Olympic play-offs: Ireland men and women both face Canada for Tokyo spots

Shane O'Donoghue celebrates after scoring for Ireland's men in their 4-2 win over Canada at the Rio Olympics
Ireland's men beat Canada 4-2 at the last Olympics in Rio

Ireland's women will meet Canada in their Olympic play-off in Dublin later this year with the Irish men having been drawn away to Canada.

Both play-offs will take place over two legs with the winning teams earning spots at the Tokyo Games.

Ireland's men beat Canada 4-2 at the Rio Olympics but the 10th-ranked Canadians are now three places higher in the world rankings.

The Irish women have never qualified for an Olympic Games.

However after securing the silver medal at last year's World Cup, the Irish women should go into their home contest with the Canadians in a positive frame of mind.

The 15th-ranked Canadians were the lowest ranked nation that the eighth-ranked Irish women could have faced.

Great Britain's men, who include a number of Northern Ireland players, will host Malaysia in their play-off with the British women taking on Chile.

The Irish men must travel to Vancouver for their games on 26 and 27 October, while the women host Canada in Dublin on 2 and 3 November.