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James Gheerbrant and Jamie Lillywhite

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  1. Goodbye

    Thanks for your company this evening, the time has come to call it a night. Commiserations to any Scotland fans out there, but your boys fought hard and their chances of making an impression at this tournament may not be over. Next up: a crunch match with the Auld Enemy on Sunday!

    Don't be a stranger until then though - do come back and join us at around 03:00 GMT tomorrow for Afghanistan v Bangladesh. See you then!

  2. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Trent Boult

    "I would be worried about Boult if I were England. It's not just MacLeod and Gardiner who can fall to that swing, it's the likes of Bell and others, they were serious deliveries."

  3. Post update

    By a curious quirk of scheduling, both these teams will play England next. Eoin Morgan's side take on New Zealand on Friday, then Scotland on Sunday.

    England will have seen plenty to worry them in New Zealand's seam bowling department, but they may be heartened by the way the Scottish bowlers took regular wickets against a vaunted Kiwi batting line-up.

    Should England lose to New Zealand, that game against Scotland suddenly assumes huge significance - and on today's evidence, there will be a number of out-of-form English batsmen who will be worried about facing the Scottish bowlers.

  4. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The Irish have won key matches and if they get into a situation where they can win they know how to do it. The Scots, who man for man are not that different, haven't got that experience but they are perfectly good cricketers who could easily beat Afghanistan and cause an embarrassment to someone else."

  5. Player reaction

    Scotland captain Preston Mommsen: "It was a very tough start for us. They bowled very well and the ball did a little more than expected. Matt Machan and Richie Berrington batted well, but unfortunately they couldn't go on. We put the ball in the right areas - unfortunately we couldn't get the final three wickets, but I'm very proud of the performance."

    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "It was a tough one. Credit to Scotland for the way they hung in there. That total was always going to be challenging on a surface like that where it was nibbling about. As a pair we've seen how effective Trent Boult and Tim Southee can be and they were outstanding. It was a really good performance with the ball - with the bat, we showed glimpses but we have to improve. England will be a challenge - they're hurting, they'll be tough to beat and we'll have to play incredibly well."

  6. Player reaction

    Scotland batsman Matt Machan: "Credit to the way we fought back. We took it as deep as we could but 140 is not a lot to play with. Bitterly disappointed, we've been playing a lot better than we showed today and it's up to us to bounce back."

  7. Player reaction

    New Zealand's Corey Anderson: "Scotland bowled pretty well on a wicket that started to slow up. I guess it doesn't matter if you win ugly it still counts as a win. You think you can take it down quickly and when you lose a couple of wickets it can become a bit of a roll. It was a good first half performance and the second probably needs a bit of work."

  8. Post update

    A curious match indeed. New Zealand have their second victory of the tournament, as expected, but Scotland ran them a lot closer than many would have thought - especially after having been reduced to 12-4.

    Matt Machan and Richie Berrington rebuilt the innings for the Scots before Corey Anderson and Daniel Vettori seized control for New Zealand again with a flurry of lower-order wickets.

    In reply, New Zealand seemed impatient to get the job done, and they surrendered a succession of wickets with loose shots. But they just about managed to keep the chase on track, and will go into their match with England on Friday with two wins from two - but a few chinks in their armour exposed.

  9. Final scorecard

    New Zealand 146-7 after 24.5 overs

    Not out batsmen: Vettori 8, Milne 1

    Fall of wickets: 18-1 (Guptill 17), 48-2 (McCullum 15), 66-3 (Taylor 9), 106-4 (Williamson 38), 117-5 (Elliott 29), 133-6 (Anderson 1), 137-7 (Ronchi 12)

    Bowling figures: Wardlaw 9.5-0-57-3, Taylor 4-0-27-0, Davey 7-0-40-3, Haq 4-0-21-1

    Scotland all out for 142 off 36.2 overs

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50), 129-7 (Cross 14), 136-8 (Taylor 4), 142-9 (Haq 0) 142-10 (Wardlaw 0)

    Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 7-0-32-0, Vettori 8.2-1-24-3, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 5-1-18-3

    Full scorecard

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Daniel Vettori of New Zealand (R) shakes hands with Iain Wardlaw

    So, New Zealand crawl over the finish line - Daniel Vettori finishes the job with a thick edge over the top of the slips. It was a wholly unconvincing batting display from the hosts but a win is a win and they have their second of their tournament, taking them to the top of Pool A.

  11. NZ 138-7 (target 143)

    Adam Milne joins the veteran Daniel Vettori at the crease. Can these two see New Zealand home?

  12. WICKET

    Ronchi c Gardiner b Davey 12 (NZ 137-7)

    Scotland celebrate Luke Ronchi's wicket

    This is just plain weird from New Zealand. They continue to gift wickets away with the finish line in sight - Ronchi the latest as he heaves leg-side and picks out Hamish Gardiner on the boundary at deep mid-wicket. Six needed, three wickets left - Scotland couldn't, could they?

  13. WICKET

    Anderson c Wardlaw b Davey 11 (NZ 133-6)

    You have to applaud this bowling performance from Scotland - they've made some top-class batsmen look very ordinary. Corey Anderson joins the procession, top-edging an attempted leg-side flick, which Wardlaw does very well to catch running round.

  14. NZ 129-5

    Wardlaw back into the attack, no doubt still replaying that drop in his mind. Can he make amends? No - in fact he delivers a rank short ball, allowing Ronchi to free his arms and clatter it over cover for four. Just 14 needed for New Zealand now.

  15. Dropped catch

    NZ 122-5 (target 143)

    Luke Ronchi, the New Zealand wicket-keeper, is the new batsman. And immediately Scotland should have had another man back in the hutch! Corey Anderson pulls Josh Davey flat behind square and picks out Iain Wardlaw on the rope, but the fielder spills a very simple catch. What an opportunity for Scotland - was that their last chance to really make the Kiwis sweat?

  16. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Just a little bit of movement, opening the face perhaps. So 26 to win and only five wickets left, the game is still alive. Just a few little butterflies, they've made a meal of this and are looking a bit tentative now."

  17. WICKET

    Elliott c Cross b Wardlaw 29 (NZ 117-5)

    Grant Elliott walks off after being dismissed

    New Zealand's curiously stuttering chase continues. Again it's Iain Wardlaw who does the damage, pitching one up in the corridor of uncertainty and enticing Elliott to nibble one through to the keeper.

  18. Scorecard update

    New Zealand 110-4 after 20 overs (target 143)

    Batsmen: Elliott 23, Anderson 2

    Fall of wickets: 18-1 (Guptill 17), 48-2 (McCullum 15), 66-3 (Taylor 9), 106-4 (Williamson 38)

    Bowling figures: Wardlaw 7-0-35-2, Taylor 4-0-27-0, Davey 5-0-26-1, Haq 4-0-21-1

    Scotland all out for 142 off 36.2 overs

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50), 129-7 (Cross 14), 136-8 (Taylor 4), 142-9 (Haq 0) 142-10 (Wardlaw 0)

    Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 7-0-32-0, Vettori 8.2-1-24-3, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 5-1-18-3

    Full scorecard

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  19. NZ 110-4 (Elliott 23, Anderson 4)

    Anderson is a big, burly brute of a batsman and he laid waste to Sri Lanka a few days ago with an explosive innings, but he's in circumspect mood so far here, playing all six deliveries of Josh Davey's over and only managing a single off the last.

  20. NZ 109-4

    Scotland skipper Preston Mommsen turns back to Iain Wardlaw, who picked up McCullum and Guptill earlier, to see if he can winkle out a few more wickets. He almost does as well, enticing Elliott into a very rash flash outside off, which luckily for him doesn't make contact.

  21. NZ 107-4

    Corey Anderson is the new man. Daley errs with a wide.

  22. WICKET

    Williamson c Cross b Davey 38 (NZ 106-4)

    Kane Williamson perishes to a very uncharacteristic shot. He sashays down the wicket and tries to launch Davey to cow corner, but gets a little under-edge and gives Matthew Cross his third catch of the day.

  23. NZ 104-3

    Haq, Scotland's all-time leading wicket-taker in ODIs, continues. He offers up a juicy half-volley outside off, and Elliott picks the gap with a crashing square drive. New Zealand cantering along nicely now.

  24. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Seb Horner: Ross Taylor out, caught Rob Taylor - with WI's Jerome Taylor and ENG's James Taylor this WC really is Taylor-made.

  25. NZ 97-3 (target 143)

    Elliott is beginning to tick over - he collects four more off Davey with a punchy drive through extra-cover. But then the bowler so nearly has his revenge - he gets one to jag back off the seam and it cuts Elliott in half, but flies just over the top of the stumps. Elliott looks round, relieved not to hear the clatter of timber behind him.

  26. NZ 91-3

    Haq, with his leisurely, loping run-up, continues. He drifts just a little straight, and Williamson unfurls a lovely, classical sweep shot, bisecting the fielders on the leg side and finding the rope.

  27. NZ 84-3 (Williamson 28, Elliott 10)

    Josh Davey is recalled to the attack, and that's a lovely shot from Grant Elliott - Davey drops too short and Elliott creams him away through point off the back foot. And another! Width again, and this time Elliott goes onto the front foot and square-drives the ball at the top of its bounce - four more through the off-side. Lovely batting.

  28. Post update

    Kane Williamson graphic
  29. NZ 75-3

    Haq ruins a very good over with a rank long hop off the final delivery, which Williamson pulls powerfully to the cow-corner fence.

  30. Umpire review

    NZ 70-3

    Grant Elliott sweeps, the ball bobbles through to slip and bowler Majid Haq wants a review. Was there any glove in this?

    No - the replay shows it came off Elliott's arm. He survives, and Scotland have lost their one review.

  31. NZ 69-3 (Williamson 23, Elliott 0)

    Grant Elliott can certainly motor when he gets going, but for now he eschews the belligerent approach of McCullum and Guptill and plays out five dots after a leg bye early in Wardlaw's over.

  32. NZ 67-3

    So, Grant Elliott is the new man - can he see the Black Caps home?

  33. WICKET

    Taylor c Taylor b Haq 9 (NZ 66-3)

    New Zealand, who batted so fluently against Sri Lanka the other night, are making a bit of a Horlicks of this modest chase. Ross Taylor is the latest man to depart - he tries to hoick new bowler Majid Haq over cow corner but gets his timing wrong and Rob Taylor claims a steepling catch on the boundary at deep midwicket.

  34. NZ 66-2 (target 143)

    Iain Wardlaw, who claimed those two scalps before the lunch interval, is handed the ball again. Ross Taylor, who looked to be searching for his best form before lunch, clips sweetly off his legs for three.

  35. Post update

    We're back! You're still awake, right? Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are out in the middle, looking to knock off the remaining 80 runs. Let's play.

  36. How's stat?

    Matt Machan

    Matt Machan and Richie Berrington's fifth-wicket partnership of 97 made up 68.30% of Scotland's total of 142. That is the second highest percentage of an all out total in a World Cup match.

    Top of the list is AD Jadeja and RR Singh's 68.78% for India v Australia at The Oval in 1999 (they put on 141 out of 205 for the fifth wicket).

  37. Lunch scorecard

    New Zealand 62-2 after nine overs (target 143)

    Batsmen: Williamson 22, Taylor 6

    Fall of wickets: 18-1 (Guptill 17), 48-2 (McCullum 15)

    Bowling figures: Wardlaw 4-0-29-2, Taylor 4-0-27-0, Davey 1-0-7-0

    Scotland all out for 142 off 36.2 overs

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50), 129-7 (Cross 14), 136-8 (Taylor 4), 142-9 (Haq 0) 142-10 (Wardlaw 0)

    Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 7-0-32-0, Vettori 8.2-1-24-3, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 5-1-18-3

    Full scorecard

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  38. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "An emphatic stroke from Williamson to end that mini session. Davey isn't that quick and you can't bowl short. It should be a comfortable game for New Zealand and they won't want to lose too many wickets. There's a nice chance, no scoreboard pressure. They deserve it, they bowled nicely, caught OK and Scotland didn't set a demanding enough total."

  39. NZ 63-2

    Josh Davey, who has the two best bowling performances by an Associate player in ODIs, is brought into the attack. He begins with a rather ugly wide, before Williamson ends the over by smearing a pull to the cow-corner boundary.

    And that rather curiously, takes us to the lunch interval. Play will resume in the usual 45 minutes.

  40. NZ 56-2 (Williamson 17, Taylor 5)

    Some Taylor-on-Taylor action for you now as Scotland's Rob bowls to New Zealand's new man Ross. The batsman is away with a push into the off side, and then he finds the boundary for the first time with a booming cover drive. Classy stroke.

  41. WICKET

    McCullum c Cross b Wardlaw 15 (Scotland 48-2)

    New Zealand batsman Brendon McCullum walks off

    What a curious innings from McCullum. He seemed intent on launching everything to the boundary. He departs trying to force one off the back foot and giving a simple catch to the keeper.

  42. NZ 39-1 (target 143)

    While Brendon McCullum is determined to chase this target with quick brutality, Kane Williamson is quite content just to play his normal game. He plays out five dots and then flicks Taylor into the leg side for a single.

  43. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "If we're honest this game has gone and the challenge for Scotland is to ensure it doesn't dent their confidence for the rest of the tournament. Yeovil football manager Gary Johnson once said 'it is better to lose 6-0 once than 1-0 six times'".

  44. NZ 37-1

    McCullum uses his feet well to get a straight delivery from Wardlaw away powerfully through cover for another boundary. More tap as Wardlaw serves one up short and wide and McCullum batters it to the fence again. New Zealand are in the mood to knock these runs off quickly.

  45. How's stat?

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    Scotland equalled the world record for four first-ball ducks in an ODI innings.

    Calum MacLeod, Hamish Gardiner, skipper Preston Mommsen and Iain Wardlaw were the batsmen dismissed.

    Number 10 batsman Majid Haq was out to his second ball.

    Other occasions this has happened are Pakistan v England at The Oval in 2003 and Sri Lanka v Pakistan at Jamshedpur in 1999, but Scotland is the first in a World Cup.

  46. Dropped catch

    NZ 29-1 (McCullum 7, Williamson 5)

    Hamish Gardiner drops the ball

    Scotland's fielders think they're in business again when McCullum drives aerially on the off-side, but he's threaded it through the covers well. He doesn't place the next one so well though - he flicks into the leg side and picks out Hamish Gardiner, running in from the rope at midwicket, but the fielder grasses the chance. What a let off for New Zealand. You sense those have got to stick for Scotland. Williamson eases the last ball of the over for four through the covers.

  47. Text 81111

    Will Porter: Who needs lunch when you can tuck into the buffet served up by Scotland's bowling attack?

  48. NZ 18-1

    Kane Williamson, who has scored 13 fifties in his last 17 ODI innings, is the next man, and he's immediately off the mark with a single.

  49. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Guptill went for a big drive, edged it and it was a fairly straightforward catch. You wonder how he edged it but he's gone. In comes Kane Williamson, a man bound for the IPL."

  50. WICKET

    Guptill c Cross b Wardlaw 17 (NZ 18-1)

    Scotland celebrate

    Martin Guptill is in no mood to hang around. He clatters consecutive fours from the first two balls of Wardlaw's over, but then he tries one booming drive too many and snicks behind to Matthew Cross.

    That's the quick breakthrough that Scotland needed - now can they put New Zealand under pressure.

  51. NZ 10-0 (Guptill 9, McCullum 1)

    Rob Taylor to open up from the other end, with the unenviable task of bowling to Brendon McCullum. McCullum shows his intentions from the very first ball, climbing into a wide one and mistiming it into the off-side for a single. No problems with Guptill's timing though, as Taylor overpitches and he clobbers him down to long-on for four.

  52. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Scotland sort of mirroring the Kiwi attack, the tall rangy Wardlaw and Rob Tayor is left-arm over. I don't think he'll get the same penetrating swing as Trent Boult. I don't know who will get man of this match but I think it's going to be a Kiwi."

  53. NZ 4-0

    Thanks Jamie. It's Iain Wardlaw with the new ball for Scotland, and Martin Guptill gets New Zealand up and running with a handsome straight drive that bounces back over the bowler's head and runs away for four. That's the only scoring shot of the first over.

  54. Post update

    New Zealand v Scotland

    Well who thought we would see five slips in a World Cup match? Anyway, how many of the 143 required can New Zealand score before the official lunch interval in 37 minutes? Over to James Gheerbrant to describe the pre-lunch mini-session.

  55. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Thapa: Any side with 4 good pacers will flourish: England in 2005 Ashes, SA for years with Kallis as 4th, now this NZ team. Contenders.

  56. End of innings scorecard

    Scotland all out for 142 off 36.2 overs

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50), 129-7 (Cross 14), 136-8 (Taylor 4), 142-9 (Haq 0) 142-10 (Wardlaw 0)

    Not out batsman: Davey 11

    Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 7-0-32-0, Vettori 8.2-1-24-3, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 5-1-18-3

    Toss: Won by New Zealand

    Full scorecard

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  57. Post update

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Cricket Scotland executive chairman Keith Oliver

    Cricket Scotland executive chairman Keith Oliver on BBC TMS: "The teams that qualified did receive quite a lot of financial assistance from the ICC. I've no complaints about the help we've been given by the ICC, they work hard to give us fixtures against good teams on these tours."

  58. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "What the Scots will be upset about is that Corey Anderson came in, banged the ball into the wicket, and got three wickets far too easily. They were too easily rattled, they looked like Associate batsmen."

  59. WICKET

    Wardlaw lbw b Vettori 0 (Scotland 142 all out)

    Josh Davey of Scotland (L) and Iain Wardlaw (R) wait

    It has been overturned after a lengthy review. Wardlaw becomes the fourth batsman out first ball in the innings and Vettori finishes with 3-24. Due to the premature end to the innings there will only be a 10 minute break before New Zealand begin their reply.

  60. Umpire review

    We're having a review here. An lbw appeal against last man Iain Wardlaw pushing forward is rejected and Vettori refers it.

  61. WICKET

    Haq c Taylor b Vettori 0 (Scotland 142-9)

    Majid Haq is out for a duck

    Majid Haq is on his way second ball, comfortably caught at slip by Ross Taylor, the fourth duck of the innings and it's almost all over. Vettori could end up with three wickets here.

  62. Scotland 142-8 (run-rate 3.94)

    Now what is the batting powerplay going to bring us? Some bold rearguard action from Davey for a start, thumping Anderson through backward point for four.

  63. WICKET

    Taylor st Ronchi b Vettori 4 (Scotland 136-8)

    Daniel Vettori of New Zealand celebrates

    One would imagine that trend in the tournament of every team posting 300 when batting first is not going to continue. Left-hander Rob Taylor is the new man and he averages 18 from his 12 ODIs with a highest of 46 not out against Kenya last year but he does not last long, beaten in the flight by the wily Vettori and smartly stumped. The 293rd ODI wicket for the venerable slow left-arm bowler.

  64. WICKET

    Cross c Ronchi b Anderson 14 (Scotland 129-7)

    Corey Anderson

    Ah the old drinks breakthrough. No great foot movement from Cross, hanging the bat out to dry as Geoffrey would say. Can the Scots bat out their overs?

  65. Scotland 129-6

    Cross ends a run of three overs without a boundary as he finds the gap through the covers off Milne. He is only in his 12th ODI but he made 55 in his second match against Kenya in the qualifying tournament in New Zealand that Scotland won last year. Drinks time. Earl Grey I think.

  66. Scotland 122-6 (Anderson 2-8)

    Sir Richard Hadlee is in attendance. A bit of snow on the roof and on the tache these days but he still looks much the same as when he was ripping through the England middle order in the 1980s. Young Josh Davey is the new batsman and he has a best of 64, against Afghanistan. He plays out a maiden to Anderson, the sixth of the innings.

  67. Dropped catch

    Scotland 122-6 (run-rate 3.94)

    Matthew Cross

    A bustling seamer at a brisk pace Milne, complementing the excellent new ball pairing of Southee and Boult. Cross has a high wavering backlift reminiscent of Dominic Cork. He gets away with one from the final ball of the over as Martin Guptill cannot cling on to a fiercely struck low chance at backward point.

  68. Scorecard update

    Scotland 118-6 after 30 overs

    Batsmen: Cross 5, Davey 0

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50)

    Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 5-0-21-0, Vettori 7-1-21-0, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 2-0-8-2

    Toss: Won by New Zealand

    Full scorecard

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  69. WICKET

    Berrington c Milne b Cross 50 (Scotland 117-6)

    Fifty for Berrington from 79 balls, his seventh in ODIs, but he is dismissed next ball, caught at fine-leg top-edging a pull. They still need five to eclipse their current highest total against the Kiwis. They will do that though surely?

  70. Scotland 115-5 (run-rate 4.28)

    The Scots have not only beaten their lowest World Cup total they are poised for their highest score against New Zealand. It is only the third match against them but previous efforts have been 121 and 101. Who would have thought they would even reach three figures from 12-4? There have been 17 scores under 100 in World Cup matches for the record.

    New man Matthew Cross gets off the mark by neatly flicking Milne off the pads to the mid-wicket boundary.

  71. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    George Howard: Reckon the Scots should put Collingwood in a kilt and pads and send him out for a bat.

  72. WICKET

    Machan c McCullum b Anderson 56 (Sco 109-5)

    Brendon McCullum (L) and Dan Vettori (R) celebrate

    Well I feel guilty now. Machan had played so sensibly and we all thought it. But he tried to pull a ball that was a bit high from outside off stump and it looped up not very far to mid-on. It was an excellent catch from McCullum though, diving forward.

  73. Scotland 105-4 (Machan 52, Berrington 46)

    Machan has one previous ODI century to his name, that came against Kenya in 2013. Berrington clips medium pacer Elliott off his toes just out of the reach of the square-leg fielder for four more. The Kiwi opening bowlers had the ball on a proverbial rope but it is the batsmen on top now in bright sunshine at this glorious venue. There'll be a wicket now won't there?

  74. Machan makes 50

    Scotland 97-4 (partnership 85)

    Jamie Lillywhite here to take you through the remainder of the innings and I didn't think I'd get to describe any of it when the score was 12-4. I was scrolling through the lowest World Cup totals but Scotland have no concerns, they have even beaten their lowest of 68 against West Indies.

    Sussex batsman Matt Machan has played beautifully and made 50 from 70 balls. His partner Berrington maintains the momentum and thumps Vettori back over his head over the commentary box for six.

  75. Scotland 89-4

    Now then, time for part-time medium-pacer Grant Elliott to turn his arm over. Scotland, for now, are still content to deal in singles - three from that over.

  76. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Duncan Garrett: Swap Machan for Morgan? Only a few letters different people might not notice.

  77. Scotland 86-4 (Machan 47, Berrington 32)

    Brendon McCullum is renowned as one of the best captains in world cricket - can the master innovator devise a breakthrough here? Three singles from Vettori's latest over.

  78. Six

    Scotland 83-4

    Tim Southee bangs one in short to Matt Machan and the batsman hooks it to fine leg for the first maximum of the innings. And then more punishment for Southee as Berrington cuts him behind the sprawling Martin Guptill at point for four. This partnership is now worth 71.

  79. Post update

    Daniel Vettori
  80. Scotland 71-4 (run rate 3.2)

    35-year-old Daniel Vettori leaps like a cat to make a brilliant stop off his own bowling. Just two runs from another parsimonious over from the spinner.

  81. Scotland 69-4

    That's better from Scotland - Machan larrups Southee to the extra-cover boundary to bring up the fifty partnership. And then Berrington gets in on the act, belting another wide delivery through cover for another boundary.

  82. Scorecard update

    Scotland 60-4 after 20 overs (were 22-4 after 10)

    Batsmen: Machan 32, Berrington 21

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0)

    Bowling figures: Southee 6-3-14-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 4-0-16-0, Vettori 4-1-8-0

    Toss: Won by New Zealand

    Full scorecard

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  83. Scotland 60-4 (Machan 32, Berrington 21)

    Matt Machan

    What's Scotland's plan here? They've rebuilt well since that catastrophic start, but they're going to need to kick on soon if they're going to set a defensible total. Just two from Vettori's latest over, Scotland marking time here.

  84. Scotland 58-4

    Brendon McCullum, perhaps just sensing that the game has drifted, brings back Tim Southee to try and break this partnership. No immediate joy for the bowler though, as Scotland scamper three singles from the first over of his new spell.

  85. Scotland 55-4 (Machan 30, Berrington 18)

    Daniel Vettori has had the ball on a string for the most part so far. Berrington flat-bats two to backward point when the spinner does offer some rare width.

  86. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think New Zealand has three or four of the best international grounds in the world and this is one of them. It is perfect for this sort of fixture, the ground is full but not heaving."

  87. Scotland 52-4

    New Zealand have been electric in the field so far in this tournament and Kane Williamson upholds those high standards with a great stop at cover. Berrington squirts one through the covers for two to bring up Scotland's fifty.

  88. Scotland 47-4 (run rate 2.9)

    Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' blasts out over the tannoy, and indeed good times have never seemed so good for New Zealand, who are well in control of this match with an hour played. Berrington plays out a watchful maiden from Vettori.

  89. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Lindsay: 38-4 Scotland. No way NZ are coming back from that. Off to bed. Well done Scotland!

  90. Drinks break

    Scotland 47-4

    The baby-faced Machan has played well so far, but he's furious when he misses out on a juicy short and wide one from Milne. Berrington picks up three with a meaty drive through extra-cover. Time for drinks.

  91. Post update

    New Zealand in Dunedin
  92. Scotland 43-4 (Machan 26, Berrington 11)

    The bespectacled spin wizard Daniel Vettori is handed the ball for the first time today. He bowled magnificently against Sri Lanka in New Zealand's last match. Three singles from his first over.

  93. Scotland 40-4

    Scotland haven't exactly got their foot on the accelerator yet, but just signs that they might be at least starting to move the car out of the garage. Good sharp running earns Berrington two for a flick behind square.

  94. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Antony Cox: Don't panic Scotland you still have England to play so it'll get easier!

  95. Scotland 38-4 (Machan 24, Berrington 8)

    Trent Boult continues at the other end, but finally Scotland go on the attack. First Machan lofts him over extra-cover for four, then he follows up with another boundary, thumping him down to long-on.

  96. How's stat?

    Lowest totals

    The lowest World Cup total is 36 by Canada against Sri Lanka in Paarl in 2003. The Canadians also share the next lowest, 45, against England at Old Trafford in 1979, a score matched by Namibia against Australia in 2003.

  97. Scotland 27-4

    Good news for Scotland: Tim Southee's spell is over. Bad news: Adam Milne, a bowler capable of touching 95mph, is into the attack. However the bowler does stray, offering Richie Berrington a bit of width, and he seizes on it like a starving man on a croissant, clattering it away through backward point for his first boundary.

  98. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "There is a virtue in being ruthless and knocking a side over for 60. It shows you are not messing around."

  99. Scotland 22-4 (Boult 2-10 off 5 overs)

    Trent Boult

    Matt Machan looks about as comfortable as a man in hessian underpants as Trent Boult gives him another thorough working-over. The bowler nearly has a third wicket when an away-swinger kisses the edge and falls just short of third slip. Another maiden, pressure building.

  100. How's stat?

    This is the second time in ODIs that there have been three first-ball ducks in the top-five batsmen. The other occasion was Bangladesh v Sri Lanka at Pietermaritzburg at the 2003 World Cup when Chaminda Vaas took a hat-trick with the first three balls of the match.

  101. Scotland 22-4

    Tim Southee fields off his own bowling

    Richie Berrington has not looked fluent in his stay at the crease so far, perhaps understandably, and he can't do any more than play out six dots to Tim Southee's latest over. He has two runs from 18 balls now.

  102. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Alex Wray: If Scotland continue like this then no one's going to have stay up late.

  103. Scotland 22-4 (Machan 16 , Berrington 2)

    New Zealand's bowling has been absolutely top-drawer, perhaps reaping the benefits of the coaching of former Kiwi bowling star Shane Bond. Scotland, meanwhile find, themselves in a situation that even James Bond might struggle to escape: at the moment they're suspended above the teeming piranha pool with a laser burning through their rope at an alarming rate - metaphorically, at least. Boult nearly picks up a fifth wicket for New Zealand when Berrington plays all around an attempted yorker that somehow misses the stumps.

  104. Scotland 19-4

    Machan shows Tim Southee he's not overawed by seizing on a short ball and pulling it to the mid-wicket fence.

  105. Scotland 14-4 (Machan 10, Berrington 1)

    A penny for Paul Collingwood's thoughts in the Scotland dressing room. This, of course, was precisely the kind of dire situation that Colly was so adept at digging England out of - how Scotland must wish they could ask him to strap his pads on. Another heart-in-mouth moment for the Scots as Machan completely mistimes a pull and it falls just short of the desperately diving Adam Milne at mid-on.

  106. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jamie Scott: Are New Zealand going to be the first-ever team in ODI history to try and enforce a follow-on?

  107. Scotland 12-4

    Southee's hat-trick ball is better than Boult's, right on the stumps, but new man Richie Berrington keeps it out with a watertight forward defensive stroke. A massive rebuilding task in front of Scotland now.

  108. WICKET

    Mommsen lbw b Southee 0 (Scotland 12-4)

    Tim Southee strikes

    It is not going down leg. Scotland are in a whole heap of trouble here. Mommsen, perhaps expecting his first ball to shape away, is surprised by one fired into his pads. Hawkeye says it would have taken out leg stump, and Mommsen trudges back to the pavilion. Now Southee is on a hat-trick!

  109. Umpire review

    Scotland 12-3

    Tim Southee could have another one here. He raps Preston Mommen on the pads first ball and the umpire's finger is raised again. Mommsen wants a review - is it going down leg?

  110. WICKET

    Coetzer c Elliott b Southee 1 (Scotland 12-3)

    Tim Southee takes a wicket

    New Zealand are reducing the Scotland top order to rubble here. Tim Southee strays on to Kyle Coetzer's pads and the batsman eyes light up, but his aerial flick picks out Grant Elliott, who takes a very sharp catch at silly mid-on.

  111. Scotland 12-2 (Coetzer 1, Machan 9)

    Trent Boult has got the Scottish batsmen on hot buttered toast at the moment. He defeats Machan all ends up with the first two deliveries of this over, with electric pace and slippery late movement. But Machan responds well when Boult strays too wide and the batsman eases him through the covers for four.

  112. Scotland 7-2

    Tim Southee and Trent Boult are New Zealand's Test opening bowlers too and they are high-class operators - able to make the ball talk and with the added difficulty of being a left-arm right-arm combo. Not the sort of pair that you want to face first up in the World Cup, in other words. Scotland get their first runs off the bat when Southee strays onto Machan's pads and the batsman flicks him away behind square for four.

  113. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ilyas Najib: If Scotland beat New Zealand tonight, I will shave all the hair on my head, and I have hair Elvis would have loved.

    Chris Miller: How long before Scotland start blaming a 'difficult group'?

  114. Scotland 1-2 (Boult 2-1 off 1 over)

    Boult strays a little with the hat-trick ball, drifting one down outside off. But the remaining deliveries are bang on the money, and new man Matt Machan looks all at sea as he flashes at a full swinging delivery.

  115. WICKET

    Gardiner lbw b Boult 0 (Scotland 1-2)

    Trent Boult celebrates

    This is magnificent swing bowling by Trent Boult. He does for new man Hamish Gardiner with another pearl, trapping him in front of the timbers with an almost identical delivery, shaping back into the pads late on and defeating the batsman's groping blade. The worst possible start for the Scots, and Boult is on a hat-trick.

  116. WICKET

    MacLeod lbw b Boult 0 (Scotland 1-1)

    New Zealand celebrate

    Disaster for Scotland as Calum MacLeod goes without scoring. Trent Boult takes just two balls to find his radar, sending down a leg-side wide before wanging down an absolute jaffa that swings back in late and thumps MacLeod on the pad. That's adjacent and the fingers goes up.

  117. Scotland 0-0

    Tim Southee takes the new nut for New Zealand. There's a hint of nip in the air as his first ball shapes past the off stump, watched judiciously by Kyle Coetzer. Coetzer is determined not to take any unnecessary risks first up and he plays out six dots. Maiden over for Southee.

  118. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The Kiwis have been right on top of their game they've been very careful to point out there will be no relaxing, they have picked the same team and are not going to take them lightly at all. So this really would be an upset if Scotland were to beat them."

  119. Fighting talk

    Scotland flag graphic
  120. Post update

    It feels weird hearing Scotland belt out 'Flower of Scotland' against New Zealand without seeing the haka follow immediately afterwards. But New Zealand's cricketers are a less demonstrative bunch - they let their cricket do the talking, or indeed screaming and thigh-slapping. We're nearly ready to go in Dunedin.

  121. Post update

    Time for the anthems at the 6,000-seater University Oval in Dunedin on New Zealand's South Island. The ground is bathed in glorious sunshine at the band strikes up with 'Flower of Scotland'.

    Scotland are sporting a terrific kit by the way, blue with - get this - tartan shoulders and sleeves. We'll make sure to bring you pictures as soon as we get them.

  122. Scots call on Colly

    Paul Collingwood

    When it comes to the Scots in his ones to watch for the BBC website, former England captain Michael Vaughan picks the coach, his former England colleague Paul Collingwood.

    "I'd have loved to see him in the England set up but he's out there with the Scots, he's trying to get them ready and prepared, they play England and he'll be desperate for them to cause a shock. so I'm interested to see what kind of impact he can have on a very inexperienced team.

    "Can they get that one win, their first win in a World Cup? Let's just see how Paul Collingwood the coach does in this World Cup."

  123. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    As ever during this World Cup, we want to hear from you.

    Can Scotland pull off the mother of all upsets here? And are New Zealand genuine contenders for the trophy?

    Let us know these and any other thoughts you may have on Twitter at #bbccricket, or via text on 81111.

  124. Tough act to follow

    In the first five matches of this tournament, every side batting first has scored 300 or more.

    Can Scotland keep up that record against New Zealand's fearsome seam attack of Boult, Southee and Milne?

  125. Team news

    New Zealand are unchanged from their win over Sri Lanka in the opening game of the tournament:

    New Zealand XI: B McCullum (capt), Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, Elliott, Anderson, Ronchi (wk), Vettori, Milne, Southee, Boult.

    Scotland XI: Coetzer, MacLeod, Gardiner, Machan, Mommsen (capt), Berrington, Cross (wk), Davey, Taylor, Haq, Wardlaw.

  126. Introducing New Zealand

    New Zealand

    * stats are pre-tournament

  127. Introducing Scotland

    Scotland stats
  128. Quotes from the captains

    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "Against Sri Lanka here in the first half an hour to an hour the wicket had a bit about it so we think it's an opportunity for our seamers to get into the game. We have a great opportunity to execute our skills, the boys are excited and we're playing the same team."

    Scotland skipper Preston Mommsen: "We were going to look to bat first anyway, it looks a good wicket to get runs on the board. We're feeling very confident, we're the best prepared team that's left Scotland and hopefully we can show that."

  129. Toss

    The toss between New Zealand and Scotland

    New Zealand have won the toss and captain Brendon McCullum elects to bowl.

    Scotland captain Preston Mommsen says he would have batted anyway. So there!

  130. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Scotland batsman Michael Leask

    Scotland batsman Michael Leask: "Game day. It's going to be a awesome occasion."

  131. Scots out to break duck

    Scotland are not just looking to begin their 2015 World Cup campaign with a bang - they're searching for a first ever victory at this tournament, having lost all eight matches across the 1999 and 2007 campaigns.

    Foregone conclusion or potential banana skin? The latter, according to New Zealand coach Mike Hesson, who insists his team won't take the Scots lightly.

    "I think I've stated before, I think there will be number of upsets in this tournament and I think that if sides take any side lightly, they'll get turned over," he said. "We'll certainly prepare and scout as best we can with Scotland. We don't have a heck of a lot of footage, but what we do we've got some good information. We'll prepare as well as we do for any international.''

  132. Post update

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Day Four of the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

    Tonight, we turn our attentions to Group A, and that means a first look at Grant Bradburn's Scotland. They take on hosts New Zealand, who were mightily impressive in putting Sri Lanka to the sword in their first match. New Zealand will be fully expecting to put more points on the board in their bid to qualify for the quater-finals; Scotland hoping to shock the world.

    The toss in Dunedin is around ten minutes away.

  133. Scotland the brave

    The words 'Scotland' and 'World Cup' haven't always coexisted happily in the same sentence.

    From eight first round exits at football's global showpiece, to semi-final heartbreak against England in the 1991 rugby tournament, the international stage has not been kind to the Scots.

    But if there's one thing guaranteed the get the Scottish blood pumping, it's the chance to upset the odds against a supposedly superior foe. History shows that you write the Scots off at your peril. Ask them to beat an unheralded Morocco side to get out of their World Cup group and they'll lose 3-0. Put them in front of 20,000 bloodthirsty English shoulders at Bannockburn with only a few pikes between them, and they'll win every time.

    Tonight they take on New Zealand, one of the strongest sides in world cricket, on home turf. Ireland may have upset the West Indies last night but this would be a shock of an entirely different order. They couldn't, could they?