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James Gheerbrant and Phil Dawkes

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  1. Goodbye

    Well, that just about wraps up proceedings. Thanks for joining us for a record-breaking day of Cricket World Cup action. We will be back at around 21:00 GMT tonight to bring you Bangladesh v Scotland. See you then!

  2. What it means

    Cricket World Cup Pool A table

    So here's how that result affects Pool A. Australia move above Bangladesh into third position and now look almost certain to claim one of the qualification spots. They have the chance to claim second spot if they can beat Sri Lanka on Sunday.

    Afghanistan's hopes of making the quarter-finals look to be all but over, but they can still have a big say in the qualification race when they play England. Gulp.

  3. Captain's view

    Michael Clarke fields

    Australia captain Michael Clarke: "It was a very good win. The boys were outstanding with the bat. David Warner was excellent and the way the others played around him - Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell - was unbelievable. The way we bowled set a good standard for ourselves. Overall, it was much improved from our display against New Zealand.

    "I decided to send Max in ahead of me as we had a chance to break the World Cup record. I was thinking of coming in at four. I would liked to have batted for my own form but it was best for the team to make the decisions I did. I think it proved it was the right thing."

  4. Captain's view

    Mohammed Nabi

    Afghanistan captain Mohammed Nabi: "It's a good experience and Australia played very well, especially Warner and Smith. You know Australia's bowlers are the world's fastest and they bowled very well. The last three games we have played very well, and we take the experience into the next matches."

  5. Post update

    Well, what a very impressive performance from Australia. They batted with magnificent endeavour and innovation, probably making the Afghanistan bowlers look worse than they actually were. Let's not forget that that Afghanistan attack had had Sri Lanka in serious trouble. David Warner was deservedly named man of the match, but for me it was Glenn Maxwell's extraordinary innings that will really linger in the memory.

    Glenn Maxwell bats

    Then with the ball, they were ruthless and clinical, with Mitchell Johnson laying waste to the top order and Mitchell Starc continuing where he left off against New Zealand.

    The result: the most comprehensive defeat in World Cup history.

  6. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "The main element from Afghanistan is their bowling. They have got pace but once Australia got going they couldn't break through. We knew David Warner would be looking forward to the Waca. He looked scratchy early on but once he got his timing and his range he was going all around the park. There aren't many people in world cricket who have his energy and aggression."

  7. Player reaction

    Man of the match David Warner: "Compared to how I was hitting them in the nets, it's great to get out there and play on a fantastic wicket, and it was nice to see the other boys get among the runs too. Afghanistan bowled well, they hit their yorkers, it was impressive. We've got a big game against Sri Lanka, we've got to be upbeat."


    Hassan c Warner b Johnson

    Hassan tries to take on the short ball with a cross-bat shot, but the ball is on him quicker than he expects and he spoons a catch to David Warner at short midwicket.

  9. Australia beat Afghanistan by 275 runs.

  10. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dave Christensen: Should next CWC prioritise inclusion of more countries or be more compact, shorter competition to not bore fans? Why not both?

  11. Dropped catch

    Afg 140-9

    All over? No! Steve Smith shells a tough chance at third slip when new man Shapoor jams his bat down on one and the ball flies to the cordon.

  12. WICKET

    Zazai c Haddin b Hazlewood 10 (Afg 140-9)

    A chastening defeat for Afghanistan moves one step closer as Zazai gets a little inside edge off one that nips back from Hazlewood.

  13. Afg 140-8 (target 418)

    Mitchell Johnson is handed the nut - can he knock over the last two wickets? Zazai's defensive technique is sturdy enough to survive the latest examination, then an edge from Hassan falls short of the slips.

  14. Afg 138-8

    Josh Hazlewood will be really eager to make an impression today, having come in to the side in place of Pat Cummins, but he hasn't quite got it right today. The young quickie is just bowling slightly too short to really threaten the batsmen in these closing overs. One off the over.

  15. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "When he dismissed Dawlat Zadran, Mitchell Starc had dismissed 18 opposition batsmen for ducks in ODIs. This is 25.35% of his wickets, which is the highest percentage for any bowler with 50 or more wickets. Second is Wasim Akram 21.91% (110 batsmen dismissed for ducks out of 502 wickets)."

  16. Afg 137-8 (Zazai 9, Hassan 4)

    A bowler who can mop up tailenders with ruthless efficiency is worth their weight in gold in one-day cricket, and Australia have certainly found one in Mitchell Starc. His recipe is simple: fast, full, at the stumps. It nearly brings him another wicket too - he finds Hamid Hassan's edge but the ball doesn't quite carry to first slip.

  17. Afg 135-8

    Here's the figure to watch in the closing stages: 160, which is the score that Afghanistan need to avoid being on the receiving end of the worst defeat in World Cup history. Tough ask at this stage, you'd say. They inch a little closer with three off Josh Hazlewood's latest over.

  18. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Stephen Sadler: Nice to see a team other than England struggling to reach the total posted by the opposition's highest scorer

  19. Afg 132-8

    New man Hamid Hassan is off the mark first ball with a nudge to leg.

  20. WICKET

    Dawlat b Starc 0 (Afg 131-8)

    If you watched the Australia-New Zealand humdinger, you'll know that Mitchell Starc is very, very good at this. Same again: very quick, yorker-length, dipping in to smash the base of off-stump. Dare I suggest that Starc is fast challenging Lasith Malinga as the King of the Yorker?

    Mitchell Starc
  21. Post update

    Brad Hogg

    Ex-Australia spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think the Afghan boys have enjoyed the chance to show their skills against the best in the world. Despite the scorebord, they've held themselves together and noone has backed away from the fast bowler. They can be very proud."

  22. WICKET

    Najibullah b Starc 24 (Afg 131-7)

    Mitchell Starc was cleaning up batsmen far better than Najibullah Zadran against New Zealand with this delivery: fast, full, inswinging yorker. Too good.

    Mitchell Starc appeals
  23. Six

    Afg 131-6

    Najibullah gets away with one when he skips down the track and gets a thick outside edge past fine leg. No luck about his next shot though, charging Maxwell and hammering him into the stands over long on for a big six.

  24. Afg 122-6 (target 418)

    Michael Clarke has had enough of this and turns back to Mitchell Starc to torpedo this pesky partnership. Another quiet over, just a single from it.

  25. Text 81111

    Andrew in York: Afghan performance on a par with ours v Aus. Going to be close match with us for sure

    David in Canterbury: I'm not sorry but for cricket to be a global concern, the associates need to play the test sides more often and bats need to be smaller, this is becoming ridiculous, it's not a fair contest anymore

  26. Afg 121-6

    It does seem as though Afghanistan's ambitions are focused on surviving the 50 overs, which may not make these final few overs much of a contest from an entertainment point of view. Just one from Maxwell's latest over.

  27. Afg 120-6 (Najibullah 13, Zazai 7)

    Momentary excitement as James Faulkner oversteps and gives away a free hit. Afghanistan can't cash in though as Zazai smacks it straight to mid-off.

  28. Afg 116-6

    You could be forgiven for losing interest in this match, but Australia certainly haven't - David Warner puts in a phenomenal effort to haul in the ball before the rope and save a run. He can't save the next one though, as Najibullah dances down the track and drives Maxwell down the ground.

  29. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Harris: Rapidly loosing interest in this World Cup. Too many big scores and nothing for the bowlers far too often.

  30. Afg 105-6 (target 418)

    Najibullah steals a single off Faulkner, before Zazai plays a very unconvincing stroke through third man to finally get off the mark.

  31. Afg 103-6

    The new man is Afsar Zazai. Glenn Maxwell is getting some real bite out of the surface and Zazai plays out the remaining four balls cautiously for a wicket maiden.

  32. WICKET

    Nabi c Clarke b Maxwell 2 (Afg 103-6)

    Well, that was curious. Glenn Maxwell's golden day continues as he picks up a wicket with his second ball, enticing Mohammed Nabi into a sweep that balloons up into the air and is pouched at short fine leg.

    Nabi reviews it, suggesting that he doesn't think he's hit it, but the replay shows an obvious deflection off his bat, and he's on his way back to the pavilion.

    Mohammad Nabi walks
  33. Afg 103-5 (Nabi 2, Najibullah 5)

    Faulkner continues. It looks like the batsmen's plan is to play themselves in at leisure and try to bat out the 50 overs in order to improve Afghanistan's net run rate - but even that looks like a forlorn hope at the moment. One from the over.

  34. Afg 102-5

    Mitchell Johnson went the distance in Australia's last game against New Zealand, so this is a big game for him to regain his confidence. He'll rarely have the chance to bowl in a more ego-burnishing situation though - the Afghan batsmen are still reluctant to take him on. Five from the over.

  35. Afg 97-5

    James Faulkner, recalled today for the first time since a side injury, is handed the ball for the first time. He's usually a death overs specialist - then again, this is a moribund Afghanistan innings. Najibullah, it would be fair to say, does not have his eye on chasing down the target - he's happy to play out just a single from the over.

  36. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dharmendra Ponala: To bring perspective the batsman's milestones should be considered at 75 & 150s than 50 & 100s henceforth.

  37. Afg 96-5

    The new men at the crease are Mohammed Nabi, the captain, and Najibullah Zadran. They play out a watchful over from Johnson, just two from it, but really the Associate nation are just marking time here.

  38. WICKET

    Mangal c Finch b Johnson 33 (Afg 94-5)

    Aaron Finch lives up to his name with a flying catch to get rid of Mangal. Johnson sends a short one across the batsman, who quite deliberately opens the face to run it down to third man, but he doesn't quite get it fine enough and Finch plummets to his right to snag it two-handed above his head. Sensational catch, and this innings is coming apart at the seams for Afghanistan.

    Aaron Finch
  39. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "The main man has gone. He has chipped in some good runs for Afghanistan in the tournament. He tried to sweep one earlier and misjudged it and tried again there and got a top-edge. It is going to be a tough period for Afghanistan now."

  40. WICKET

    Shenwari c Johnson b Clarke 17 (Afg 94-4)

    Shenwari got away with a loopy, top-edge in the last over, but this time, his luck isn't in. He tries to sweep Michael Clarke, he reckons without a bit of extra bounce, and ends up plopping a simple catch into the hands of Mitchell Johnson at short fine leg.

  41. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a vey well bowled bouncer in that over and caught him the batsman a difficult angle. It was perfect line and actually caught him on the bottom of the grill. That is the thing with Johnson, he has this slingey action, which will make him difficult to pick up on this pitch."

  42. Afg 93-3

    Unsurprisingly, Mitchell Marsh is withdrawn from the attack, and replaced by another of Australia's Mitchells: Johnson. At his best, Johnson can extract steep bounce from the surface - and he gets one to spit up onto the splice of Shenwari, who is lucky to see the ball fall safe on the leg side.

    After seeing off a couple of short and quick ones, Shenwari gets his revenge with a punchy drive through mid-off four four.

  43. Afg 88-3 (target 418)

    Shenwari has been very much the main man for Afghanistan so far in this tournament, with scores of 42, 38 and 96 so far. He's batting with a bit of responsibility here, as befits that status - just knocking Clarke for singles at the moment. Three off the latest over of part-time spin.

  44. Afg 85-3

    Now this is rather odd. Mitchell Marsh pulled up grimacing at the end of his last over, but he has decided to continue, despite clearly still being in some pain. All rather unnecessary, given the non-competitive nature of this target, and the fact that he's not even a front-line bowler. It looks like he may have strained a hamstring. He struggles his way through another six balls of medium pace - surely that will be the last bowling action he sees today?

  45. Afg 82-3 (Mangal 31, Shenwari 8)

    Thanks Sam. Michael Clarke continues, and as you'd expect from a part-timer, there are a couple of loose deliveries, but on this occasion, Mangal can't find the power to belt him out of the park. Just four from the over.

  46. Afg 78-3 (Mangal 28, Shenwari 7)

    Shenwari connects with a square cut. Warner gives chase - boy is he fast - but even he can't quite prevent a four. This is all quite fun at the moment. And bouncing into the hot seat to see you through to the close is James Gheerbrant.

  47. Afg 71-3

    After the chaos, the calm, as Afghanistan safely negotiate an over from Michael Clarke.

  48. Post update

    Sunil Gavaskar

    Ex-India captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "What a shot that first one was. Huge. It was a length ball in the slot and he swung it away. Like they say, 'If it is in the arc, it is in the park.' The second one was in the arc again. And suddenly the Afghanistan flags are being waved."

  49. Afg 67-3 (target 418)

    Ooh la la. Mangal mangles Mitchell Marsh. (Try saying that in a hurry.) Even the Australians are on their feet as Mangal steps across his stumps and heaves two successive balls over midwicket into the stands.

    Nawrol Mangal
  50. Afg 48-3 (Mangal 9, Shenwari 1)

    "Good areas Michael," comes the cry after a tidy little over. Two runs and a bit of relief for the Afghan pair.

  51. Afg 46-3 (target 418)

    Three down. 11 gone. We could be in record defeat territory here. Hang on, here's Michael Clarke. He didn't bat. But he's going to have to bowl...

  52. WICKET

    Stanikzai c Smith b Johnson 4 (Afg 46-3)

    Stanikzai is not hanging around. He skies the first ball of the over and the ball lands safely but his luck runs out as his next shot finds the safe hands of Stevie Smith. Ominous signs.

    Two Australian players nearly collide
  53. 10 over scorecard

    Afghanistan 44-2 (10 overs)

    Batsmen: Mangal 8, Stanikzai 2.

    Fall of wickets: 30-1 (Ghani 12), 32-1 (Ahmadi 13)

    Bowling figures: Starc 3-0-14-0, Hazlewood 5-0-21-21, Johnson 2-0-4-1.

    Australia: 417-5 (50 overs, Warner 178, Smith 95, Maxwell 88).

    Full scorecard

  54. Afg 44-2

    Mangal, whose average is a healthy 33.46, unfurls the shot of the innings with a drive past mid-off that gathers pace as it skims across the grass and slaps into the rope. The next ball is hammered straight into the ground, then loops over Hazlewood's head for four more.

  55. Afg 36-2 (Stanikzai 2, Mangal 0)

    Asghar Stanikzai looks no match for Johnson. He gets a couple off a bottom edge, but otherwise it's a string of wild wafts outside off stump.

  56. Post update

    Terry Alderman

    Ex-Australia seam bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was genuine pace and bounce. Ahmadi left the bat out there and tried to lift it over the slips but just popped it to Michael Clarke, who had been doing some catching work in the interval with Darren Lehmann. He had time to just jump slightly and take it above his head."

  57. WICKET

    Ahmadi c Clarke b Hazlewood 13 (Afg 32-2)

    Ahmadi is gone. He tries to guide a Hazlewood ball away to third man, but picks out Michael Clarke at second slip.

    Javed Ahmadi walks
  58. Post update

    Oh no. Ahmadi can't believe his luck. He absolutely creams an on-drive but it shudders into the leg of his partner Nawroz Mangal at the other end.

  59. Afg 30-1 (target 418)

    Nawroz Mangal is the new batsman and he plays around an inswinger that cannons into his thigh pad. Searing pace from Mitchell J.

  60. Post update

    Terry Alderman

    Ex-Australia seam bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was his technique there. He had looked good and didn't look too perturbed. Then his head just fell over and flicked it out of the middle of the bat but straight to Faulkner. It is disappointing for the young man."

  61. WICKET

    Ghani c Faulkner b Johnson 12 (Afg 30-1

    Mitchell Johnson. A name to strike fear into the hearts of any England supporter. And he makes the breakthrough with his firs ball, as Ghani picks out Faulkner at short midwicket.

    Mitchell Johnson
  62. Afg 25-0

    Two wides from Hazlewood. He's fluffing his lines here. Single follows, then three dots. This is a solid start. I have a strong feeling of impending doom but so far, so good.

  63. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Robert Keogh: Such a dull World Cup. No contest between ball and bat. Looks like 20-20 but lacks the excitement. Pitches need to be balanced

    Shaun Gilligan: Keep hearing bowlers need to be more innovative but what exactly can you do without having 'dubious' action?? Batsmen's game now

  64. Afg 22-0

    A bit of luck for Afghanistan as Ghani gets away with an under-edge that bounces just over the stumps. Mitchell Starc has been clocked as the third quickest bowler at this World Cup (after Wahab Riaz and Adam Milne), and he's giving it some serious wheels at the moment, lighting up the speed gun at around 150kph.

    It's a huge test for the Afghan batsmen playing bowling of this pace, but they don't look overawed - Ghani pockets two with a nice drive through the covers, then another couple with a tuck off his hip.

  65. Post update

    Brad Hogg

    Ex-Australia spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "One thing that is really difficult for the associates is that they don't face this kind of bowling enough. It is a big jump to then face three bowlers, who are all putting it down at 130kph plus."

  66. Afg 16-0 (Ahmadi 10, Ghani 6)

    Runs from Hazelwood. Three for Ahmadi, and two for Ghani through the covers. Ghani looks pumped as he rehearses some shots between balls. Then he clips one through midwicket with the grace of Tendulkar. Encouraging signs for the underdogs.

  67. Afg 9-0

    Ahmadi runs a single down to third man. Nicely done. Ghani gets an inside edge onto the pads. Lucky boy.

  68. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Anthony Shaw: Third 400 score in this #CWC15... Get Bob Dylan out 'the times they are a changin'!'

    Jay: The balance has shifted because batsmen have become innovative while the bowlers just keep doing the same old thing.

    David Moore: Rules need changing to help bowlers. More teams means more matches meaning old most runs/wickets records will also go tumbling.

  69. Afg 8-0

    John Hazlewood to bowl - he's in for the injured Pat Cummins. Ahmadi takes a swipe at an away-swinger and misses. A shorter ball finds the bat and Ahmadi pulls it to long leg for a single.

  70. Appeal - not out

    Afg 7-0

    Javed Ahmadi leaves the first two balls, then gets a streaky four from an edge. Oh, this must be out. Struck on the pad in front of leg. Not given. No review, and wisely as it would have been an umpire's call.

  71. Post update

    Ok, enough chitty chat. We're all ready to go in Perth. Mitchell Starc is bowling the first over. Michael Clarke is all smiles. Let's. Play. Cricket.

  72. Post update

    And while we're at it, if you're anything like me you'll be getting a bit numb to all these records and batting power shows. Do they need to rethink the rules at the end of the innings? Has the balance shifted too far towards the batsmen to the detriment of bowlers? Those thoughts that you've been keeping to yourself - unleash them our way.

  73. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport in Napier


    "I've found Spidercam's lair. 'Spidercam, Spidercam, does whatever a Spidercam can'."

  74. Get involved

    So what do we make of Michael Clarke not coming out to bat then? Surely it was the ideal opportunity for the Aussie skipper to feel bat on ball. Did they really need Maxwell's fireworks given they were already on course for a score in excess of 350? Is he running scared? Ping your thoughts our way via #bbccricket, text to 81111 or email

  75. Post update

    Mitchell Starc
  76. Post update

    Thanks Phil. Sam Sheringham taking over at the tiller for a few overs of right arm medium-slow. And I'm going to start with a statistic about Australia bowler Mitchell Starc that will not make pleasant reading for the Afghan openers...

  77. Innings scorecard

    Australia: 417-5 (50 overs)

    Batsmen: Haddin 20*

    Fall of wickets: 14-1 ( Finch 4), 274-2 (Warner 178), 339-3 (Smith 95), 382-4 (Faulkner 7), 390-5 (Maxwell 88), 417-6 (Marsh 8)

    Bowling figures: Dawlat 10-1-101-2, Shapoor 10-0-89-2, Hassan 10-0-70-1, Nabi 10-0-84-0, Shenwari 5-0-34-0, Ahmadi 4-0-18-0, Mangal 1-0-14-1

    Full scorecard

  78. Brutal Warner hits 178

    David Warner
  79. Post update

    Australia batsman Steve Smith: "We just went out there to try to get a good total. When a guy gets nearly 180 you're always going to get a pretty good score. It was easy for me with Davey going so well and it was a nice little partnership we had there. When you get 400 on the board you're always in a pretty good position. Hopefully we can have a complete performance and bowl pretty well to finish the job."

  80. Post update

    Brad Hogg

    Ex-Australia spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I thought Afghanistan bowled reasonably well. They came out to really give it to the Australians and started well. They got Finch early and looked as though they had Australia on the ropes. But then the wheels started to fall off. They experimented a bit too much and Warner and Smith took over. The Australian camp will be very excited but disappointed that Clarke didn't go out and get time in the middle. I find it very surprising that he didn't come out at number four."

  81. WICKET

    Marsh c Najibullah b Mangal 8 (Aus 417-6)

    After Brad Haddin clubs a four and a six in the final over of the innings (and Nawroz Mangal's first), Marsh looks to match him from the final ball but plants it straight down the throat of Najibullah Zadran at deep mid-wicket.

    It brings to an end a superb innings from Australia, which has seen them post the highest ever World Cup total of 417-6.

  82. Aus 403-5 (Haddin 9, Marsh 5)

    The 400 is brought up for Australia courtesy of three singles from the first three balls of Hassan's last over. Rambo ensures that he ends his spell well with a tight line and length to concede just another three more runs.

  83. Aus 397-5 (Dawlat 2-101 off 10)

    Again, Michael Clarke turns down the chance to come to the crease with Brad Haddin the next man. The keeper quickly makes his presence felt with a neat steer to guide a good length ball between keeper and third man for four.

  84. WICKET

    Maxwell c Nabi b Dawlat 88 (Aus 390-5)

    It is not going to be a fastest World Cup 100 for Maxwell, who hammers a four down the ground before being caught by Nabi at extra-cover after mis-timing a hit off Dawlat. It might not be a record-breaking century, but 88 off 39 balls is a mighty fine effort.

  85. Aus 386-4 (Maxwell 84, Marsh 1)

    Still no sign of Michael Clarke as Mitchell Marsh comes out to the crease. He gets off the mark with a single before some neat work from Sami Shenwari prevents another Maxwell boundary. He needs 16 more off 12 balls to reach the fastest ever World Cup 100.

  86. WICKET

    Faulkner b Hassan 7 (Aus 382-3)

    Faulkner's first innings after returning to the side ends before it has even properly begun as Hassan bowls a superb yorker to clean him up. The bowler may have gone for 60 of his eight-and-a-bit overs but he celebrates like he's just won the World Cup.

  87. Aus 382-3

    Well, that is pretty weak from Maxwell. He only reached the second row of the stand with a baseball-style swipe off Nabi for his sixth six. The final ball doesn't even reach the seating as Maxwell hammers it high and just over the rope on the full to take him to 81 from 34 balls. Pathetic.

    Glenn Maxwell
  88. Aus 366-3 (Maxwell 66, Faulkner 6)

    Faulkner gets in on the action with a flashing drive to a wide Shapoor ball that sends it skipping away to the backward point boundary. Maxwell then claims his fifth six with a seemingly effortless whip to leg. His feet didn't even move. Even Michael Clarke in the Aussie dressing room looks amazed at that.

  89. 50 for Maxwell

    Aus 350-3

    Maxwell pulls one just short of a fielder in the deep for two runs before he reverse flicks a four through point to bring up his 50 from 21 balls. He really does love a reverse this lad. And with good reason too.

  90. WICKET

    Smith c Najibullah b Shapoor 95 (Aus 339-2)

    Maxwell continues to play the aggressor, smashing a four and a ridiculous reverse-paddled six over fine leg before the somewhat sidelined Smith is then caught at mid-off from a mis-timed drive. James Faulkner replaces him at the crease, tasked with pushing Australia to 400.

    Steve Smith walks
  91. Aus 325-2 (run-rate 7.73)

    Smith might be the senior man, in the 90s, but he is allowing Maxwell to be the aggressor here. The 26-year-old claims another four off Dawlat courtesy of an inventive reverse-sweep. The partnership is 51 off 28 balls.

  92. Scorecard update

    Australia: 316-2 (41 overs)

    Batsmen: Smith 92, Maxwell 22

    Fall of wickets: 14-1 ( Finch 4), 274-2 (Warner 178)

    Bowling figures: Dawlat 8-1-81-1, Shapoor 8-0-59-0, Hassan 8-0-60-0, Nabi 8-0-58-0, Shenwari 5-0-34-0, Ahmadi 4-0-18-0

    Full scorecard

  93. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Australia's is the 17th total of 300 or more in this WC, which equals the most for one WC tournament. There were 17 in 2011 and 16 in 2007. No other WC has seen more than 9."

  94. Aus 316-2 (Smith 92, Maxwell, 29)

    The 300 is up as Smith drives through extra-cover for four off Nabi. Maxwell then takes over and spanks two consecutive full deliveries for six (one over mid-on, one over square-leg). They are gifts that Afghanistan cannot afford. Maxwell has 29 from 12 balls and Australia are eyeing 400.

  95. Aus 299-2 (run-rate 7.47)

    Dawlat is back and hoping for a more economical over now that Warner is gone. Maxwell ensures he doesn't get one, though, by smashing a back-foot drive over extra cover for an almighty six. After missing with a clumsy reverse sweep (that leaves him looking like Bambi on ice) Maxwell ends the over with a cut that flies past short third man for another four.

  96. Aus 286-2 (Smith 86, Maxwell 6)

    I said Maxwell was capable and he proves it by reverse sweeping his second ball from Nabi for four. It is the highlight of an over that adds eight to the Australian total.

  97. Aus 278-2

    Glenn Maxwell comes out to partner Smith, who carries on where Warner left off with a steered shot down to third man for four. That wicket may well prevent us witnessing a world-record threatening score here now, although Maxwell is more than capable of some big hitting.

  98. Post update

    Sunil Gavaskar

    Ex-India captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It went miles in the air, but Mohammed Nabi positioned himself very nicely underneath, bringing to an end a brilliant innings. I'm surprised not to see Michael Clarke come in next, considering how little cricket he's played."

    Warner out
  99. WICKET

    Warner c Nabi b Shapoor 178 (Aus 274-2)

    Warner's wonderful innings comes to an end, just seven runs short of the highest Australian ODI score of Shane Watson (against Bangladesh in 2011). He looks to smash another ball straight from Shapoor but doesn't connect properly and sends the ball into the stratosphere, allowing Nabi to get underneath it and claim. 178 from 133 balls. Not bad lad, not bad.

    Nabi catches Warner
  100. Aus 273-1

    Hassan only concedes one run off his first three balls. Then Warner almost takes Smith's head off with a drive down the ground for one. Sweet timing from Smith means the over ends with a boundary, steered past point. This is now Australia's highest ever ODI partnership - 258 and counting.

  101. Post update

    Sunil Gavaskar

    Ex-India captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Warner is toying with the bowling at the moment, hitting it wherever he wants to. The coaches tell you, 'Do not bowl the length ball when the batsmen are looking for big runs', but that's exactly what Dawlat has done."

  102. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Comedian Andy Zaltzman: Warner's the 7th 150+ score in 52 ODIs this year - as many as there were in the first 830 ODIs over 22 years.

  103. Aus 266-1 (Dawlat 1-68 from 7)

    Dawlat is heading to some horror figures today. He is heading for a 10+ economy rate after Warner slaps away a full toss through cover point for four before Smith hits the first six of his innings straight down the ground. Warner compounds the bowler's suffering by opening the face to slice a four away to backward point.

    There was actually a few decent balls in that over, but you can't expect to serve up a 50/50 ratio of good to bad balls at this level and expect to get away with it, especially when Warner in destruction mode.

    David Warner
  104. Pakistan v UAE reaction

    Pakistan win by 129 runs

    A final couple of lines from Napier where Pakistan beat UAE by 129 runs in today's Pool B match.

    Here's what both captains had to say in the post-match presentation.

    Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq: "That was a much needed win for us. We won by a margin so we can relax now, the next game is really important and we need to focus on that. We have a good net run rate now also."

    UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir: "340 was a big total for us, but we batted 50 overs and we are happy with this effort. Anwar is very confident and in great form. We wanted to but on some decent performances, going forward we want to do well."

    Rahat Ali and co celebrate
  105. Aus 248-1 (run-rate 7.08)

    Hassan has the breeze behind him from the northern end and it serves him well with a wicked inswinger that beats the prod of Smith and flies a few inches past off stump. It is the first time Smith has looked in any way uncomfortable this innings. Just the two runs from the over. It is a rare minor victory for Afghanistan.

    Steve Smith
  106. That's a record

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Warner has set a new record for Australia's highest World Cup score. The previous best was 158 by Matthew Hayden against West Indies in North Sound in Antigua in 2007."

  107. Aus 246-1 (Warner 167, Smith 66)

    The young fan who was hit in the stands has now got a bandage (presumably packed with something cold) wrapped round his shoulder. He looks a bit glum but otherwise OK. There aren't many unhappy faces amongst the Australian crowd around him, though. A trio of singles is followed by consecutive boundaries (a straight four and a whipped six) off Shapoor, who looks to the sky in frustration. It is becoming a very familiar sight in Perth.

    Warner now has his highest ODI score, beating his previous best of 163 against Sri Lanka in 2012. These two have now put on 232 together, with Smith only scoring 66.

    Young fan injured
  108. Pakistan v UAE reaction

    Pakistan win by 129 runs

    Here's what Pakistan's win against UAE does to the Pool B table.

    New Pool B table

    That's two wins in two for Misbah-ul-Haq's side after their opening two defeats against India and West Indies.

    Could be one that goes right down to the wire for the quarter-final berths.

  109. Post update

    Terry Alderman

    Ex-Australia seam bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia were looking a bit nervous but that seems an eon ago. They looked as though they wanted to get 400 but they were going about it wrong, but now they've got the ball rolling. Warner could make 200 easily."

  110. 150 for Warner

    Aus 233-1

    Warner hammers his way to 150 with a straight drive to the mid-off boundary, which sees him stylishly drop to one knee. He follows this up later in the over with another four. It is almost cruel to watch. One number top be aware of at this juncture is the highest total ever recorded at a World Cup, which is the 413 India scored against Bermuda in 2007. If Australia don't beat this, they will be close.

    It's drinks time. And how Afghanistan need it.

  111. Pakistan v UAE reaction

    Pakistan win by 129 runs

    Man of the match, Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shehzad spoke after his 93: "I'm pretty satisfied with the game. Everybody knew we had to step up our batting after the last match where Wahab Riaz got us out of trouble against Zimbabwe.

    "So, I think we all took a bit of responsibility and I'm really happy to see the way Haris Sohail and Misbah-ul-Haq batted and it gives us some momentum ahead of a tough game against South Africa."

    Ahmed Shehzad
  112. Aus 222-1

    Poor Dawlat is getting taken to the cleaners by Warner. The Aussie opener plants two more sixes into the stands (one straight, one to mid-wicket).

    In amongst the excitement there is a sobering moment as the second six beats a diving catch attempt from one fan and hits a young boy on the arm, prompting the stadium staff to rush to his aid. Thankfully, he appears to be OK.

    David Warner
  113. Pakistan win by 129 runs

    Pak 339-6 (50 overs) v UAE 210-8 (50 overs)

    Pakistan celebrate

    It's all over in Napier where Pakistan have won by 129 runs in the Pool B encounter.

    Misbah-ul-Haq's men were always in control after Ahmed Shehzad's 93 set them on a course for an imposing 339-6.

    Shaiman Anwar maintained his run of good form for UAE with an impressive 62, but the Associate were always up against it at 25-3 in reply before finishing up on 210-8.

  114. Aus 207-1 (run-rate 6.67)

    Nabi looks to rectify some of the damage of that last over. He doesn't concede any more boundaries but not through a lack of trying from Warner in particular, who hits with power but not precision to add four more runs. This is going to be a long and painful 19 remaining overs for the Afghanistan bowlers.

  115. Aus 203-1 (Smith 62, Warner 130)

    After a very conservative start (in support of the flourishing Warner), Smith is now in full flight. He produces a superb stroke to drive a Dawlat ball back past the bowler for four before handing responsibility over to Warner to slam his foot on to the accelerator by hammering successive sixes over long on and then cutting down to the third man boundary to take his team past 200.

  116. 50 for Smith

    Aus 180-1

    Smith brings up his 50 with a gift of a boundary from Nabi, who is short and wide and cut away. It is his fourth ODI 50 and his first proper score of this tournament. Warner is then given a huge let-off as he looks to cut a short ball and edges it but straight into the chest of Afsar, who cannot react quickly enough to gather the falling ball.

  117. Post update

    Brad Hogg

    Ex-Australia spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I like that we have a couple of spots for the Associate teams. Sixteen teams at a World Cup would be too many - you've got to do the hard work to play at the World Cup - but you wouldn't want to go down to ten teams. I think the 50-over format is a great stepping stone for the Associate teams to even play Test cricket."

  118. Aus 173-1 (Smith 49, Warner 113)

    Rambo Hassan charges in again but poses few problems for the Aussie pair, who add a sextet singles to their threatening total. If Afghanistan don't break this partnership soon they are going to be chasing a massive total (which is probably unavoidable now regardless).

  119. Aus 167-1

    Afghanistan are struggling to stem the tide of boundaries now. Smith flicks Shenwari's over-pitched first ball to leg to collect four more runs to take him to 45. He has accelerated noticeably in the last few overs. He adds another to his tally before Warner rotates the strike himself with another sharply-taken single.

    Steve Smith
  120. Aus 157-1 (Smith 41, Warner 109)

    Thanks James. Well, this is looking very ominous for Afghanistan. Warner's early-innings nerves are now a distant memory. He looks set to post a big score here having amassed his first World Cup century. He is being ably assisted by Smith, who is just starting to open up a bit himself.

    Afghanistan try to make something happen in their favour by bringing Hassan back into the attack, but his first ball is pulled to mid-on for four by Warner, who also pulls the last ball for another boundary through mid-wicket. Back to the drawing board.

    David Warner
  121. Scorecard update

    Australia: 299-2 (40 overs)

    Batsmen: Smith 88, Maxwell 17

    Fall of wickets: 14-1 ( Finch 4), 274-2 (Warner 178)

    Bowling figures: Dawlat 8-1-81-1, Shapoor 8-0-59-0, Hassan 8-0-60-0, Nabi 7-0-42-0, Shenwari 5-0-34-0, Ahmadi 4-0-18-0

    Full scorecard

  122. 100 for Warner

    Aus 151-1

    If you were watching England v Sri Lanka, Australia are managing effortlessly to do something that England conspicuously failed during the middle overs of their innings - turning the strike over with regular singles.

    It's one such single that takes Warner to his fourth ODI century - it's been an excellent, controlled knock from the opener after a frenetic beginning, and who would back against him adding many, many more to his score from this position?

    With that, it's time to leave you in the very capable hands of Phil Dawkes to take you through the rest of this innings.

  123. Aus 143-1 (run rate 5.95)

    Warner moves within three runs of a century, cutting Ahmadi for two and then driving him for one. Afghan skipper Mohammed Nabi really needs to grab this game by the scruff of the neck - it's drifting away from his side at the moment.

  124. Pakistan v UAE latest

    UAE 164-6 off 45 overs (target 340)

    Almost done and dusted in Napier and just the simple equation of 30-an-over required for the UAE.

    The game has been going through the motions since about the fifth over of this UAE reply after Pakistan made 339-6 earlier.

    Full scorecard

    You can listen to live ball-by-ball commentary by selecting the live coverage tab at the top of the page and clicking on Pakistan v UAE.

    Pakistan celebrate a wicket with Shahid Afridi
  125. Aus 137-1

    It's all far too easy for Australia at the moment. Shapoor coughs up four singles from his first five balls of his latest over, before Steve Smith collects his first boundary - walking across his timbers and glancing the bowler down to fine leg.

  126. Aus 129-1 (Warner 91, Smith 27)

    Afghanistan really need wickets pronto here - otherwise you feel Australia could threaten 400 with their line-up. Ahmadi, who has a not entirely imposing total of seven ODI wickets to his name, continues to perpetrate his fairly unthreatening brand of off-spin. Australia remain happy to tick over at a run a ball, and you can't really blame them.

  127. Aus 125-1

    Now then, helmets on again lads - Shapoor is back in operation. The paceman has decided to go around the wicket - a strategy that has brought him some success at this World Cup, notably against Scotland. No luck for him yet - four singles off his latest over.

  128. Aus 121-2 (partnership 107)

    Steve Smith, who has been in such magnificent form this Australian summer, didn't look entirely assured when he came to the crease, but he has just been allowed to play himself in in Warner's slipstream here. There are singles on offer, and at the moment Smith is content to take them - he moves on to 24, with no boundaries yet in his innings. Four from Ahmadi's over.

  129. Aus 117-1

    With spin now in favour at both ends, both batsmen have now swapped their helmets for caps. Warner is on Easy Street here, coming down the track to Shenwari and smoking him through the covers for another four.

  130. Pakistan v UAE latest

    UAE 145-6 off 40 overs (target 340)

    Over in Napier, Shaiman Anwar's defiance is over with the UAE batsman departing for 62 off 88 balls which currently puts him top of the tournament run scorers - even ahead of run machine Kumar Sangakkara.

    Shahid Afridi is the man to take the wicket and three balls later, Boom Boom bags another and we're in to the bowlers.

    Full scorecard

    You can listen to live ball-by-ball commentary by selecting the live coverage tab at the top of the page and clicking on Pakistan v UAE.

    Shahid Afridi
  131. Aus 109-1 (run rate 6.05)

    Opening batsman Javed Ahmadi is the latest man called upon to deliver a bit of tweak.

    Excellent running between the wickets has been a feature of this partnership but Smith almost perishes when Warner calls him through for a quick single. Too quick - he was gone there with a direct hit. A risk-free approach prevails for the rest of the over - just five easy singles from it.

  132. Aus 104-1

    The trouble with part-time spinners is you can't really rely on them to deliver enough good balls in a row to create pressure - Shenwari pushes one wide of off stump and Warner pounces on it with a shackle-loosening drive through the covers for four. Then Shenwari errs again with a short ball and again Warner makes room to flay him through the off-side for four. The opener looks in terrific nick here.

  133. Aus 94-1 (Warner 67, Smith 12)

    Steve Smith has taken 27 balls to get to 16 - he loves to use his feet to the spinners and you just wonder how long it will be before we see him skip down the track. Nothing yet, for now he's just content to turn the strike over - four off Nabi's latest set.