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  1. In case you missed Frank...


    Not the longest of unveiling press conferences that one it has to be said, but maybe Frank's just very good at making his point concisely.

    Here's our chance to be concise ourselves and give you the headlines in case you missed them:

    • Lampard labelled the job "a fantastic opportunity" and knew that the club's ambition matched his when considering the offer.
    • Derby's offer was the only "serious one" he had and Lampard was flattered to be linked with other jobs.
    • He won't be "a clone" of managers he played for during his career.
    • Lampard's dad, Frank snr, and uncle Harry Redknapp, were very much behind the idea of taking the job.
    • He revealed he watched a lot of both Derby's and Championship football in general last season so is more than prepared for the challenge of a "tough division to get out of".
    • Most importantly, on the touchline, he will be "a suit manager"!

    Thanks for joining us and enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Lampard won't have rushed decision - Le Saux

    Graeme Le Saux

    Lampard's former Chelsea team-mate Graeme Le Saux has also been giving his reaction to today's news of his first managerial appointment.

    Le Saux, who spent time alongside Lampard gaining his own coaching qualifications, is tipping the ex-midfielder to make a similar impact in management.

    “It seems like a very astute move from both parties," he told BBC Sport.

    “Frank's the sort of person who wouldn’t make this sort of decision rashly. He’s obviously taken time to work out what the environment at Derby will be like.

    “That’s key for any manager taking their first opportunity in how they can explore and develop their style.”

  3. 'He's always been comfortable in front of the camera'

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport at Pride Park

    Frank Lampard

    Lampard looked as relaxed as any manager is ever likely to be.

    He's always been comfortable in front of the camera - and now even more so after his recent punditry career.

    Owner and chairman Mel Morris has a grin of man who lost a tenner and found a winning lottery ticket two minutes later.

    He's been accused of interfering in the past. If that's the case then maybe the sheer star factor of Lampard's appointment will mean he takes more of a backseat.

    The first few months at Pride Park will be fascinating.

  4. Lampard can 'learn his craft' in the Championship

    Andy Townsend

    Former Republic of Ireland international Andy Townsend believes the Championship will be the ideal environment for Frank Lampard to begin his managerial career.

    “I think it would be easier out of the full glare and spotlight for Frank to learn his craft and put what he's learned from playing under some of the biggest managers in Europe across," he told BBC Sport.

    “It gives him a chance to impart his own wisdom on players. He’s a very intelligent guy and clearly he had a good understanding of the game as a player.

    “His CV was right up there with the best.

    “Frank has always displayed an appetite to go into management and a want to be a football club manager and I think it’s an exciting appointment."

  5. Will Lampard be a success?


    Mark Kelly: Frank'll be fine, it's how his players respond to him that'll determine his success or otherwise - and the fact that every side in the Championship will be gunning for him & DCFC from the off? If anyone deserves success, it's him - good luck!

    Tony Farr: Frank is truly a joy to listen to. Best of luck to the guy!

    Matt: He does realise he’s got to sell half the team and only has 20p to spend doesn’t he?

    Chairman Mel Morris acknowledged that the club could not go on spending as they had in the past because of Financial Fair Play but Lampard will hope to have more than 20p at his disposal...

  6. Jody Morris to join Rams backroom staff?

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport at Pride Park

    The backroom staff has yet to be announced but Chelsea under-18 coach Jody Morris, a long-time friend of Lampard's, is expected to be his right-hand man

    Lampard has said his team has not quite been finalised but he wants like-minded people and Morris fits the bill.

    They played together in the early 2000s and Lampard has done much of the coaching work while taking his FA badges at Stamford Bridge working with Morris and Chelsea's super successful youth set-up.

    Jody Morris
  7. Will Lampard be a success?


    Dan: Lampard will do better at Derby than Gerrard at Rangers

    Carl Woodbridge: Would be great to see him do really well. Need to stop this merry go round where Managers who haven’t won a thing keep getting jobs.

    Gavin Button: Just think if he'd waited a few days, he could have had a shot at Real Madrid!

    On Zinedine Zidane's surprise departure from Real Lampard said: "he certainly deserves a holiday after what he's done there."

  8. No pressure on immediate promotion

    The final questions see Lampard asked what his aim is for this first season.

    "My aim is to get the club promoted but to sit here and say 'we must get promoted' is a big call."

    Chairman Mel Morris clarifies then that "there's no objective that Frank must get us promoted in the 2018-19 season."

    And that's that. The duo shake hands and exit stage right.

  9. Lampard ready to delve into transfer market

    Lampard unveil

    Lampard is asked if he's prepared to get stuck into an already-open transfer window during his first few weeks in the job....

    "I'm prepared for it. I don't have a list as such, but I know about the players and I know the kind I want to suit the style of play I want to play.

    "A lot of them are here already and we'll work with that.

    "But if there's a chance to make changes, we'll go with what I see fit."

  10. 'I could have taken easy option'

    On whether he is wary about any of the sides of management.

    "I don't want to lose and I don't want to be unsuccessful.

    "The easy option for me would have been to finish playing and go down another route.

    "Fear of losing is what drives me on to do well."

  11. 'Nothing is risk free'

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport at Pride Park

    The risk element has been raised by both Morris and Lampard. It's a big talking point.

    Both have said any managerial appointment is a "big risk".

    BBC pundit and former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin said Lampard will have done his due diligence and will know exactly what he is getting into and what the rules are.

    "No job is risk free, but he took a long time making the decision so will have minimised the risk."

  12. Lampard on his backroom staff

    "It's very close to being decided. But, I won't speak ahead of the game before it's all sorted.

    "They'll be like-minded people to myself with their own strengths. I'm excited to have them and it'll be made clear who they are and why I've chosen them when they arrive."

    Would one of them be recently retired team-mate John Terry?

    "I spoke with John this morning and at the moment, he's in Greece, so he's certianly not coming here!

    "We'll concentrate on what we're doing here, so there's certainly not an answer on that right now."

  13. 'I won't be signing Lionel Messi'

    Lampard is asked about the changes he intends to make to the playing squad.

    "I won't change the fighting spirit and it would be wrong for me to sit and say 'these are the changes I want to make'.

    "It will be an ongoing process. I'm not coming in here to fix something that is broken.

    "I'm going to the World Cup but that doesn't mean I'm going to be signing Lionel Messi."

  14. Derby offer was Lampard's only one on table

    Lampard is asked if any other clubs came in for him as their new manager....

    "No, I didn't have offers at a higher level than Derby.

    "I had other conversations, I wouldn't say offers.

    "This was the first conversation that went into any real depth and started to become concrete.

    "This really is the one I focused on because the conversations got past first base.

    "I want to promote youth here, I want a freshness and balance to the squad."

  15. Lampard will be given time

    Lampard and Morris

    Derby chairman Mel Morris is asked about the high managerial turnover at Pride Park in the last three years.

    He is asked if Lampard will be given time: "Quite simply the answer is yes.

    "There was never any pressure on the manager last season.

    "We understand that there will be blips and problems but we've got to be patient with that."

    On whether he is concerned former boss Gary Rowett will raid his old team now he's in charge at Stoke he says: "I don't know what Gary's plans are at Stoke but we'll face those challenges if they arise."

  16. 'Relaxed but happy'

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport at Pride Park

    Frank Lampard

    There's a big smile on Frank Lampard's face as he fields a question about how much Championship football he has seen of late.

    "I have seen a lot," he said, describing it as one of the most entertaining leagues around. "Don't worry about that."

    He looks relaxed and happy. But anyone thinking he may be a nicey nicey manager is likely to be in for a shock.

    He has mentioned hard work about 20 times in the BBC interview he did earlier and during the start of the news conference.

  17. Not a risk in chairman Morris' mind

    Derby County chairman Mel Morris is answering questions now and first up he's asked if it's a risk to appoint Lampard in his first job.....

    "First-time managers will always carry an element of risk," Morris said.

    "But Frank has tremendous knowledge and experience in the game and I'm sure the players will thrive on that."

    Lampard and Morris
  18. 'Success is promotion'

    A question now about the finances at Derby.

    It's likely the Rams will need to cut their budget but Lampard is still confident he can be successful at Pride Park.

    "I'm here to succeed and be competitive," he says

    "My aim is to be the best we can be but we are realistic at the same time.

    "Success here means promotion."

  19. Lampard knows Championship will require hard work


    "I watch the Championship a lot. It's one of the most entertaining and tough to get out of.

    "I watched numerous Derby games last season, just through enjoying football.

    "I don't think the rules of the game change too much at this level. It's about working hard, that's the basic thing that I'll demand.

    "That work-rate will be crucial for me in the Championship."