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  1. Notts v Hants at Welbeck abandoned as a draw
  2. Day three of Kent v Somerset rained off
  3. Surrey bowled out for 313; Yorkshire 58-1 when play called off
  4. Wagg hits century for Glamorgan
  5. Livingstone 50 puts Lancs in control at Worcs

Live Reporting

By Ben Pheazey and Gary Smee

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all, folks

    Thanks for hanging in there with Gary and myself on another rainy day at the cricket.

    Plenty of drama provided by Graham Wagg, Lukas Carey and Billy Godleman at Swansea this evening, otherwise we could've been a bit stuck!

    See you tomorrow - and don't forget to prepare for all four seasons in the day.

    Just in case.

  2. Close of play at Swansea

    Glam 394 v Derbys 221-2 - trail by 173

    It was looking gloomy out there - and to be fair we did well to get most of the day's play in after a swathe of rain swirling around most of our cricketing parishes.

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  3. Oh so quiet...

    With the suspension for bad light at Swansea and early finishes everywhere else due to rain, there's no championship cricket being played anywhere in the country at the moment.

  4. Glamorgan struggling at Swansea as light fades

    Glam 394 v Derbys 221-2 - trail by 173

    Labuschagne drags one down and Lace whips the ball through mid-wicket for four.

    One more for Lace to extra cover.

    Godleman plays a full toss straight back to the leggie on the bounce and he throws it straight back at the batsman.

    Frustrating times for the hosts. Now we're off for bad light.

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  5. Derbyshire fighting back at Swansea

    Glam 394 v Derbys 216-2 - trail by 178

    Fine shot from Godleman, who drives Labuschagne straight to the pavilion steps for four.

    He picks up a brace of fours through cover off Douthwaite at the other end.

    Derbyshire have seized control here.

  6. Derbyshire in control at Swansea

    Glam 394 v Derbys 202-2 - trail by 192

    As you were, folks. We're playing on.

    Douthwaite bounces Lace, who wisely decides to duck.

    He drives the fifth ball through the leg side for one.

    Big shout for lbw but Godleman survives.

    He might just have got outside the line.

  7. Derbyshire pass 200 with eight wickets left

    Glam 394 v Derbys 200-2 - trail by 194

    Godleman picks up four more off Labuschagne with an off side drive and a nudge to cover off the back foot brings up Derbyshire's 200 in the 44th over.

    The leggie isn't happy about that and keeps Lace quiet with a bouncer next ball.

    The umpires are taking a light meter reading...

  8. Douthwaite frustrated by Godleman

    Glam 394 v Derbys 195-2 - trail by 199

    A slice of luck from Godleman, who drives and edges just past leg stump for a streaky four.

    Douthwaite tries to york him and the opener jabs down at the last moment.

    Next up, Godleman is forced to sway out of the way of a bouncer and then he gets away with a single.

    The deficit dips below 200.

  9. Derbyshire hold firm at Swansea

    Glam 394 v Derbys 190-2 - trail by 204

    Dan Douthwaite replaces Owen Morgan in the attack and concedes just two in the over.

    The batsmen milk Labuschagne for singles and add five more.

    12 overs left - light permitting.

  10. 8,000 first-class runs for Billy Godleman

    Glam 394 v Derbys 183-2 - trail by 211

    And that mini-charge on Labuschagne has given Godleman an important landmark.

    Billy Godleman
  11. Godleman-Lace stand 100 and counting

    Glam 394 v Derbys 183-2 - trail by 212

    Morgan drops short and Lace pulls the ball away for four.

    That's the 100 partnership between Lace and Godleman in 27.1 overs.

    Labuschagne is lofted just over Carey's head at mid-on by Godleman for four.

    He gives the leggie the charge again! Two more runs to mid-wicket.

    One more to mid-wicket - and Lace pulls a shorter ball for one more.

  12. Play abandoned at New Road

    Worcs 98 v Lancs 110-3

    It's off for the day at New Road.

  13. Trial by spin at Swansea

    Glam 394 v Derbys 169-2 - trail by 225

    Just the one run from Morgan's over - and Glamorgan captain David Lloyd has summoned his leggie, Marnus Labuschagne.

    Lace is almost yorked by a very full ball but the fifth is shorter and cut away for one.

    Labuschagne bowls round the wicket to Godleman, who pushes the ball to cover.

    No run - but crucially for Derbyshire, no more wickets.

  14. Frustration for Glamorgan

    Glam 394 v Derbys 167-2 - trail by 227

    Lace edges Carey on the floor and past second slip for a single to move to 57.

    The batsmen trade singles and Godleman is squared up with a defensive prod to mid-on.

    Still eight wickets in hand - and the partnership is worth 93.

  15. 50 for Billy Godleman

    Glam 394 v Derbys 161-2 - trail by 233

    Godleman tries to drive Carey through the offside but can't clear mid-off.

    Got it this time! Two more runs through the off side and he has 50 (for the 55th time in first class cricket) - with 89 balls and seven fours.

    Billy Godleman
  16. Godleman dropped on 48

    Glam 394 v Derbys 157-2 - trail by 237

    Godleman gets an edge off Lukas Carey...

    Tom Cullen juggles but can't hang on in the slips.

    Could be an expensive miss.

  17. 50 for Tom Lace

    Glam 394 v Derbys 156-2 - trail by 238

    Lace, erm, laces Carey through mid-off for his seventh four.

    Four more through cover point - and that's his 50, his fourth for Derbyshire this season.

    64 balls and eight fours.

  18. Lace tested by Carey

    Glam 394 v Derbys 148-2 - trail by 246

    Lukas Carey gets one to take off and leave Lace, just evading the edge. Phew.

    He pushes the fifth ball to leg for one and Godleman defends.

    Lace forces Morgan away through cover off the back foot for one. Steady attrition.

    Godleman sees out the over.

  19. Post update

    Worcs 98 v Lancs 110-3 - suspended, bad light

    Still no word of any resumption at New Road.

    I'm going to throw my hat in the ring and say they won't get back on today.

  20. Derbyshire weather the storm

    Glam 394 v Derbys 145-2 - trail by 249

    That's it from Wagg for now and Lukas Carey is back on.

    Three more singles added in the over and Godleman flays and misses the last ball.

    Much better length from Morgan this time, with just a couple of runs in the over.