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  1. Post update

    Thanks for joining me today, and if the pre-match nerves begin to get too much for you later, just remember this...

    Keep Calm tweet
  2. Post update

    Sweden v Switzerland (15:00 BST)

    Right then, about that Sweden will be live on BBC One and BBC Radio 5 live but our live text commentary has just begun. So click here to find out who England - or Colombia - will be playing in the quarter-finals.

  3. What is success for England?

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    Chris, Oxfordshire: I feel there is absolutely no shame in losing to a decent Colombia side. Getting out of the group stages was my expectation and anything more is a bonus. First time in my life that I am actually optimistic about English football's future though.

    Pete L, Chester: Win or lose tonight I can't help but be excited for the future of English football. The way this team have played shows the pride they have in the shirt, and when you think of the talent coming up from the U20 and U17 World championship winning squads, I think football is truest coming home, and if not this year (please let it be this year) it will be soon thereafter!

    Ashley, London: We actually have a team I enjoy watching and a manager I believe in. Do your best tonight guys and we all hope it's enough. It's been a long time since England made me dream and I'm not ready to stop dreaming just yet.

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    Inge: To Nick, London - Messi and Ronaldo have won almost everything possible. It was not enough.

    Will, Leicester: In reply to Olly Collas, you're forgetting about Jamie Vardy. I've heard that he's ready for a party.

    Aren't we all, Will?

  5. 'Us Swedes are loving it too'

    Sweden v Switzerland (15:00 BST)

    Lars Bavenu, excited Swede in the UK: Don't forget there's another game today. Us Swedes are loving the draw opening up as much as Engerland.

    And here's how the bottom half of the draw now looks...

    World Cup draw
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    #bbcworldcup or text on 81111

    Olly Collas: Very concerned we don't have a plan B for tonight. Historically we had the likes of Heskey, Vassell and Nugent to come on and provide a new threat.

    Bobby G, Hounslow: England have once again arrogantly presumed a victory over a savvy Columbia side. Beware Falcao redemption!

    Nick, London: England better than Colombia in every department? I mean, James has won 3 Primeira Ligas, 1 La Liga, 1 Bundesliga, 2 Champions Leagues and 1 Europa League. Harry Kane has won 1 Millwall Young Player Of The Year.

    You might have missed off a few of Kane's other individual honours there, Nick, but I get your point. Will James be fit though?

  7. Is football coming home?

    #bbcworldcup or text on 81111

    Rohan, Sheffield: All this talk about football coming home I think many are missing the humour behind it all. It's not arrogance in the slightest, just good old English humour. I think the relaxed humour has all come from the team and spread to the fans. Good luck England.

    Tom, Newcastle: As people clearly still haven't caught on yet (Pete Armstrong 11:19), the 'it's coming Home' slogan is a joke based on our attitudes to precious World Cups. Very few people genuinely think we're going to win the World Cup

    John, Teesside: Re 11.47. Alan shearer scored 6 out of 7 penalties for England in normal play. In penalty shootouts he scored 3 out of 3. The one he didn't score hit the post. Yes I think we should listen to him!

  8. Is football coming home?

    #bbcworldcup or text on 81111

    Peter C: "Who's been singing Three Lions today?" You're kidding, been singing it for three weeks and named my fantasy team after it.

    Jody, Bristol: "Did he pull his shirt? VAR still streaming. Neymar's really hurt. No he's not, he's beaming"

    Archie Wilson, Somerset: How many signatures would we need for ‘Three Lions’ to be our temporary national anthem?

  9. England's youngest fan?

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    Only two days old...try not to cheer too loud when Harry scores the winner, Laura!

    England baby tweet
  10. Is football coming home?

    #bbcworldcup or text on 81111

    Joiny Beans: I had a word with Football last night. He told me “I’ve had a great time, seen some amazing places and made some good friends…but I’m tired, I miss Sunday Roasts and I’m out of boxers. I’m coming home."

    You would come home for this, though, wouldn't you?

    Roast dinner
  11. 'The country is buzzing!'

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    You're not alone, Craig. Hands up, who else has been humming/singing Three Lions already today? These boys below have got a lot to answer for!

    Baddiel & Skinner tweet
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    Nick Clayton: Joe C from London needs to give the team talk tonight.

    Richie: No work being done today but Luckily no one can see my screen! It’s also awkward as I work in Northern Ireland so a lot of banter before tonight’s game!! Come on England (as he whispers at his desk)

    Craig Brown: Just been round Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna singing Three Lions and waving flag, fair to say got a few weird looks.

  13. What is success for England?

    #bbcworldcup or text on 81111

    Anon: Getting to the round of 16 is par. QF is a birdie, SF is an eagle and the final itself an albatross. To win? A hole in one on a par 5! Is that even possible?

    Matty Camberley: Let's celebrate the fact we have a good young team. If we had scraped out the group then there would be the same pre-tournament low-key hype. However we have shown quality and a lot of attributes we have not seen in an England team for some time. The public has built an educated opinion after watching all the upsets that anything is possible. Let's all enjoy the journey. I know I have so far.

    Dave, Edinburgh: If you forget about Iceland for a sec, Since 1998 we have been knocked out of international competitions by Germany, Brazil, Italy, Portugal and Argentina. There is no side that matches the standard of these teams between England and the final.

  14. Is football coming home?

    #bbcworldcup or text on 81111

    Pete Armstrong, Edinburgh: Re Anthony from Birmingham, of course it's arrogance.. managed to beat Tunisia and Panama and now it's coming home!!?? Give me a break. I would enjoy a humbling defeat for the over egotistical country of England tonight!

    Adam: So much concern about us being 'arrogant' now the draw's opened up. I think it's great we're excited about England again! Let's enjoy the ride whilst it lasts. I don't see these lads being crucified like previous teams if we go out today - the expectation isn't what it was, everyone's just glad to be enjoying a World Cup.

    Joe C, London: I actually think that 'it's coming home' isn't even about the trophy itself, it's about the renewed home and optimism in our national team - so even if we don't win the tournament but we do ourselves proud, it'll be hope that will indeed have come home.

    Hear hear, Joe!

  15. Today's games

    Before we look at more of your comments, here's a reminder of today's kick-off times and how you can follow the final two last-16 games.

    Tuesday's World Cup games
  16. The making of Harry Kane

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    If England are to 'absolutely go for Colombia tonight', as Henry Winter put it, then captain Harry Kane will lead the way. Here's how the Tottenham striker became a potential World Cup Golden Boot winner.

    Video content

    Video caption: World Cup 2018: The making of England's Harry Kane
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    Danny, Bath: Re Grant at 1125, I think Gary Neville was suspended so El Tel went for a (radical?!) 3-5-2 formation for the nearly worked.

    Jonny, Oundle: Anderton and McManaman played as wingbacks in that team. A very modern 3-5-2 formation for the time.

    Alan Chaplin: 11.25 Grant, I believe David Platt played right-back.

  18. 'Let's enjoy the moment'

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    Former Wales boss Chris Coleman used to be a team-mate of Gareth Southgate's at Crystal Palace. So too was Ian Wright, at Palace and later with England.

    Ian Wright tweet
  19. 'Seize the day'

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    Henry Winter

    The Times' Chief Football Writer o BBC Radio 5 live

    Gareth Southgate’s attention to detail is second to none.

    He went over to the MLS, looked at their media relations, he also studied the talks Chris Coleman gave to Wales during Euro 2016.

    The one thing he took from Chris Coleman was “look, just go out there, whatever’s going to happen, just seize the moment” and it definitely seems to be working.

    That’s why England will very much start on the front foot tonight. There won’t be any of this passing, passing, passing like the Spanish. They’ll absolutely go for Colombia tonight.

  20. Post update

    Colombia v England (19:00 BST)

    England made a positive start to the group games against Tunisia and Panama. We may now be in the knockout stage but is that the best approach for Gareth Southgate's men again tonight?