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  1. Vardy has three shots - all goals
  2. His third came from Stones back pass
  3. King had fired home second goal from 20 yards
  4. Kolarov and Nolito score late consolation goals

Live Reporting

By Shamoon Hafez

All times stated are UK

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  1. Goodbye

    Who saw this result coming?

    Have a read of Chris Osborne's report

    Six Premier League games today, a total of 29 goals. Make sure you catch Match of the Day tonight on BBC One at 22:30 BST.

    We are back on Sunday, with Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United all in action.

    More goals would be nice.

    Until then.

  2. MOTD running order

    Match of the Day

    Goals galore...

    Leicester v Man City 

    Arsenal v Stoke 

    Hull v Crystal Palace 

    Watford v Everton 

    Burnley v Bournemouth 

    Swansea v Sunderland  

    22:30 BST. BBC One.

  3. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Leicester City

    Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri speaking to BBC Sport: "It was the true Leicester today, maybe because we have played so badly in our last few matches, but today we were so strong.

    "We wanted to do best for our fans because they support us a lot and travel to Portugal and we did not play so well. For this reason we wanted to show our best. 

    "We played smart, slowed down the tempo, everyone know what we do but it is important to score two goals very early.

    “This is our strength, we can't keep possession often, our strength is to play fast, find a solution.

    "I told my players the result is always important but today we had to fight till the end.

    "I am very please for Jamie (Vardy), when he finished I said 'oh welcome back'."

  4. 'Champions react at the right moment'

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Leicester City

    Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri talking to BT Sport: "The next matches are very important until Christmas because we are in a battle for relegation. I said I need warriors and they showed me what I wanted to see.

    "They said they believe in this system and the strength in this system. If I start with another system they don’t recognise our style.

    "I said I wanted to blend the Italian tactics with the English culture. You can work so hard to defend your title.

    "The big champions react at the right moment. We know when we play well we can win. Today they made an effort for the team – that is what I love."

  5. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    "It was the true Leicester today," says Claudio Ranieri.

    He's a happy man.

    Full quotes to come.

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    Kit Beaupre: People say City and United need world class defenders but the players just don't exist or already play for world class teams  

    Diepriye Josiah: Welcome to the EPL Pep, where any team can get turned over. Squeaky bum time I think. Time to show us what you can do!   

    Matt Cairns: That was more like the #lcfc from last season! Great tempo, energy and unlike Man City were organised!  

  7. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

  8. 'Maybe it will take longer for players to adapt'

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Manchester City

    Guardiola was asked how long it is going to take his players to adapt to the "Pep way": 

    "I don't know. In the beginning it was quickly, now it will be a little bit longer," he said. 

    "To change the mentality, to change what we want, maybe it will take a little more time." 

  9. 'Problems in the box'

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Manchester City

    Asked why Manchester City started the game so badly, Pep Guardiola told Match of the Day: "Long balls, second balls, they won the second balls and scored fantastic goals. 

    "Football is a game with mistakes, especially today. I would never complain to my players and I will look inside myself and analyse the reason why we have problems with the second balls when they arrive. 

    "Our game is not bad but in the box we have a lot of problems." 

  10. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Meanwhile, here is more from Pep Guardiola...

  11. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Still waiting for Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri to appear...

  12. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Matt Elliott

    Former Leicester City captain for BBC Radio Leicester

    We know from last season it is about where you have your possession and what you do with it. Leicester, apart from the goals, were happy to sit on what they had.

    They were solid, strong, compact, resolute and protected the main danger areas - the penalty area and the goal. It was a perfect Leicester City performance, one from last year.

    There was only a limited amount of times Leicester actually got at them, but when they did it was to devastating effect.

  13. 'It is not about the system'

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Manchester City

    Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola tells BT Sport: "After four minutes, 2-0. It is not easy. England is very good on the counter-attack and second balls. They are tough on the counter-defend so well. We tried until the end but there are good things in every game. it is difficult after 2-0 and 3-0.

    "They would play long balls, we knew that. with the second balls, they were looking to our back four and did well.

    "It is not about the system."

    Do you need more defenders? "No. we defended well with these players at the start of the season and during the season, we have to stand up and analyse and players to step forward.

    "All managers need time."

  14. Get Involved


    Dan Bushby: How players that cost over 30/40 million can play like that under a manager such as Pep Guardiola is an absolute disgrace  

    James Alexander: City will struggle to make TOP 4. Guardiola can't just come to the PL and expect to play how he wants and teams to roll over  

    Andy Coates: Team with best defence wins title. At the moment City will be lucky to finish in top4. Title is going back to Chelsea. Pep needs to swallow his pride, recall Hart.

  15. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Leicester City

    Leicester striker Jamie Vardy, speaking to BT Sport: "We wanted to make sure we were competitive today and see the team fighting for the cause and we have done that. 

    "We will get back on training pitch and look forward to the next game."

    Leicester midfielder Andy King, speaking to BT Sport: "Today was about getting back to basics getting in peoples faces, playing a high tempo.

    "We owed the club and to do it against such a good team was good. We know we have been better than what we have showed."

  16. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Matt Elliott

    Former Leicester City captain for BBC Radio Leicester

    There was a spark and zip about Leicester's play from the off. You could sense it, a freshness in the air. The atmosphere was there, the lights were bright and there was an energy around the crowd which transferred to the players.

    That's their best performance by some distance this season and that might just reignite their season, certainly in domestic terms.

    In midweek, supporters were disappointed and asking for their money back. They would have happily paid double to watch that tonight.

  17. Three, is the magic number...

  18. Get Involved


    Ighomi Kingsley: The EPL does not respect your pedigree or European experience.. 

    James Crew: Welcome to the premier league on a wet December evening Pep! 

    Harry: Welcome to a real league Mr. Guardiola. It is fun, isn't it.  

  19. Post update

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Jamie Vardy makes sure he comes back onto the pitch to collect the match-ball.

    "England number nine, England, England number nine," sing the Leicester fans.

    Vardy responds with the high fist celebration in their direction.

    Jamie Vardy

    Leicester 4-2 Man City

    Chat rubbish, get thumped, as Jamie Vardy would say.

    We're all off to his house tonight as there is sure to be one heck of a party.