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  1. Post update

    That's all from our live text commentary.

    But you can listen to BBC Sounds reaction via the play button at the top of the page and you can read the developing report on this enthralling battle here.

  2. 'The fight had everything'

    Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn speaking to Sky Sports: "That fight was everything that is great about boxing and that was from Youtubers!

    "To get the respect from the boxing community you have to take it seriously and these two have done that twice now.

    "KSI was gone after Logan Paul hit him on the back of the head. That fight would’ve been over if Paul had pushed it a little bit harder. People don't realise how hard it is when there’s nothing left in the tank.

    "This was a big learning curve, a completely different world. There has to be a narrative and a respect for the sport and these two have that.

    "If there are any other men or women who want to get into the ring - and they respect the code - then this can happen again."

  3. 'Wish KSI the best'

    Logan Paul speaking to Sky Sports: "Fair play to KSI. You are one of the toughest people I know.

    "There's respect here. All the talk, It’s all for selling and I wish you the best.

    "I felt more calm this year but I had two points taken away from me and is the reason I lost tonight.

    "I’d love to fight KSI again - these are the best moments of my life. The more I practise in the box the more I feel comfortable.

    "You’ll definitely see me in the ring again. But I am going to the commission about the decision."

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    Stuart Mitchell: KSI had the first two rounds. Paul the third and would have had the 4th without the deduction (it was one!) 5th I'd give to Paul also, but KSI won the 6th. Yes KSI won because of the deduction, but that is Logan Paul's fault.

  5. 'I've never worked so hard'

    KSI speaking to Sky Sports: "KSI last time out was scared. I was scared to fight close, scared to touch him. This time I just kept going and going.

    "Your boy has done it – victorious. I’m a dog, I keep saying it. He hit me hard in the back of the head. It was outrageous but it is what it is.

    "I don’t want to stop. I don’t want people to think I'm weak and I can't take punches because I am a fighter. I felt good.

    "I've never worked so hard, in the ring and at camp. He couldn’t deal with the jabs.

    "It takes a big man to get in the ring and you're [to Logan Paul] a big man. You made me work and thank you for a good fight."

    On whether there will be another fight: "It’s done! I’m onto the next thing."

  6. Post update

    In case you were doubting if this was a "proper" boxing match...

    They've just played Sweet Caroline in the Staples Center.

    So I think that means it's legit.

  7. Get involved


    KritikulHit: Amazing 6 rounds, probably the best fight of the night! Do not appear to be "clowns" in my eyes!

  8. Post update

    Both fighters are asked if they would do this all again?

    Logan Paul says hell yeah.

    KSI says it's done.

  9. Post update

    The soap opera continues during the interviews.

    Asked to make amends and put the beef to one side with Logan Paul, KSI pauses, takes a step back, looks like he doesn't want to, then offers his hand and lavishes praise on his opponent.

    It's a bit WWE. But good.

  10. Get Involved


    The SupremeMeme: Deducting two points in a six-round fight is absolutely ridiculous. But well played, KSI.

  11. Post update

    Millions watched this fight. Millions.

  12. Post update

    "KSI, you've broken the intenet tonight...," says the man interviewing the fighters in the ring.

  13. Post update

    As I said earlier, Bunce knows best.

    We need a rematch. We've got to have a rematch.

  14. Post update

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Radio 5 Live boxing pundit

    That was the ruling, that was the point deducted that cost Logan Paul the fight. There just has to be a rematch.

  15. Post update

    The Brit wins... and rightly so. He wanted to win the fight more.

    And that engine of his.

    He's like a boxing sportscar.


    YES... GO ON, KSI.

    Superb. Absolutely superb.

    Logan Paul looks crestfallen. KSI jumps high and roars with sheer elation.

  17. Judge 3

    56-55 to KSI

  18. Judge 2

    57-54 to KSI

  19. Judge 1

    56-55 to Paul.