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  1. Bielsa's first Leeds press conference
  2. Ex-Argentina and Chile coach unveiled
  3. Bielsa, 62, has signed a two-year deal
  4. Pochettino calls him his 'football father'
  5. Bielsa replaces Heckingbottom at Leeds, who was sacked on 1 June

Live Reporting

By Andrew Aloia and Tom Garry

All times stated are UK

  1. Adios

    That's it for this afternoon's live coverage of Bielsa's press conference, so thanks for joining us.

    However, if that wasn't enough South America-related football for one afternoon for you, then head over to this page right here to follow Uruguay v Russia.

    Plus, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also in action. Enjoy.

  2. Post update

    Let's just remind you of some of the highlights from Marcelo Bielsa's lengthy first press conference in English football:

    • He says he has watched all 51 of Leeds' 2017-18 matches
    • The squad needs strengthening in "four or five areas"
    • As many as 15 players could leave the squad as Bielsa only wants players who will feature
    • He said he will remain true to his attacking ethos
    • The quality of the Championship has "exceeded" his initial expectations
    • The struggling Argentina side and boss Jorge Sampoli got Bielsa's "100%" backing
  3. 'Can Bielsa make his team walk the walk?'

    Ian Woodcock

    BBC Sport at Elland Road

    I think Bielsa has come across really well there and said a lot of things Leeds fans will like.

    He's a clever operator and was clearly not going to fall into any traps of promising promotion.

    However, it was impressive (if not surprising) that he had watched all 51 of the games they played last season and he certainly has solid opinions on the group he has inherited.

    We'll find out whether he can make his team walk the walk as well as he can talk the talk from the start of August.

  4. Post update

    In fact, the 2018-19 campaign will be the fifth successive season that Leeds have started a campaign with a new manager.

    Bielsa's first game in charge of Leeds - at home to Stoke City - is just 41 days away.

  5. The hottest seat in Yorkshire?

    Darko Milanic
    Image caption: This man managed Leeds United for six games in 2014... But who is he?

    Excluding caretakers Marcelo Bielsa will be the 11th man to manage Leeds in a competitive game since Simon Grayson was sacked in February 2012.

    Think you can name the previous 10 Leeds bosses?

    You can play our quiz by clicking here.

  6. Behind the scenes with Bielsa

    So, Bielsa is now off posing for photos and making sure all news outlets have filled their boots with vision.

    While we wait for some analysis, let's have a look at what the Argentine has been up to today at Thorp Arch.

    View more on twitter
  7. Post update

    Marcelo Bielsa

    And that's it. He's off. New Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa's first press conference comes to end.

    He spoke for around 80 minutes. Quite the marathon.

    Stay with us for analysis to that fascinating past hour and a bit.

  8. 'I prefer to lose rather than play tricks'

    The final question for Bielsa is one asking him whose style he preferred: Don Revie's or Brian Clough's?


    And the Argentine replies...

    "In terms of winning the right way, I prefer to lose rather than cheat or play tricks.

    "I prefer beautiful football rather than over-pragmatic football. Playing well brings you closer to winning things.

    "I don't think we can claim that playing badly is a way that achieves victory."

  9. No-one being singled out...

    One journalist tries to dig a little deeper on what Bielsa thinks about the squad at his disposal.

    He again talks about style, which he spoke about at length earlier, but he pulls up short about naming those he likes…

    “We can’t single out players even in a good scenario like this, as you are never forgiven for that. I have opinions, yes.

    “For a start, it is all too much about me, this press conference. Talking this much about me now is not good for the job ahead of me."

  10. 'I've got a flavour for the league'

    And now we come back to talking about the Championship and his impressions...

    "Maybe it has exceeded what I was thinking about the league here. It is considered sixth or seventh best league in the world.

    "Talking about the stadia, some in this league are maybe just 10,00 and people may think you want to always be in from of 80,000 supporters, but they are all great

    "I've got a flavour for it [the Championship] and want to get started and participate in this league."

  11. 'El Loco'

    Ian Woodcock

    BBC Sport at Elland Road

    A BBC journalist asks Bielsa what he thinks of his 'El Loco' nickname.

    The Argentine says he has a pre-prepared answer for that question and that is that he got the nickname from conducting press conferences in a different manner to other coaches.

    It's certainly fair to say that this has been quite a different press conference to normal ones.

  12. Bielsa 'will try' speaking English

    Bielsa has been speaking via a translator and has been asked how his English lessons are going...

    "I've got lots to thank my mother for but one thing in particular is that she sent me to English classes for 15 years.

    "I'm going to try [to speak English to you soon]. But I said the same at the start in France, but didn't manage it."

  13. Bielsa has confidence in Argentina

    Bielsa - a former Argentina boss - has just given his backing and support to the current national team and boss Jorge Sampaoli.

    Argentina are bottom of their World Cup group with one match remaining.

    "There are incredibly high expectations placed on the team by every single person in Argentina," Bielsa says.

    "I have got 100% confidence in him. And that's not me wishing for something, it's based on fact.

    "I think the players will find a way out of the situation they find themselves in.

    "The management team have got more than enough experience and knowledge to get them out of this.

    "They need to feel the support of the fans. They need the love of those back home."

  14. 'Hardcore' training

    As a chap with the nickname "el loco", which translates as "the crazy one", one would guess that he has a number of truly tremendous life stories to tell.

    What Leeds players might be most interested in right now is finding out what sort of boss they are dealing with for pre-season.

    In short - demanding!

    Juan Sabastian Veron, Gabriel Batistuta and Marcelo Bielsa

    This tale from France gives you a sense of the man...

    Bielsa asked for about 20 "bungalows" to be built at Lille's headquarters last season. And his players were just about made to eat and sleep football.

    Lille winger Anwar El Ghazi gave a snapshot of what it was like when he spoke to World Football last year: "The first two days were tests and after that it was hardcore. We trained at 10am and second training was 6:30pm. We eat here, we sleep here and we do everything here.

    "They're small bungalows, just a bedroom, air conditioning and electricity, that's all. If you want to take a shower you go to the changing room and we have a room with Playstation and table tennis.

    "The coach said we had to be a family together and when you're eating together, sleeping next door to each other, you become a family. We are like brothers now."

  15. Sleeping at the training ground?

    Ian Woodcock

    BBC Sport at Elland Road

    We're into our second hour here and Bielsa is keeping the interpreter on his toes.

    Someone asks whether he has any intentions to have the players sleep at the training ground as he has done with previous clubs.

    He says he has no intention to do that but will say the journalist has suggested it.

    He has just asked the interpreter if he is wearing him out because he's "going on".

  16. 'Champions League at Leeds once more?'

    Here we go, a nice question drops about the club's ambition. Leeds, of course, have been at the heady heights of reaching a Champions League semi-final, so can they get back there?

    "You can imagine yourself taking part in success, that motivates you and makes you emotional."

    One of the short and to the point answers. He obviously has the hunger.

  17. Not fair to judge

    Ian Woodcock

    BBC Sport at Elland Road

    Leeds slipped to a 13th place finish in the Championship last season.

    Bielsa says it would not be fair for him to judge what went wrong in 2017-18 and criticise previous coaches.

    He says he could give lots of conclusions he has drawn from watching last season's games but it would be "vain to do so".

  18. Post update

    That's one hour and counting, folks. And the Argentine doesn't appear to be wanting to stop yet...

    Marcelo Bielsa hasn't disappointed so far.

  19. Can Leeds replicate Bilbao's passions?

    The new Leeds boss adds...

    "In Bilbao, a place which has really left a mark on my life, and at my first club, Newells Old Boys, the phrase that you hear most in the streets of Bilbao is 'I'm a season ticket holder'. It's like a statement of who you are.

    "I'm really excited to see that it's going to be the same here. I'm hopeful that the fans want to support their own city.

    "In football, one of the great things that you get is the chance to see how a city and a group of fans can become part of the club. I've been told that happened here."

  20. No comment... sort of

    We are going back and forth a little now. A reporter asks "what was lacking" at Leeds United last season.

    "I don't really like to give opinions on situations when they are reference a season that I've not been part of. It is note fair to evaluate the manager, players or club when not involved yourself.

    "I'd rather excuse myself from that question rather than give an answer"

    So that is a no comment, phrased in a very gentlemanly manner. Class.