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By Andy Donley and Shamoon Hafez

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  1. Post update

    It's been an emotional day for football, and that's been evident in the massive outpouring of affection for Graham Taylor, both within the sport and from you at home.

    You can read Phil McNulty's obituary to Taylor here, or find a round-up of the day's events here.

    Thanks for joining us.

    Graham Taylor, RIP.

  2. Get Involved - your Graham Taylor memories

    Match of the Day Facebook

    Steve Aylward: R.I.P. Always remember you bringing Villa to Gresty Rd in the FA Cup and being 2-0 down at half-time and saying "you got yourselves into this mess, now get yourself out of it" - unfortunately for Crewe you did 2 - 3 R.I.P one of the nice guys of English football.

    John Swaby: I'm completely devastated. Best Lincoln manager ever. Nicest bloke you could wish to meet. Even when he was England manager he regularly came to events at Lincoln.  

    Jeffery Hewerdine: I was at the match in 1972 when he took Lincoln into another league... we stormed the pitch and clapped him a standing ovation. Happy Days!  

    Thank you to everybody who has shared their stories of Graham Taylor throughout the day.

  3. 'I'm forever in his debt'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    The tribute to Graham Taylor is rounding off on 5 live now, with current Burnley manager Sean Dyche paying tribute to a man who he came into contact with during his first job in management at Watford.

    "He had an extremely thick skin, and he showed that by defending me on radio when I was a young manager as well. Things like that mean a lot," he said. 

    "To have that strength behind me when I was a young manager meant a lot.

    "I'm forever in his debt for the help that he gave me."

  4. 'I will be eternally grateful to him'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    View more on twitter

    In a later tweet, Gary added: "He made me his England captain and I will be eternally grateful to him for giving me that honour."

  5. 'What happened with England broke his heart'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    Daily Mirror

    Graham Taylor

    Former Mirror journalist Harry Harris: "Graham got a really hard time by the media, but it was a media with teeth. That is now a pro-FA an anti-Fifa. There was a circulation war with The Sun but that existed before and after him.

    "He suffered a vindictive personal attack but people are eulogising him today as a great person and manager. He did not cut it as an England manager though, he was out of his depth. Not since Taylor has an England manager has suffered the vitriol he did.

    On Swedes 2-1 Turnips headline: "It was quite funny but it is not funny if you are on the receiving end of it. He was brought up in media, he bend over backwards to help us but he did not have to deal with the forensic examinations that they have to deal with today.

    "He was a bitter man towards journalists after that. What happened with England broke his heart and it never left him. He was very bitter about it but he was the right man at the time. It was very unfortunate what happened with refereeing decisions but he was a genuine football guy who did not deserve what he got from the media at the time."

  6. 'The referee's got me the sack...'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    "Do I not like that..."

    They're discussing the infamous Graham Taylor documentary on 5 live at the moment, in which he allowed himself and the England team to be filmed in the the qualifiers for the 1994 World Cup.

    Our very own Tom Rostance took a look back on how it was allowed to happen - and just how funny it is in retrospect - here.

  7. 'He pitted his wits against the best'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    John Motson

    Match of the Day commentator

    I met him first in the 1970s at Lincoln and then he went on to revolutionise Watford. Elton John had inteviewed Bobby Moore, who did not get the job and Graham did. He turned them into a family club and made sure players went to all the local functions. He led them to the FA Cup final, but he took them to Europe too. He pitted his wits against the best.

    I once fell out with Graham after asking him if he wanted to play more sophisticated football. He almost spat it back in my face.

    He had a fantastic career as a club manager and it is a tribute to him that BBC Radio 5 live, who he loved working for, are explaining what an influence he had on football.

    Graham Taylor
  8. Get Involved - your Graham Taylor memories

    BBC Match of the Day Facebook

    Will Room: I remember seeing a clip of Taylor in the dugout during a match, and some fans behind him shouting out racial abuse to a player on the pitch and he went hell for leather against them - didn't hold back telling the fans to sit down and shut up basically. Back then it was probably normal for fans to think they could get away with stuff like that but Graham Taylor was definitely a decent man and respected everyone who played for him. Top bloke. 

    Share your memories of Taylor via Twitter at #bbcsportsday and through the BBC Match of the Day Facebook page.

  9. Taylor 'was on fantastic form' just two weeks ago

    Graham Taylor tributes

    John Motson

    Match of the Day commentator

    I was with him on 1 January, he had lunch with us in the boardroom and was in fantastic form. 

    We were chatting and he reminded me of a story when my son was born in 1986. I had been at Watford the night before, in those days we did not all attend the births of our children, but I got a call from someone at the hospital saying I have had a son. 

    I spoke to my wife later and told her I had already been given a call - it was Graham Taylor and that was the family man he was.  

  10. 'He was brilliant at being interested in other people'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    John Murray

    5 live football correspondent

    He was such good company - a football man. When you spent time with him you realised he had so many other interests.

    He was steeped in football. He loved the game and everything about it. He was brilliant at being interested in other people and would always want to talk about football. 

  11. 'Graham was everything I hoped he would be'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    John Murray

    5 live football correspondent

    Graham Taylor

    It's going on 20 years now that he was working as a match summariser, and he was very loyal to the BBC. 

    What was her like to work with as a commentator? I think if I'm going into a poor match and nothing is happening, is my summariser going to help me out?

    With Graham that was never a problem. He had such a wide range of interests, and he used to meander off talking about his family. He once told me all about his favourite holiday destination on-air!

    Graham was everything I hoped he would be before I met him.

  12. Get Involved

    Graham Taylor tributes

    We've just had one Aston Villa fan - Aaron, who sits in the Holt End at Villa Park - telling Mark Pougatch on 5 live that he thinks Taylor should have a stand named after him for his achievements at the club.

    What do we think Villa fans? Or Lincoln and Watford supporters as well?

    Share your memories of Taylor via Twitter at #bbcsportsday and through the BBC Match of the Day Facebook page.

  13. 'Ahead of his time'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Graham Taylor Aston Villa

    Former Aston Villa winger Tony Daley: "We had just been relegated and things were not going great. Graham came in and said he was going to get us promoted. He asked if you wanted to be part of it and you gave him respect straight away.

    "I was 18 and people were raving about me, he said if I don't buck my ideas up I would be down the road. He was the biggest influence of my career and like a father-figure to me. He brought my game on so much.

    "What I liked about him, when things were going great he would put you down a peg, when things were not going great, he put an arm around you and made you feel invincible.

    "He was a big believer in tactics and the advantages of set-pieces. He got his teams well organised and was into his stats. He was ahead of his time."

  14. Get Involved - your Graham Taylor memories


    Dave Revell: Met Graham Taylor at a charity day for Kit Aid. Had so much time for people and was always so nice. One of England's better managers.

    Glenn J Dann: G.T. wasn't a bad England manager - just lack of quality at his disposal. He may have fared better with today's talent.

    Tom McCarron: Epitomises true gent Graham Taylor. "As you grow older, dignity in defeat seems even more impressive than humility in victory."

    Share your memories of Taylor via Twitter at #bbcsportsday and through the BBC Match of the Day Facebook page.

  15. 'He wanted us to be stars, but he was the star'

    Graham Taylor tributes

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    We've just heard about Taylor's relationship with Watford goal machine Luther Blissett on 5 live, and here is what the big man himself had to say about his former gaffer earlier.

  16. 'He was a big family man'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Graham Taylor banner at Watford

    Forward Watford striker Luther Blissett: "It was a shock to hear Graham's passing, I can't believe it has happened.

    "To be able to talk about somebody, it comes fairly easy when it is for someone like Graham. He used to do some of his team-talks in the freezing cold on a Friday. Everybody would go 'yeh, yeh' and it would go on for 20 minutes. He paid attention to details and that is why he had so much success.

    "Whoever he brought to Watford, he wanted to know about the person. Were they married? He was a big family man, people and community was a big in his upbringing, that was the same as a manager. He could tell the mood players were in and them manage them.

    "When AC Milan came in, we spoke about it. Even at 1am, he came and took em to one side and said, 'the club are happy with everything, but if you are not, we will tear up everything and go back to training'. Players were the most important thing about the football club."

  17. Graham and Elton - an unlikely partnership

    Graham Taylor tributes

    Video content

    Video caption: Remembering Graham Taylor: When Graham met Elton

    If you want to learn more about that famous friendship between Graham Taylor and Sir Elton John, this clip from our archive should do the job nicely.

  18. 'He was like a brother to me'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    View more on instagram

    Graham Taylor's relationship with Elton John, who was chairman at Watford during the former's time as manager at the club, was notoriously close. Here's what the music legend had to say earlier about his friend's death.

    "I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear about Graham's passing," he said.

    "He was like a brother to me. We shared an unbreakable bond since we first met. 

    "We went on an incredible journey together and it will stay with me forever. He took my beloved Watford from the depths of the lower leagues to unchartered territory and into Europe. We have become a leading English club because of his managerial wisdom and genius.

    "This is a sad and dark day for Watford. The club and the town. We will cherish Graham and drown our sorrows in the many brilliant memories he gave us.

    "I love you Graham. I will miss you very much.

    "My thoughts go out to Rita, Joanne, Karen and the whole Taylor family."

  19. Get Involved - your Graham Taylor memories

    BBC Match of the Day Facebook

    Robert Howard: I spent a train journey from Hemel Hempstead to Euston sitting talking to Graham. We spoke about football old and new. Kids, football and life in general. He was friendly, open and a very nice man. I am glad I met him. RIP Graham.  

    Share your memories of Taylor via Twitter at #bbcsportsday and through the BBC Match of the Day Facebook page.

  20. 'He was a natural leader'

    Graham Taylor tributes

    John Murray

    5 live football correspondent

    We could see that he was a natural leader and a natural organiser. From being around him, I realised that it wasn't hard to see why players wanted to perform for him.