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Live Reporting

Emlyn Begley and Tom Rostance

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  1. Good night

    Annndddd - we end another night chewing on some VAR chat.

    Pros and cons, for or against, nonsense or gospel - it's here to stay for now.

    See you all tomorrow for some Champions League gold? Yes please.

  2. Late flags 'ruining the game'

    FT: West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    West Ham United

    West Ham boss David Moyes, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live: "Villa have beaten Liverpool and Arsenal and they were excellent again tonight so I'm really pleased we picked up three points.

    "I had my head in my hands for a long time in the game. I don't think we played well. It was not the level I was expecting from us. Can I put my finger on it? Aston Villa played well. I do take a bit from it in terms of we were resilient and stuck at it.

    "We made sure we were not going to buckle and got a bit fortunate with some of the decisions in the end possibly.

    "We've not had a penalty kick this season and we're sitting high up the table. Everybody else seems to be getting them but we're not.

    "I don't mind the lines [when looking at an offside]. I think the late flag we are seeing when the official knows it's an offside decision, I think that is ruining the game completely. For me that is as bad a rule as any of the others."

  3. 'I don't know why it took so long'

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    West Ham United

    West Ham boss David Moyes to Sky Sports: "Not very good [performance]. We were playing against a very good Aston Villa team. We showed some resilience.

    "I didn't enjoy our performance in the first half. We made a change and it paid off. We didn't do well enough after that.

    "I don't want us to play badly. I want us to play well.

    "Declan Rice does tug his jersey [for Villa's penalty]. Would that tug have made the player go down the way he did? I'd like referees to toughen up a bit and not give every decision."

    On Villa's disallowed goal: "We want them to get it right but we want it a bit quicker. I don't know why it took so long. I had one quick glance and it looked offside."

  4. 'Villa played well and we didn't'

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    West Ham United

    West Ham manager David Moyes speaking to BBC Sport: "Big smile. It was a really difficult game for us and thankfully we got three points after the many different incidents.

    "We got there in the end. Aston Villa played well tonight and we didn't play well tonight. They've beaten Liverpool and Arsenal and so for us to beat them and get a couple of goals, it's not easy.

    "It's great getting off to the [good] start in the first half. I needed us to take control after that but Aston Villa did that. I made changes at half-time, we started quite well and got the goal but Aston Villa picked it up again and in the end we were hanging in."

    On Said Benrahma's performance: "He's come on in a few games and had assists in them. I want him to get used to the Premier League, the speed and power of it. We're still building him up to the condition to be ready."

    On VAR ruling out Ollie Watkins' late equaliser: "We got fortunate that in some way it was offside. I'm disappointed because I think we can and have played much better. I'm setting the standards high but I'm taking tonight's result. We've been excellent [recently], the teams we've played, after 10 games it starts to give a truer reflection so I'll be delighted if we can continue this form throughout the season."

    On the fans returning to the stadium, he added: "Really looking forward to it. I feel good that they are coming back when we're in a good place and they can come and see a good team."

  5. 'He either scores or it's a penalty'

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    Aston Villa

    Aston Villa boss Dean Smith to Sky Sports: "I'm disappointed with the result, but really pleased with the performance. Two lapses in concentration have cost us two goals. On another day that doesn't happen.

    "After their second goal it was one-way traffic. We've missed a penalty and had a goal disallowed for a part of the body that can't put the ball in the net.

    "We've had enough chances to score more than two goals and win the game. We were great. That's why it hurts so much.

    "The only reason Ollie Watkins' arm is out there is because he's fouled. He either scores or it's a penalty. I'm OK if it's a red line and he's offside. But if his arm is there because he's geting fouled, that's a penalty.

    "I won't go home thinking about VAR. It frustrates everyone. There's no point getting worked up about it.

    "One of their members of staff called Jack Grealish a diver and a cheat. I wouldn't say anything about opposition players. I spoke to David [Moyes] and he said he'd deal with it."

  6. Post update

    Just to clarify that - the argument is that Ollie Watkins was flagged offside because his arm was in front of him. There is an argument to be had that his arm was only up there because he was being fouled by a defender and was trying to shrug him off.

  7. 'You can't put it in with your arm'

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    Aston Villa

    Ollie Wtakins

    Aston Villa manager Dean Smith speaking to BBC Sport: "It hurts because I thought we were better than them all game. Two lapses of concentration have cost us two goals but we had enough chances to score more than two."

    On Ollie Watkins' disallowed goal: "I still don't understand that disallowed goal, you can't put it in with your arm but they know the laws better than me. If it's offside I'm OK with that but then it's a penalty. The only reason he's going to be offside is because he's getting fouled, so it's a penalty.

    "We know they were good from set pieces so it was a bad start but I thought we reacted really well and the fact they changed it at half-time told you we'd got going. We had to keep Said Benrahma on his outside but we allowed the cross.

    "I'm not worrying [about results] at all. After Leeds I was worried because we didn't play very well but we've done more than enough to win games. The performance levels have been really good. You look at tonight's game and our expected goals would be a runaway. We've had poor decisions against us but that happens."

    On disagreement on the benches: "Somebody was calling Jack [Grealish] a diver and a cheat. I don't speak about opposition players and so I don't like opposition staff members speaking about my players."

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    Anthony Vaughan: is it just me that thinks there's a simple solution to the current rubbish offside rule? Instead of some of you being offside, all of you has to be.

    Matt Haslett: It’s not VAR’s fault it’s the offside rule. Just go by the boot alone, I can’t really see a hand or shirt really giving a striker an advantage. Would make it easier to assess all round. We want goals not offside.

    Lewis Starks: Tweak the rules not the system. VAR has proved it works - the biggest issues are time and the system being implemented with bogus rules. Sort the rules - both of the above issues will disappear

  9. Post update

    A tweak to the rules of offside and handball or to VAR?

  10. 'The longer it takes, it feels the decision will go the other way'

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    West Ham United

    West Ham midfielder Declan Rice to Sky Sports: "Luckily he's offside. Small margins. To come away with three points, we've got to be happy.

    "I think all the players were discussing this on the pitch. The longer it takes, it feels the decision will go the other way. If it's made quickly then it's a goal. We knew it was going to be offside.

    "I'd be gutted [if that happened to Villa]. We had it last year at Sheffield United when I parried the ball with my arm.

    "The lads are laid back about it. Some weeks we get decisions, some weeks we don't. There need to be tweaks. There needs to be a change but I don't think they'll change it mid-season."

  11. Post update

    I would tell you what Declan Rice thought of that game but to go with a knackered laptop we've now got a feed without any audio. Apologies.

    Someone is getting it down I think.

  12. Post update

    Thicker lines! Problem solved.

  13. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    Ben Peterson: I understand that the Dutch Eredivisie now allows a margin of error by drawing the lines thicker and if they touch it just goes with the linesman. That seems sensible?

    Dan_does_stuff: Pretty sure VAR has ruled that goal out because Villa have a longer style of sleeve on their shirt. Compare Nobel and AEG... way more of Nobel’s skin showing

    Hamish Williams: What VAR needs on offsides is an umpire's (linesperson's) call - like in cricket. The linesman/woman makes a call on offside or not and VAR has 30-60 seconds to overturn it if it's clearly wrong. If it's close, stick with the on-field call

  14. Get Involved

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    SMS Message: Well said Matt Upson, [21:56]. Too many borderline decisions are ruining the game. Wasn't there a time when the benefit of any real doubt was always with the striker? Makes sense to me. from Dave in Dunblane
    Dave in Dunblane
    SMS Message: It took 2 and a half minutes to rule against the on field decision. Football is turning into a joke. from Paul
    SMS Message: Show me a time when someone scores with their shirt sleeve. The handball law changes affecting the offside law is ridiculous. Should just go with head or feet from Blake in Solihull
    Blake in Solihull
  15. As it stands

    The top six you expected after 10 games?

  16. 'Villa deserved to take something away'

    FT: West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    Matt Upson

    Former England and West Ham defender on BBC Radio 5 Live

    Well I can only look at the reaction of the West Ham players when that whistle went, they were celebrating. They know what this means to them and their position in this league. As a reward for the hard work and the endeavour that they've shown and hats off to them. Villa played extremely well here and deserved to take something away.

    West Ham have this knack of winning matches at the moment, and they're doing it in their style and you have to respect it. Even though it might not be the most entertaining thing you've watched but they're winning games and that's the important thing for this football club.

  17. Post update

    It's not fit for purpose is it, the offside law now?

    In 1876 they brought it in to stop some guy playing up front for the Royal Engineers from goalhanging, now we're drawing lines on Ollie Watkins' toenails.

    Got to go.

  18. 'The offside rule is taking away far more than what it gives'

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    Matt Upson

    Former England and West Ham defender on BBC Radio 5 Live

    My problem with this is that the offside rule is taking away far more than what it gives. I think everyone would be in agreement with that and when you analyse it that way you think well let's change it then - so let's just put a buffer in there, a margin of error, because all these incidents, players can't gauge that detail in real time with their eye-sight - it's impossible.


    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    West Ham go fifth. And Villa will wonder how.

    The visitors missed a penalty and had a stoppage-time equaliser chalked off.

  20. Post update

    West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

    Still Villa come at West Ham...