and twisty nature of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, it will be of no surprise that there have been frequent appearances of the safety car over the years.

    It hasn't been seen in Formula 1 yet but, after three appearances in GP2 this weekend, could today be the day for Virtual Safety Car?

  167. Post update

    Formula 1

    BBC weatherman Ian Fergusson: 1215 BST 45 mins before race start and the track temp is a fair bit warmer than we've seen so far since Thurs, at 34.4C

    "Variable cloud & sun by the time of the race; 20-21C. Likely dry but showers possible later (UBIMET's FIA f'cast: 30% prob by 15:00)."

  168. Only for the bold and the brave

    Formula 1

    Overtaking is difficult in Monaco but not impossible and there have been some memorable moves in the past. One that springs to mind is from the 1991 Monaco Grand Prix.

    Ayrton Senna blasted away to go on to win with ease but behind him there was an interesting tussle for second between Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell.

    The Briton caught Prost's slipstream through the tunnel and made his move going into the Nouvelle Chicane, sweeping past superbly.

  169. Race strategy

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    Formula 1

    "The drivers have been complaining that the tyres are too hard for the gentle demands of the Monaco track surface this weekend, Sergio Perez saying the 'super-soft', which in theory should be little more than a qualifying tyre, was more like a 'medium' and would have very little degradation in the race. This could lead to some potentially interesting strategic situations. It is still faster on paper to do the traditional Monaco race - run the super-soft until the 'crossover' point when a new 'soft' is faster and change, as long as you have built a gap to traffic behind. Engineers calculate that the crossover is around lap 21.

    "However, those who are outside the top 10 and have decent cars - the likes of Lotus and McLaren - may try to run the super-soft longer and see if that gives them an advantage. Starting on the medium is no advantage because it is a slower tyre. A safety car any time after lap 15 or so will trigger mass stops for the soft. And if someone is running the super-soft longer after the pit stops start, then a safety car - virtual or otherwise - would immediately trigger them to stop.

    "There is some controversy over the 'virtual' safety car - when drivers are forced to stay to a lap time but the incident is not serious enough to trigger a real safety car - because pitting under it gives an advantage in the region of 10 seconds. Some teams believe this is unfair and are pushing for a change."

  170. Circuit stats and other facts

    Formula 1

    Did you know that a two bedroom apartment in Monaco costs £2.26m? Or that residents of the Principality have the highest life expectancy in the world? There's more Monaco stats and facts in our race preview.

  171. Celeb spot!


    McLaren: England rugby star Chris Robshaw & girlfriend Camilla Kerslake join us in the garage ahead of today's Monaco GP.

  172. Monaco memories

    David Coulthard

    Not many people have worn a Superman costume on the podium, in fact I think it is fairly safe to say only one person has - David Coulthard.

    In 2006, Coulthard secured Red Bull their first-ever podium finish when he came third. He asked Prince Albert if he could wear a Superman cape, he agreed.

    Amazing scenes.

    David Coulthard
  173. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Monaco

    Andrew Benson

    Suzi Perry raises the stakes in the BBC F1 fashion face-off. Monaco highlights BBC One at 17:05 BST to see the shoes.