Royal Ascot: New Village Enclosure targets young racegoers with 'party atmosphere'

Racegoers at Ascot
Formal dress codes will remain in place at this year's Royal Ascot but organisers hope to attract a party-going crowd

It's one of the highlights of the British racing and social calendar, renowned for its royal connections and formal attire.

Its associations with DJ sets and a young, festival-going crowd are rather less well established.

But a new enclosure at this year's Royal Ascot will seek to attract a new generation of racegoers by offering a "party atmosphere" and a "more vibrant feel".

The Village Enclosure will provide a range of attractions, including eateries, bars, social areas and DJs.

The "popular formality of dress code" of the Queen Anne enclosure - the suits, the fascinators - will remain, but with a festival touch, say organisers.

"Best racing, best party, is the aspiration," said Nick Smith, Ascot's director of racing and communications.

"But very much within the parameters of what makes Royal Ascot special and genuinely unique."

Organisers expect there to be a "natural synergy" towards the younger demographic, although they want "repeat visitors and happy visitors" rather than large numbers.

"We specifically want to encourage people with racing interest alongside those to whom the party atmosphere will appeal - hopefully one and the same in many cases," added Smith.

This year's Royal Ascot runs from Tuesday, 20 June to Saturday, 24 June.

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