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  1. It's the final countdown

    Back at 10:00 GMT tomorrow

    Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

    The grid has been chosen. All that's left to say is: "play nice now lads".

    Until tomorrow, it's good afternoon from me. See you at 10:00 GMT.

  2. Post update

    lewis hamilton

    If you missed any of the action, you can watch a qualifying repeat on the Red Button at 18:00 GMT or 20:00 today or 09:00 tomorrow. There'll also be Inside F1 on the BBC News Channel at 18:45, too.

  3. Post update

    Abu Dhabi
  4. Get involved #bbcf1

    Brogan: This is going to be a very long 24 hours. #nervous

  5. Post update

    "I don't know what our race pace is like because I haven't really done a lot," says McLaren's Jenson Button, who starts eighth. "I don't know where we're going to be."

  6. Have your say on Facebook

    Graeme Hannah: Hamilton very composed.....knows what he needs to do tomorrow.....pressure all on Nico as he has to go for the win.

    Claire Carolyne Kola Ezekiel: Lewis Hamilton will win it was just a small error that caused him the pole, tomorrow will be another day.

    Stephen Earl: Just hope it's a great race and there's no mechanical issues that decide it.

  7. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    "It's a pretty intense weekend," says Nico Rosberg. "I'm not sure how well I'll sleep but I'm sure I'll get the hours that I need. It's still a race I want to win. I have to go for that to have a chance [of winning the title]. It's going to be exciting and I'm sure it will be a good battle with Lewis as always. Anything can happen in racing."

  8. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton

    "Qualifying is an area that I will definitely try and improve next year," says Lewis Hamilton. "With it being the last race we're all feeling pressure but I don't think there was any impact on today."

  9. Post update

    abu dhabi

    It's a big day tomorrow, which means a big live text commentary. We'll be live from 10:00 GMT, bring you all the news and photos from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix paddock as well as building up to one of the biggest races in living memory.

    BBC Radio 5 live are up and running at 12:00, with BBC One joining the party at 12:10. Then it is onwards to the start of the race at 13:00. Bring. It. On.

  10. Post update

    As Eddie Jordan mentioned earlier, the Williams could well play a part in tomorrow's race, such was their impressive speed. Valtteri Bottas was just two tenths slower than Lewis Hamilton, with his team-mate Felipe Massa a tenth further back.

  11. Get involved #bbcf1

    Steven Gradridge: Rosberg may have pole, but we have seen on numerous occasions what Hamilton can do from 2nd. Bring on tomorrow!

    Vicky Nutley: Couldn't tweet during quali as had fingernails to chew instead. During the race tomorrow maybe down to elbows

  12. How the title can be won


    So the stage is set for the final act. Nico Rosberg starts on pole with his title rival and team-mate Lewis Hamilton alongside him. If it stays like this tomorrow, Hamilton will be crowned 2014 Formula 1 world champion. But it's a big if.

  13. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton

    "Lewis (pictured) will not sleep well tonight, he will think about it," says Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda. "But tomorrow is the race. Tomorrow, they both come in neutral. It's going to be a two- or three-stop race and anything can happen."

  14. Get involved on Facebook

    Bob Horton on Facebook: "Lewis will win the championship: it will be a Mercedes 1-2 as it has been pretty much all season and so regardless of where he is in that setup Lewis wins the title. Only way he'll lose it is if (touch wood) his car packs up."

  15. Post update


    Mercedes: Both sides of the garage congratulate each other on an incredible fight for pole! That's team spirit right there...

  16. Post update

    abu dhabi

    The coverage on BBC One may have ended, but we're not done yet. There's a special BBC F1 Forum on the Red Button and online right now.

  17. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    abu dhabi

    "That was a super exciting qualifying session and once again Nico delivers under pressure. Lewis has been following the same format all season, goes out after Nico and drops the ball - maybe he is just trying to build the tension."

  18. Post update

    abu dhabi

    "I've been to two races before and it's an honour to be back," says singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, who is in town ahead of his performance at the event. "Obviously, we're just hoping for a good safe race. Lewis is a friend and I want to see him do it again. I've known him for between eight and 10 years. It's been awesome to follow his journey."

  19. Post update

    Former world champion Nigel Mansell: "Lewis and Nico need to remember world is watching, for me Lewis has points advantage, just do enough. They need to look after their cars.

    "Super performance from both Williams drivers great second row lock out, they could have impact on championship, Merc just need good start."

  20. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    "I generally didn't have the best of laps but I enjoyed the qualifying session," says Lewis Hamilton, who starts second."Tomorrow is going to be a special day. "When asked about how he will approach the first corner, he says: "Same as every time."

  21. Post update

    "It's only one step, a very small step," said Nico Rosberg, who starts on pole. "This weekend is about the championship, not about pole position. It would have been great if there was a Williams in between us, but that can always happen tomorrow."

  22. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "Williams could win this race. They are a serious team at this moment and this track is made for them."

  23. Post update

    "It was a messy lap from Lewis, which was not expected because he had a very good lap in the second qualifying session," says Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. "I won't tell them anything anymore, they are in their own little bubble and concentrating on the race. I think we should leave them in peace now to concentrate on tomorrow."

  24. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg stand side-by-side as they pose for the top-three photograph before heading to the official post-qualifying news conference.

  25. Post update


    Ferrari: Special guest in our garage Pharrell Williams

  26. Post update

    Mercedes-Benz have become the first engine supplier to take every pole in a season since Ford in 1969.

    Meanwhile, Mercedes have now locked out the front row at the last eight consecutive races. Nico Rosberg has been on the front row at the last 11 consecutive races.

  27. Get involved #bbcf1

    Amy Brown: Second's still good. We can do this tomorrow, Lewis Hamilton.

    Allie: Well I think we know by now Lewis never likes to make things easy for himself.

    Jordan Coyle: I'd take 2nd - so lucky to stay ahead of Bottas and Massa.

  28. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    "That validates the pole position trophy for Nico this year. He has retained his cool throughout the qualifying sessions. But Lewis just needs to follow him home as he can finish second and win the championship.

  29. Qualifying result

    1) Nico Rosberg 2) Lewis Hamilton 3) Valtteri Bottas 4) Felipe Massa 5) Daniel Ricciardo 6) Sebastian Vettel 7) Daniil Kvyat 8) Jenson Button 9) Kimi Raikkonen 10) Fernando Alonso

    11) Kevin Magnussen 12) Jean-Eric Vergne 13) Sergio Perez 14) Nico Hulkenberg 15) Adrian Sutil

    16) Romain Grosjean 17) Esteban Gutierrez 18) Pastor Maldonado 19) Kamui Kobayashi 20) Will Stevens

  30. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton made a couple of mistakes on that final lap and simply didn't have an answer to Nico Rosberg's pace.

  31. Pole position

    abu dhabi gp rosberg

    Nico Rosberg takes pole position for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

  32. Get involved #bbcf1

    Tabitha Teddy: Arrrrggghhhhh.....can't bear to watch!!!! *hides eyes with paws*

  33. Post update

    Nico Rosberg goes even quicker, beating his previous time by 0.217 seconds. Felipe Massa goes fourth, Lewis Hamilton has yet to cross the line.

  34. Chequered flag

    Valtteri Bottas goes third quickest, just 0.004 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton! Hamilton isn't going too quickly. He's had a really slow first sector.

  35. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton will be the last man to cross the line. So what have you got Lewis?

  36. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    "It's been a stroke of marketing genius with the double points because we've all been talking about it for a long time."

  37. Post update

    The drivers have dived into the pits for a fresh set of boots ahead of one final run. Oh, the tension.

    1) Ros 2) Ham 3) Mas 4) Bot 5) Ric 6) Vet 7) But 8) Alo 9) Kvy No time: Rai

  38. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    "We've seen this a few times this year when a big lap counts in qualifying for whatever reason Lewis has difficulties."

  39. Post update

    Nico Rosberg goes quickest with a stunning 1:40.697. Can Lewis Hamilton beat that? No! The Briton locks up in a big way as he brakes for the final corner and crosses the line three tenths off the pace. It's still good enough for second, one tenth clear of Felipe Massa in third.

    abu dhabi gp
  40. Post update

    Valtteri Bottas sets the early pace with a 1:41.321, but he's bumped down a place by Williams' team-mate Felipe Massa.

  41. Post update

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton reports that he's feeling vibrations in his current set of tyres. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel begins the first timed lap of the session.

  42. Get involved #bbcf1

    Linda Farouk: Qualifying is making me feel sick with nervous excitement

    Amy Brown: Now I'm nervous. Come on, Lewis. You can do it!

  43. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    "This really is the moment the drivers want, low fuel and the track as good as it's ever going to be."

  44. Post update

    Nico Rosberg is out on track, with Lewis Hamilton (pictured) not too far behind.

    abu dhabi gp
  45. Final qualifying starts

    The time has come. Let the battle for pole position begin!

  46. Post update

    Ex-f1 driver Mark Webber: "Nico has the toughest job. He needs to win and have a smooth day but if Nico has a technical problem, Lewis has the runs on the board."

  47. Post update

    Mercedes: That's Q2 complete with both drivers successfully through to the final shootout! Hold on tight people...

  48. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    There's a star-studded line-up in the Red Bull garage - and the drivers aren't even in there. Spice girl Geri Halliwell, who got engaged to Red Bull boss Christian Horner recently, is enjoying qualifying in the garage, along with Prince Harry.

  49. Get involved #bbcf1

    Jeremiah Kariuki: That a superb drive by the Williams. If they end up repeating the same in Q3, one of the Mercedes may have to start on row 2!

    PaulP1988: Who would have thought that the Mercedes would be split by both the Williams?! Hopefully the same in Q3

    Sean Adams: Magnussen qualifies outside the top 10 with Button through to Q3. Could be a significant development.

  50. Post update

    abu dhabi

    Ex-F1 driver Mark Webber: "I think Lewis has a small advantage, he's very strong on this track. Nico has nothing to lose, he just has to put together to have a chance. If it's a clean grand prix, it's Lewis Hamilton's title."

  51. IN

    1) Lewis Hamilton 2) Felipe Massa 3) Valtteri Bottas (pictured) 4) Nico Rosberg 5) Daniel Ricciardo 6) Jenson Button 7) Fernando Alonso 8) Daniil Kvyat 9) Sebastian Vettel 10) Kimi Raikkonen

    Valteri Bottas
  52. OUT

    11) Kevin Magnussen 12) Jean-Eric Vergne 13) Sergio Perez 14) Nico Hulkenberg 15) Adrian Sutil

  53. Chequered flag

    Lewis Hamilton finishes fastest in the second part of qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

  54. Post update

    Super lap from Felipe Massa who goes second, just 0.224 seconds off the pace set by Lewis Hamilton with Valtteri Bottas two tenths further back in third. Great pace from Williams here, but do Mercedes still have something in the bag for Q3?

  55. Post update

    Kevin Magnussen goes eighth, pushing Daniil Kvyat into the drop zone. However, the Dane is bumped down a place with his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button slotting into sixth.

  56. Team radio

    Jenson Button's race engineer: "We need to pit. Box this lap." Button replies: "Can I ask why?"

    His engineer replies: "Yes, we need to fuel the car." Button: "Are you serious?"

    The Englishman doesn't sound too happy with that...

  57. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    Kimi Raikkonen, Nico Hulkenberg, Adrian Sutil, Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button are currently in the drop zone. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg (pictured) are in the garage. Looks like they've done enough to progress.

  58. Post update

    Abu Dhabi

    Toro Rosso: Nightfall Q2

  59. Post update

    Super effort from Valtteri Bottas to go third quickest, just a fraction behind Nico Rosberg's Mercedes. McLaren's Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen have yet to set a lap time. Five minutes to go.

  60. Get involved #bbcf1

    Jeremiah Kariuki: It is definitely a 1-2 at for Mercedes on pole. But my tip for Lewis Hamilton to take the pole.

    Kurt: I think #Massa could be a dark horse during this session #Q2

  61. Post update

    Nico Rosberg gets back on it on the following lap but he can't get close to Lewis Hamilton. The German goes second 0.539 seconds off the pace.

  62. Post update

    Mercedes: How's this for insight. Chairman Niki [Lauda] just chatting to a team member to tell him how to improve the wave out of the garage! To signal when it's safe to head out!. Incredible attention to detail in all areas. Even at moments of the highest pressure!

  63. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton goes quickest with a 1:40.920, 0.655 seconds clear of Felipe Massa. Nico Rosberg has to abort his lap after running off track before rejoining.

  64. Post update

    Red Bull

    Red Bull: Into the Dusk. Sebastian and Daniel Ricciardo for Q2 in the Abu Dhabi twilight.

  65. Post update

    Felipe Massa sets the early pace with a 1:41.575, which is just slower than what he managed in Q1.

  66. Post update

    Everyone apart from McLaren's Jenson Button head out on track. Super-softs are the tyre of choice.

  67. Second qualifying starts

    Time for Q2. This session lasts 15 minutes and will see the five slowest drivers knocked out.

  68. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "I thought Will Stevens did an amazing job, bearing in mind he hasn't had a lot of driving this year."

    Stevens, making his F1 debut this weekend, qualified 20th, 0.555 seconds slower than experienced Caterham team-mate Kamui Kobayashi.

  69. IN

    1) Lewis Hamilton 2) Nico Rosberg 3) Felipe Massa 4) Kevin Magnussen 5) Jenson Button 6) Daniel Ricciardo 7) Daniil Kvyat

    8) Valtteri Bottas 9) Jean-Eric Vergne 10) Kimi Raikkonen 11) Nico Hulkenberg 12) Fernando Alonso 13) Sebastian Vettel 14) Sergio Perez 15) Adrian Sutil

  70. OUT

    16) Romain Grosjean 17) Esteban Gutierrez 18) Pastor Maldonado 19) Kamui Kobayashi 20) Will Stevens

  71. Get involved #bbcf1

    Gareth Dallison: So Lewis Hamilton locks up a couple of times and he's still fastest in this Q1. That is some driving.

    I'm Arnie Keena: Come on Rosberg PUT YA FOOT DOWN

    Mighty Joe: Surprise pole and win for Maldonado?

  72. Post update

    Felipe Massa set the fastest first and second sectors of all, but he lost half a second to the Mercedes in the final sector to slot into third.

  73. First qualifying ends

    abu dhabi gp

    Lewis Hamilton finishes fastest in the first part of qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

  74. Chequered flag

    The chequered flag is out, but anyone who is on a timed lap can complete it.

  75. Post update

    With one minute to go, Pastor Maldonado, Esteban Gutierrez, Adrian Sutil, Kamui Kobayashi and Will Stevens are in the drop zone.

  76. Post update

    Jenson Button hauls himself out of the drop zone, going third quickest, but he drops a place to fourth after his McLaren team-mate Kevin Magnussen slots into third. Just 0.033 seconds separate the duo.

  77. Post update

    Good effort from Kimi Raikkonen, who slots into fifth, just a tenth slower than the Williams of Valtteri Bottas. It's less successful for Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso who can only manage 11th, three tenths further back.

  78. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    Jenson Button (pictured), Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Kamui Kobayashi and Will Stevens are in the drop zone with three minutes to go.

  79. Post update

    Force India

    Force India: This is not Grumpy Corner - our crew are concentrating on the timing screens!

  80. Post update

    Sebastian Vettel goes fourth quickest, 1.2 seconds off the pace but he's knocked down a place as his Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo slots into third.

  81. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    Fernando Alonso has been on the team radio complaining about Daniil Kvyat. The Spaniard is currently 14th quickest in his Ferrari.

  82. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have returned to the pits, while Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo head out for their first timed laps.

  83. Get involved #bbcf1

    Lobster Lunch: Is Lewis Hamilton playing games? I'm surprised he locked up as much as he did.

  84. Post update

    Both Red Bulls - Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo - and both Toro Rossos - Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo - have yet to set a timed lap.

  85. Post update

    So here's how the top 10 stand with 10 minutes to go.

    1) Hamilton 2) Rosberg 3) Bottas 4) Hulkenberg 5) Massa 6) Vergne 7) Grosjean 8) Magnussen 9) Button 10) Maldonado

  86. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    "Hamilton certainly lost time at 14 as far as I'm concerned and he's run wide as well so that's two mistakes on this lap. That didn't look as comfortable as we're used to seeing from Lewis Hamilton."

  87. Post update

    Nico Rosberg goes quickest with a 1:41.308, one second clear of Valtteri Bottas. But Lewis Hamilton sneaks ahead by a tenth, even though he twice locked up on that scruffy lap.

  88. Post update

    Sergio Perez sets the first timed lap, a 1:43.856 with Will Stevens slotting into second. Both those laps are on the soft tyres. Interestingly, both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are on the super-softs.

  89. Get involved #bbcf1

    Lily Moyes; Ok Lewis Hamilton can we do this the easy way please. Nice straight forward pole. No dramas today. My nerves are wrecked.

    Nicholas Liddle: Come on Nico Rosberg get that pole position lad.

  90. Post update

    Nico Rosberg heads out, along with Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. Lewis Hamilton stays put for now.

  91. Post update

    Britain's Will Stevens is the first man out in the Caterham, followed by Force India's Sergio Perez.

  92. First qualifying starts

    The green light comes on at the end of the pit-lane and we're under way in the final qualifying session of the season.

  93. Post update

    Final preparations are taking place in the garages, with most drivers buckled into their cars. The floodlights have flickered on as darkness starts to fall. Three minutes and counting.

  94. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton heads out of the Mercedes motorhome bound for the garage, head down and sunglasses on as photographers swamp him. Seven minutes to go.

  95. Vote result

    A huge 54.8% of you voted Lewis Hamilton's dramatic title win in the rain a the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix as F1's greatest title-deciding race. Full results can be found on the top-right side of the page. As ever, thanks for voting, folks.

  96. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "I think it's hugely important to take pole position. I think Rosberg is going to take pole and I think he will go on to win the race but that is not going to be enough for him."

  97. Post update


    Mercedes: One last polish! Get those Silver Arrows looking tip top for the first day of this epic weekend.

  98. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Abu Dhabi

    "The sun is going down in Abu Dhabi, the music is blaring from the boats in the harbour in front of the Yas hotel and the atmosphere is building ahead of a critical qualifying session at this decisive race. There are lots of rumours flying around on this very intense weekend, but chats in the paddock are generally focusing on two main topics: the great battle between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg - of which we are about to see the penultimate chapter this year - and the McLaren driver line-up.

    "Fernando Alonso will be at the team next year but will it be Jenson Button or Kevin Magnussen alongside him? Chairman Ron Dennis says he does not know yet and wants to see how this weekend goes, which seems bizarre after 18 races, but does appear to be the real situation, although I understand Magnussen is still the most likely choice at this stage."

  99. Post update

    Ferrari have replaced Fernando Alonso's power unit in time for qualifying, reports BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Tom Clarkson. He won't get a penalty, because it's part of his allocation of five engines per season.

  100. Post update

    Sebastian Vettel

    Red Bull: For the final race of 2014, check out Daniel Ricciardo's lid design for the weekend.

    Red Bull

    And here's Sebastian Vettel's blue-silver helmet design for his final race with the team, featuring the word 'danke' [thank you] ahead of his move to Ferrari.

  101. Get involved #bbcf1

    Lisa Preece: Getting emotional about F1 already and it's only the quali pre-show!

  102. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Kevin is a young man making his way but that's a great reminder of what Jenson has achieved. He is the lead point-scorer at McLaren. Three into two doesn't go. Fernando Alonso is obviously their primary choice. You could imagine a scenario where they keep Jenson for a year with Kevin on side-lines as a reserve where he can learn from Fernando."

  103. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    button career

    "I don't know what is going on at McLaren. I don't know where there head is. They're not thinking straight. Just look at what Jenson is able to do. What he brings to the team. Jenson Button has to be in this car [next year]."

  104. Text us on 81111

    John from Dorest: I'm suspecting Honda want Button and Dennis is playing hardball with them. You want him, I can't afford him and Alonso - you pay his salary.

    Steve, 15 miles from Woking: McLaren without Button would make it easy for British supporters to fully switch to Mercedes. Maybe McLaren must hope F1 is popular in Denmark.

  105. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    Jenson Button says that when he made his debut in 2000 with Williams, team boss Sir Frank Williams just told him to go out there and have fun. "He said it didn't matter if I made mistakes because I was young and learning," added the Briton.

  106. Post update

    We've got 24 minutes to go until qualifying starts, with David Coulthard now taking Jenson Button through the key moments of his 15-year career in Formula 1. The Briton has yet to seal a deal for next season and with Fernando Alonso expected to join McLaren next season, it's a fight between him and Kevin Magnussen to get the final seat.

  107. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator in Abu Dhabi

    David Coulthard

    "Great commentary view for the Desert Duel."

  108. Get involved #bbcf1

    Elamaran: Still believe Nico Rosberg will win title. I am sticking to what I said in the begin of year.

    Simon Gibson: Been a great season, Lewis Hamilton in with a shout at the title, a resurgent Williams and Vettel trounced by Ricciardo.

  109. Post update

    "I am a hopeful person and I think as long as you try hard enough your work will pay off in the end," says Marussia driver Max Chilton, who hasn't given up hope of Marussia returning to the sport next season.

    "It is definitely not over. It is difficult but it depends on our standings. If we finish ninth it makes it more approachable for investors [because of the amount of prize money the team could recieve] but if we drop to 11th it makes it more difficult. If we had extra funding we would start mixing with the midfield."

  110. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    As a motor racing enthusiast I want to see the small teams here. I want to see what they can do to pull themselves up to the main body of motor racing teams.

  111. Post update

    Caterham have managed to raise enough money to get themselves to Abu Dhabi, having missed races in Austin and Sao Paulo, but there's not such good news for Marussia - who failed in a last ditch attempt to race this weekend.

  112. Celeb spot!


    Here's your first celebrity spot of the weekend, with Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez posing for a photo in the Ferrari garage ahead of qualifying.

  113. Get involved #bbcf1

    abu dhabi gp

    President Dave: David Coulthard's trousers are inspired! They've just brightened up my day :)

  114. Post update

    abu dhabi gp

    David Coulthard had the chance to drive the 1982 Williams team, which Keke Rosberg drove to the world title and then compare it to this year's Williams at Silverstone.

    "The amount of torque is like nothing I've experienced before," after driving the 2014 machine. "I was meant to be giving commentary when I was out on track, but I was so impressed by the performance, I forgot to talk."

  115. Vote

    It's time for you to have your say. What's your greatest title-deciding race?

    We know there have been 27 title deciders in total, but we've narrowed it down to five for you to choose from.

    Simply click your choice in the tab at the top of the page and you're done and dusted.

    If you want to expand on your why you chose it, let us know using the #bbcf1 hashtag, text 81111 (UK only) or leave a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    We'll publish the result of the vote later in this live text.

  116. Post update

    ron dennis

    Earlier, McLaren chief Ron Dennis gave a classic interview about their driver line-up for next year (which has yet to be announced, although Fernando Alonso is expected to drive for them) where he gives the world's longest answer without actually saying anything.

    "I do have a heart and it doesn't give me any pleasure at at all to stress out any driver, and certainly not our current drivers but the music hasn't stopped," he tells BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Tom Clarkson. "What I mean by that is a range of things could happen tomorrow that certainly influence the decision that have to be take.

    "I believe irrespective of what my singular ability is to decide, it would be foolish not to carry the sport of the board and I think that's best achieved by a clinical and emotional free analysis of where we are and what your options are. And whatever they are today, I am convinced those options may increase and certainly we will have more data on Monday.

    "Our driver contracts are not executed for next year, but they last until the end of this year, so the only pressure we have that coming from the fans and the media. We care about both, but they will be the first to criticise if we don't take the right decision. At the moment, we have choices, and now is not the time to make that choice."

    OK. Thanks Ron. That clears that up, then.

  117. Get involved #bbcf1

    Fea Palmer: Last quali of the year... Go Lewis!!!!

    James Weir: I have a strong feeling tomorrow's Abu Dhabi will be Jenson Button's last #F1 race....Which is actually really sad! Let's hope not!

  118. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator