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  1. Goodbye

    Wow, how about that!

    Missed the action? Here's the running order for tonight's Match of the Day, which you can watch at 22:30 BST on BBC One.

    Manchester City v Manchester United

    Stoke v Tottenham

    Bournemouth v Crystal Palace

    Leicester v Newcastle Watford v Burnley

    Brighton v Huddersfield

    West Brom v Swansea

    Everton v Liverpool

  2. 'We had nothing to lose'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba speaking to Sky Sports:

    "First of all we knew we had to score goals, we were losing 2-0 . With City they love to attack, they don't like to defend, so I had to get more in the box, I knew I had Nemanja Matic behind me and Ander Herrera with me.

    "For the goal I didn't think about anything, with Alexis Sanchez he likes to play direct, I saw the space and just went, I was lucky Kompany wasn't tight enough.

    "I was relieved, because at 2-0 after you score your confidence goes up.

    "Michael Carrick has helped me a lot with these late runs, he always shows me videos of what I should be doing.

    "I didn't want to lose against City, the loss from last season is still in my mind. If they won they are champions, for all the fans it would be like death. To lose against City and to see them celebrate, I couldn't let that happen. At half time in the dressing room we said we have nothing to lose, 2-0 lets make it.

    "After a second half like this, we have to do that all the time. If we did we would be up there with City, and maybe even in front."

  3. 'His best 45 minutes'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Robbie Savage

    Ex-Leicester City & Wales midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    Pau lPogba

    City were shattered, they were out on their feet. What does this mean for their game against Liverpool on Tuesday night?

    And that was the best 45 minutes from Paul Pogba in a Manchester United shirt.

  4. 'Can't judge us on the result'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Manchester City

    Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola speaking to Sky Sports:

    On their performance: We did everything, the quality was really good. The first half the game was almost won we were almost there, in 10 minutes they recovered.

    A little sad for fans and players, we will try to be in a good mood next Tuesday.

    On missed chances: Football is boxes. When you’re in the box you have a good chance to score.

    On the penalty shout: I didn’t see it. I’ve been told it was but I didn’t see it.

    On United resurgence: They found their game, found their actions, they have spirit, but we did everything to win the game.

    On the second half: I don’t think so, our team tried to create and attack, that is what we have done all season, we tried to produce all of that quality and goals. You have to defend a little better in the second half, but it is football but. As far as intention no complaints.

    Did we play bad? It would be good if you try to understand, that we played good football. You have to judge the performance and the way they played not only to look at the result make a judgement.

  5. 'We played with courage'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola on 5 live: "A special day for United which is a pity. We did absolutely everything in the first half but then for 10-15 minutes we conceded goals. It is what it is.

    "But we move forward. We did everything in the first half, we played with courage and created so many chances. Some penalties in the first half, some in the second half but we have to improve.

    "We were not good enough in the end. The schedule is like this, that's why this competition is so tough.

    "We will try to pick ourselves up for Liverpool, we are professionals."

  6. 'City are shattered and need an Istanbul'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Robbie Savage

    Ex-Leicester City & Wales midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live


    You have to give United so much credit. City are heads and shoulders above every side in the country, no doubt about that. But United were like Rocky Balboa. they were on the ropes, getting smashed and on their knees but they landed one punch and came back to win.

    This City team can be beaten. They should have been 6-0 up at half-time but they have a weakness. My worry for City is that after seeing how much they gave tonight, I can't see them coming back against Liverpool now.

    They are shattered. They tried to win the league tonight and it will be a bigger comeback than Liverpool winning in Istanbul if they win in midweek now. It will take one of the great European comebacks.

  7. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or 81111 on text

    Alan: Delete the texts I sent in the first half about Mourinho needing to go; he's now a legend and can stay.

    Ken: Jose Mourinho goes from zero to hero in one half of football. 45 minutes is a long time in the beautiful game.

  8. Post update

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Jonathan Overend

    Radio 5 live

    Quite simply that was one of the most dramatic football matches I have ever seen...

  9. Post update

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

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  10. 'Liverpool comeback looks unlikely now'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Alan Green

    BBC Radio 5 live at the Etihad

    Every single City fan would have thought that this couldn't be anything other than a title-clinching night at half-time. City fans are in tears here, there's no reason for that, they will win the title.

    But this could have serious repercussions for the Liverpool game on Tuesday. City players had their heads down as they traipsed off. Kevin de Bruyne looked inconsolable. They have got to lift themselves.

    At half time coming back against Liverpool looked achievable. Not it looks odds against.

  11. 'Our challenge is to finish second'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, speaking to Sky Sports:

    On the performance: "I was really sad with the first goal and I think it is the third corner they scored against us this season.

    "Then with the second it was important for the players to keep confident. We moved the ball, more than any team has against Manchester City. We pressed a bit higher and we keep the shape to get a good result.

    "I think mathematically we need six points to stay in the top four and this win is part of that tonight."

    On Manchester City: "Our challenge is to finish second but I want to congratulate City for the title because they are going to win and deservedly. They gave no chance to the others because they had this season of don't stop winning.

    "My objective here was to get points and not spoil any celebrations. The point is can we improve enough to catch them next season?

    On Paul Pogba rumours: "If the accusation from his agent is that he wants to go to other clubs, his price has gone up."

  12. Get Involved

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    Tunde: Watch out Pep. What’s to come next season. Liverpool has shown the rest of the Prem League the way.

    Anon: Pep chose to start a weaker team leaving Sergio Aguero and Kevin de Bruyne on the bench. It cost him the title today.

  13. 'What an advert for the league'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Robbie Savage

    Ex-Leicester City & Wales midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    Paul pogba

    The first half was so one sided, United were embarrassing. Each and every player. Defensively it is the worst I have seen them.

    But then they have come out in the second half and have shown desire. Jose Mourinho must have said 'go out there and show these fans that you care about this derby'.

    Unbelieveable, what a game, what an advert for Premier League football.

  14. Match of the Day running order

    BBC One at 22:30 BST

    Wonder which game will be first?

    Gary Lineker is on Facebook Live with tonight's running order.

    Watch tonight at 22:30 BST on BBC One

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  15. 'We didn't want to be clowns'

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Manchester United defender Chris Smalling speaking to Sky Sports:

    On their comeback: "At half time we were feeling sorry for ourselves, we wanted to go out there and play with pride and thought we fully deserved it in the end.

    "The first half was terrible, we dropped off didn’t play our game, and could have been out of sight."

    What Mourinho said to them: "The manager didn’t have to say much at half time as we knew ourselves as players it was a poor performance. He said that we didn’t want to be the clowns standing there watching them get their title.

    "City have been fantastic here all season, but we stepped up and won the game."

    On his goal: "When you make a mistake you want an opportunity to make amends. You could see the relief after the first goal, and I am just glad to contribute."

    On Paul Pogba: "You never see Paul hide,11 players stood up today when it would have been easy to hide."

  16. Get Involved

    #bbcfootball or 81111 on text

    Karthik: Could there be a better example for the popular saying, "A game of two halves"?

    Imeh: This is arguably the best match of the century. Wow!

  17. Pogba making the noise

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Juliette Ferrington

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Jose Mourinho was the first down the tunnel, a wry smile for him. You can hear the United players as they come past, Paul Pogba making all the noise...

  18. Post update

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Some City fans have stayed back at the Etihad and they are in disbelief.

    Some are in tears. Come on, it's not that bad, is it?

  19. Post update

    Man City 2-3 Man Utd

    Robbie Savage

    Ex-Leicester City & Wales midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    What a pleasure it was to be here. Manchester City embarrassing United in the first half but then the player, who was so poor in the first half, ends up winning the game for United and stopping Manchester City claiming the title tonight.