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Live Reporting

Phil Dawkes

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all folks

    That's it from me for this evening. You can follow more reaction to this game on the site over the next hour.

    It's been emotional.

  2. 'The story changes with every result'

    FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    More from Burnley manager Sean Dyche, this time speaking to 5 Live Sport: "It was a real shift from the players. A tremendous amount of effort has to go into these performances when you play at grounds like this.

    "They had chances but they were not golden ones. Other than Origi's chance and Nick Pope saving to his left, not loads of chances and that was pleasing in itself but to nick a goal - and a penalty as well, we don't get many of those!

    "It's almost an impossibility you can have that few penalties, so I was pleased with that. It was a penalty in my opinion, I've seen it back. Barnes has handled it well because it's a nervous moment.

    "The madness of the story of the Premier League is we have just lost two games, even with good performances, and all of a sudden that story is massively different. That is the complexities of being in the Premier League. The story changes with every result.

    "If we would've lost tonight then everyone would've said 'oooh, there's a wobble at Burnley'. I'm used to it and don't really listen to the noise around us.

    "I don't think there's a major wobble at Liverpool! They have had a few sticky results but that can happen, even to the best teams."

  3. 'It is my fault'

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, speaking to Sky Sports: "We lost the game which is pretty impossible but we did it. That is my fault. It is my job to make sure the boys have the right feelings and confidence. That didn't work out. We had the ball a lot and created some situations that are OK but our final decision is not right. I said the same thing last week. When something doesn't work you must try harder, longer and more often and make better decisions. It didn't work tonight.

    "It is always my fault. If I make clear which movement s make sense because it will hurt the opponent and we don't do that then I need to make it clearer. It is not that they don't want. It is difficult to play against these low blocks. It helps if you score the first goal but we didn't. That changes the opponent. After not scoring for a long time not everybody feels confident.

    "I never thought of us as free scoring. I knew we had to work hard. It is not the first time or last time it will happen in football. We can only use this game for the next one. It is not because the players do not have the ability Our decision making is the problem. If we score in our big moments it changes things but we did not."

  4. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    So then...

    • This was Liverpool’s first defeat in 69 Premier League games at Anfield (W55 D13) since losing 1-2 to Crystal Palace in April 2017, three years and 273 days ago. It was the second-longest unbeaten home run in English top-flight history, after Chelsea’s 86 games ending in October 2008.
    • The Reds have gone four league games without scoring for the first time since May 2000. Indeed, the Reds have had a total of 87 shots since Sadio Mané's 12th minute strike against West Brom, 25 days ago.
    • This is the first time a Jürgen Klopp side has gone four league games without scoring since his Mainz side did so in the Bundesliga from November to December 2006.
  5. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    Steve Crossman

    BBC Radio 5 live on BBC Radio 5 Live

    Burnley, who were the only team that left Anfield with a point last season, become the first to take all three points in 1,370 days!

  6. Champion Kryptonite

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    This was Burnley’s second Premier League win away against the reigning champions (also v Chelsea in August 2017). Indeed, since the 2017-18 season, Burnley are the only side with two away league wins over the reigning English champions.

  7. 'A massive punch in the face'

    FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp speaking to Match of the Day: "Everything, all the English words, massive, massive punch in the face or whatever, it's my responsibility, that's the easy explanation. We had the ball a lot, created some and didn't finish the situations off. That keeps the game open and then they get the penalty - Alisson told me he didn't touch him, but I didn't see it back.

    "It's wrong decisions in the moment, three crosses in the box, we tried to find a player, didn't, it's my job to make sure the boys are in the right position, that they feel right.

    "It's a tough one, not easy to explain, These boys are not the kind of person after a 7-0 to think we'll go like this, they worked tonight hard and it didn't happen, if something doesn't work you have to try harder, more often, longer. It was not easy to lose that game and we did it.

    "It's not about blaming, we have to sort it together and we will. In football you don't have a lot of time. We tried a lot, in some moments the right things and some not. That's the problem You have to break the wall down by trying, in the right mood. We had chances.

    "We can't imagine the title race at the moment."

  8. 'The players are enjoying the moment'

    FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    Burnley boss Sean Dyche on Match of the Day: "Performance, we had to work very hard, as you do in these places, be diligent and do your jobs - shape was good, energy was good.

    "We had a golden chance, kept searching, but you have to deal with the basics and we did that very well.

    "We were close last year, you get a feel of a performance and I said 'you are used to playing against these players, working without the ball, there's always a chance and you have to take it'. Barnsey sticks it in there, gets a toe, it's a penalty and he sticks it away very well.

    "The physicality of the game I am confused about, I don't know what's a foul anymore. One with James Tarkowski in the corner, it's impossible it's not a foul, yet they get a free-kick 30 seconds later to (potentially) score a goal.

    "The game isn't about that - it is about my players getting a result at Anfield. It means nothing if you don't get the result at the end of the season - the players are enjoying the moment, as they should do!"

  9. Get Involved

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    Nick, Kent: Let's give some credit to Dyche and Burnley here. A monumental disparity in terms of resources! Great performance and result. Congratulations from a neutral.

    George Arthur: Perhaps tonight will be the wake-up call this Liverpool team needs. They were outfought by Burnley tonight, simple as that. Liverpool have been flagging for weeks now It's time they reset and got back to basics. Tonight they were awful, Burnley excellent.

  10. 'We don't lack belief'

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    Burnley boss Sean Dyche, speaking to Sky Sports: "We did the basics very well. Diligence to see jobs off. Popey has still had to make good saves. I always believed in the side to find a moment. We had a few. Barnesy got the penalty and slotted it away well.

    "There is a way a game works out and you can see the patterns sometimes. You just worry a block lands to their players, it didn't feel like that game. They were probing but our shape and diligence was excellent. The will of the keeper and defenders to keep a clean sheet. And the strikers too. You defend from the front.

    We don't lack belief. We lack a bit of talent sometimes but not belief. When we get it right as a structure and a unit, doing the basics, it keeps you in a game and then you have to find a way to win it.

    "We were close to winning here last season. It doesn't mean we will win tonight. But we took on a game plan the best way we could."

    On his row with Klopp: "It was nothing out the ordinary - just two managers fighting to win a game."

  11. 'Someting missing from Liverpool'

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    Mark Lawrenson

    BBC football expert on BBC Radio 5 Live


    Liverpool aren't playing particularly well. We said about the final ball wasn't good enough. The crossing from the right, certainly, was poor and everyone seemed to have that extra touch because you're trying to score out of nothing, basically.

    The problem for Liverpool is they are not creating enough clear cut chances. Why? I honestly don't know! But sometimes teams go through this run where things don't happen for them and in the past, a Salah, Firmino or Mane would come up with a brilliant goal that changes the game - it just wasn't to be tonight.

    Jurgen Klopp and his coaches will know there is something missing from this team at the moment.

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    Simon Hinton: Pathetic performance. No creativity, front 3 look lost of ideas, Trent looks completely disinterested. The fact Origi is still the backup striker says a lot. Deserved to lose.

    DJ Williams: Sorry but someone has to say it. Klopp needs to be held accountable for these performances and not strengthening the first 11.

    RSm: Liverpool had 25 shots vs. 5 from Burnley. What is going on with Liverpool?? Dreadful crossing and finishing.

  13. 'What a shift from the lads'

    FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    Burnley goalscorer Ashley Barnes on Sky Sports: "What a shift from the lads, great team performance and luckily enough we have come away with three points - we believe going into every game, we stayed resilient and in our shape and it paid off.

    "We knew if we kept believing we would get something. We knew we were growing into the game, we knew they would come out with momentum and try to play fast, but managed to stick to our jobs.

    "I knew there was one thing, to hit the back of the net and I done that. It's a great achievement from the team that were out there today."

  14. 'We were not sharp enough'

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley


    Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, speaking to Sky Sports: "A really tough one. Before the game we had good intentions to play against Burnley. We wanted to play good possession paly. We created enough to score a goal but unfortunately we couldn't. We were not sharp enough and they got the penalty.

    "We had 100% chances. Now in the situation we are in we are struggling to score. It is difficult to explain. People from outside will say we don't have confidence. I still think we do. You shoot against the keeper and a lot of chances we get we are not 100% greedy to score a goal. We have to keep on going.

    "We have to not think a bout a tricky moment but perform. The next game is Manchester United and we have to try and win it."

  15. 'Credit to Burnley tonight'

    FT: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    Mark Lawrenson

    BBC football expert on BBC Radio 5 Live

    Let's give credit where credit is due because Burnley have been extremely well organised, they have been outstanding defensively and Nick Pope was excellent.

    Liverpool didn't really create that many chances - apart from the golden ticket chance in the first half for Origi. There are too many occasions for Liverpool tonight where they had an extra touch, their crossing into the box wasn't particularly good, the passing generally wasn't good.

    This is an accumulation of performances where they have just not quite been at it. There's only one way fort hem to get out of this and that's to work even harder.

  16. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK Only)

    Gareth Thomas: all teams have bad periods at some point, look at Man City last season. But they came back strong in the end. Liverpool will overcome this.

    grb: Thiago - great technician, not at the Premier League tempo. Slows the attacks down, easy to defend against. Liverpool missing Henderson - inappropriately wasted in defence recently.

    James Hammond: Burnley have been a tricky tie for us every single time for years now. You'd think we'd have figured out a way to break them down by now...

  17. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    It feels like it has been a big round of fixtures at the top of the Premier League. Granted, at this stage, with so many games still to go, so much can still happen.

    But Leicester's big win and Manchester's City and United getting the job as Liverpool stutter again starts to paint a picture.


    Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

    Burnley have done what no side has managed since Crystal Palace in April 2017. They have beaten Liverpool in the league at Anfield. The Reds' 68-game unbeaten run ends.

    Take a great big bow Clarets. A huge, big, bold bow.