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Live Reporting

Tom Mallows, Jess Anderson and Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

  1. Post update

    Right, I think now is as good a time as any to wrap things up.

    It is almost here, Liverpool fans. One more sleep until Champions League final day.

    Rest well and we'll see you for build up to the game tomorrow. Bye!

  2. Open training under way

  3. Post update

    The good news for Liverpool fans out of that press conference...

    Fabinho and Thiago train before Champions League final
  4. 'We are not here by surprise'

    Jurgen Klopp asked if Liverpool need to make a surprise in their style or line up to beat Real Madrid: "If I do something surprising for my players then they could think I am nervous. I believe when you do the right stuff all the time, it's the right thing for the final too. But it has to be the highest level.

    "We are not here by surprise. We have deserved it as well. We are a really uncomfortable opponent and that is what we have to be."

  5. Post update

    Jurgen Klopp on whether the final could decide the winner of the Ballon d'Or:

    "When you think about how these type of competitions are decided the answer is probably yes. You are either Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or you won the Champions League final. That is the way it goes. That's how it was in the last few years. It will increase the chances definitely."

  6. 'You have to learn to win'

    Jurgen Klopp is asked about the 2018 final, which Liverpool lost to Real Madrid: "We delivered that night and circumstances hit us.

    "We couldn't react and arrived on three wheels. Key players came back from injured. Mo got injured. Our goalie had a concussion.

    "Things happened. You have to learn to win."

    And on the growth of his squad since then: "The boys developed in the last few years enormously. We are part of a massive club.

    "The boys are exactly the right players for this club. People saw that different when I arrived.

    "'2018 was important but 2019 was more important."

  7. Post update

    Jurgen Klopp on who is the favourite in the Champions League final:

    "I don't know - I don't have an easy answer. If you look at the history of the clubs and the way Real Madrid celebrate those comebacks then I would say it's them because of the experience. I want us to be on the same level in these kind of things. I want us to be completely ourselves in this game - if we are on the top of our game we are difficult to play.

    "My main concern is for us to be ourselves and be confident - I don't know who is the favourite and I don't really care."

    On Sadio Mane:

    "This is the wrong moment to speak about Sadio - wherever he plays next season he will be a big player, definitely."

  8. Mane move on the agenda

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer in Paris

    Liverpool manager Jurtgen Klopp fielding questions about speculation surrounding Sadio Mane and Bayern Munich in a very relaxed manner.

    Clearly not interested in fuelling talk and rounds it all off by saying: "Wherever Sadio plays next season he will be a big player. No doubt."

  9. Post update

    More from Jurgen Klopp about the pitch: "Real Madrid will train after us. You will hear the same from Carlo Ancelotti.

    "If you win you don't care about the pitch. I have no idea how bad or good it is. The referee's trained on it and I saw the ball bouncing and that is good news.

    "We will go on it and maybe it is fine. I hope no-one makes a story I am moaning about the pitch because I am not."

  10. 'I couldn't care less about Bayern and Mane rumours'

    More from Jurgen Klopp on Sadio Mane:

    "Sadio is in the shape of his life - he's in brilliant shape, a joy to watch him in training and in the game. Football has asked him a lot this year, a long season with a lot of games but one of the most successful for him and for us.

    "The Bayern rumours I couldn't care less at the moment - we are completely focussed on this game he knows how important it is to him and to us. It's not the first time in my career that Bayern rumours are coming up before big games. No problems at all, though."

    Klopp on Naby Keita: "It's important for me that we can train and play consistently - he is at the perfect age with more experience and at first as soon as Naby adapted to my style he got injured. But he is now in the shape of his life too, he had a really good season for us, an incredibly important player for us."

  11. Paris pitch a real talking point

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer in Paris

    No surprise that Jurgen Klopp is getting plenty of questions about the new pitch at Stade de France. Liverpool's manager is clearly surprised at the situation but is at pains not to complain while stressing it is exactly the same for his side and Real Madrid.

  12. 'Both teams have the same circumstances'

    Jurgen Klopp on the Stade de France pitch: "Usually when the pitch looks new, it's good news.

    "This is new since yesterday. Not the best news but we will do a normal session as planned.

    "I saw the referees with their session. The ball drops normal.

    "Somebody thought it would be a good idea to bring a new pitch the day before the game.

    "It's an interesting idea but didn't kill my mood. Both teams have the same circumstances so I'm fine with it."

  13. Champions League loss in 2018 'not the only motivation' for winning

    Jurgen Klopp on Mo Salah getting revenge for the 2018 final:

    "We don't have to worry about it taking over too much - it's completely normal. We all lost that day but he did get injured very early in the game - he's in very good shape but he was then in good shape too. It's a normal feeling we all get and everyone is motivated by different things - I have 26 players here who are all motivated by different things and that's completely fine. I have no problem with that.

    "The only issue is if that is the only motivation but that is not the case in most cases - it's normal that Mo wants to put things right. We didn't forget what happened that time but it's a while ago and we have so many reasons that we should give our absolute everything tomorrow night. That might be one reason but it's not the only one."

  14. Post update

    More from Klopp on how it would feel if Liverpool win this final compared to 2019: "I have no idea how it will be if we win it. You will have to ask me that question after the game.

    "Real Madrid are the most decorated club in the Champions League, some players can win it five times, the manager can win four times, we cannot get this experience overnight.

    "We're experienced too, third final in five years. That's special."

  15. 'Thiago and Fabinho both look good'

    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp addresses the media:

    "Mood is very good, very excited about being here. Getting a feeling for the stadium and the location.

    "It looks good for both Thiago and Fabinho. Fabinho has trained normal, Thiago trained with the team yesterday and will train today and then we'll go from there."

  16. Post update

    The players are done and now here's Jurgen Klopp.

  17. 'We've got a gameplan to deal with their threats'

    Trent Alexander-Arnold is asked about Vinicius Jr: "The whole occasion I am looking forward to and against Real Madrid you expect world-class players.

    "There will be battles all over the pitch but we've got a gameplan how to deal with their threats.

    "Vini is outstanding. He's shown that this year but we understand our job."

  18. Post update

    More from Andy Robertson, this time about Real Madrid themselves: "Real Madrid have had a more relaxed preparation. They wrapped up their league three weeks ago and have not played at the highest tempo since maybe."