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  1. Goodnight

    What a game in the end!

    And it makes life very interesting once more at the top of the table. See you Friday night for some FA Cup gold?

  2. 'Three teams in the title race'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Chris Waddle

    Ex-Spurs and England winger on BBC Radio 5 live


    I would put Spurs in the mix - the Champions League might play a big part and the Wolves defeat was one of those games - it can happen, but everybody thinks that's them done and why? They went to Cardiff and looked fresh, so why write them off?

    They have got Manchester United, Liverpool and City coming up.

    If they go and get a result, what do people say then? You do not know what is going to happen. At the minute you would say City and Liverpool are slightly ahead, but you don't know what is going to happen.

    There are three teams in it, for me.

  3. 'Not a massive thing'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool


    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp to BBC Sport: "A very, very intense game. Difficult for both sides. City hit the post and it goes in, we hit the post and it only nearly goes in. That's how it is.

    "It's not easy to take but it is normal. We had chances, they had their moments. Two teams had to fight like crazy to stay in the game. I liked a lot of our game, both sides could play better but we didn't let each other. That's tactical football.

    "We lost, it doesn't feel really good but it is not a massive thing, this is our most difficult game of the season."

  4. Post update

    Leave a tenner on the gate on your way out Michael...

  5. 'Liverpool could have been braver'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Michael Brown

    Former Man City midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    Liverpool competed and maybe could have been a bit braver, but it was an entertaining game. The quality was down but I would certainly want to pay to see that game.

  6. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or 81111 on text (UK only)

    SMS Message: City are a big game team but are tripping up against teams outside the top 6. Liverpool's consistency will make them champions. They'd need to collapse for Spurs to have a chance. from Jim, E.Yorks.
    Jim, E.Yorks.
    SMS Message: Massive decision for the Kompany tackle, definitely a red card the referee was very poor. Clear to see why English refs don't get selected for World Cups. Also bottled it when Pep argued with the fourth official. from Ian, Liverpool.
    Ian, Liverpool.
  7. 'We are still four points clear'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool


    Gini Wijnaldum

    Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, speaking to Sky Sports: "I think it was a good game. We didn't start well. City were the better team first half but we still created chances and were unlucky. Second half we played better and created more chances and scored. We were unlucky with other chances not going in. One moment we didn't defend well and they scored.

    "We are two teams trying to force the other team to make a mistake. Both teams lost the ball. It was a game in which everything could happen. In the end we lost and are disappointed. But we also need to keep our confidence.

    "I don't want to say it is a hammer blow. You are always disappointed to lose a game, especially when you come back and create chances. We will be happy if we had a draw. there is no team in the Premier League that will be happy with a loss.

    "We are still four points clear."

  8. 'City proved they can do both sides'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Chris Waddle

    Ex-Spurs and England winger on BBC Radio 5 live

    They were putting tackles in and pushing players over, I've never seen that before from Manchester City and the whole team were doing that - it proves they can do both sides, which is going to be important for them in the run-in.

  9. 'Unprecedented'

    Simon Gleave, head of sports analysis, Gracenote: "Every team since 1981-1982 with at least 52 points after 21 matches has won the league but every one of those teams also had a lead of between five and 15 points at this stage.

    "To have a lead of just four points after dropping only nine all season as Liverpool have is absolutely unprecedented."

  10. 'Not a Guardiola performance'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Michael Brown

    Former Man City midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    It was never a Pep Guardiola performance but I think he had to do that - I don't think they had enough to go and out-play Liverpool today so they had to change their way.

    He will be delighted just to get over the line, he always looks for perfection and I can't see him condoning that style of play.

  11. 'I don't remember a league so tough'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Manchester City

    pep Guardiola

    Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola to BBC Sport: "I am proud of them, but not just today. We lost two games in four days but you can't forget what they have done for 16 months. We knew that it was a final today, if we lose it is almost over.

    "All credit to these incredible players. That is how we have to play in the Champions League. Both teams tried to search for each other, we were not scared, we had no fear and we had a lot of pressure.

    "They are leaders, it is four points but we have reduced the gap. We knew that if we won we would be in contention to fight for the Premier league, if we lose it is over.

    "I don't remember a league so tough, there are so many huge contenders fighting for the title. It is closer, every game is a final."

  12. 'If we lose it is almost done'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Manchester City

    Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola to Sky Sports: "The game was a real game for both sides, we beat an incredible team. We were outstanding from the first minute. We are happy for this victory to reduce the gap. Everything is open.

    "We don't have a left-back. Huge compliments to Aymeric Laporte against these strikers. Everyone was outstanding.

    "We need Sergio Aguero in these games, his quality makes the difference. To win these games, he has done it all his career and his finish was incredible.

    "Liverpool don't concede goals, and we scored two. We played with courage, so aggressive in our pressing. They are incredibly fast in behind, so dangerous.

    "If we lose today it is almost done, it would be so difficult. But we are four points behind them and they are the leaders. We have to fight a lot, but this gives us a lot of confidence."

  13. 'How is that not a red card?!'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool


    Vincent Kkopnay

    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was a big pressure. Very intense game. We were unlucky in our finishing moments. Unluckier than City I would say. Sane scores and the situation with Sadio when he hit the post. They had periods where they dominated the game and everybody felt the intensity. But we came back and had big chances. It is always like this. You have to score in those moments. When Aguero scores there is no angle. In similar situations we didn't score.

    "It was not our or City's best game because we both made it difficult for the other team. I have already said to the boys this is OK. We lost it but it will happen. Tonight it is not nice but it is not the biggest problem.

    "I really like Vincent Kompany but how on Earth is that not a red card? He is last man and he goes in. If he hits Mo [Salah] more he is out for the season. It is not easy for the ref and he may not see it how I see it.

    "Our expectations are high. We can play better. On the other side it was an intense game. You have to take the game how it is. You can't always dominate it. With a bit more luck we could have got 2-2, which would be perfect for us."

  14. Post update

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Since the start of the 2011-12 season, Sergio Aguero has scored 37 Premier League goals for Man City in meetings between ‘big six’ clubs – 16 more than any other player.

  15. 'A joy to watch'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Michael Brown

    Former Man City midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    I have never seen a game at the Etihad like that. It was unbelievable to watch.

    There wasn't a tonne of quality, but all the players were very tired and put that much into it with the tempo from the first few minutes - it was a joy to watch it.

  16. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or 81111 on text (UK only)

    SMS Message: Liverpool strangely out of sorts this evening. Too many sloppy passes, very little service for the front three, and left it far too late to start asking real questions of the City defence, which is the tactic that has won the last three fixtures between the two. from Nick, Norwich
    Nick, Norwich
    SMS Message: Liverpool have got so close to this exceptional City team by improving the defence but Gomez was a big part of that not Lovren. He makes too many mistakes if you want to challenge right at the top end where you really can't afford to make any. Asleep for the first. Playing Sterling onside with his other 3 defenders in a line for the second. Worse player on pitch by a mile. from Mike, Skelmersdale
    Mike, Skelmersdale
  17. 'The great players go again'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Henry Winter

    Chief Football Writer for the Times on BBC Radio 5 live

    Sergio Aguero kept running and he was tiring, but the great players go again and that's what Vincent Kompany was eluding to when speaking to the foreign media just now about Manchester City's performance.

  18. Post update

    Jurgen Klopp says that he likes Vincent Kompany but "how is that not a red card?!"

  19. 'That can change a game'

    Man City 2-1 Liverpool

    Manchester City

    Manchester City defender John Stones on his goal-line clearance: "I tried to take everything, I spotted the opportunity and I heard it was tight. I'm just happy it didn't go over the line! Those sort of things can change a game."

    John Stones
  20. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    Anthony: Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United will have a massive impact on this title race.. they simply can't be slept on.. it may not be a three horse race...

    Robin Smit: Dejan Lovren cost Liverpool the game tonight, so poor in defence & his reading of the game, he should try & concentrate on his own performances instead of his social media profile

    Javel: That was literally the hardest game #Liverpool will have all season. This might even do them good.