GB Hockey: Maddie Hinch and Lily Owsley retained as 15 join women's squad

GB Hockey
Britain beat the Netherlands in a penalty shootout to win Olympic gold in Rio

Maddie Hinch and Lily Owsley are among the Olympic champions retained by Great Britain and England for the next four-year cycle.

Coach Danny Kerry's 33-woman squad features 12 of the 19 players who won gold in Rio in the summer.

Kerry has also added 15 new players to his roster.

England will host beaten Olympic finalists the Netherlands in June, before preparing for the Hockey World Cup in London in 2018.

"We have, I feel, a good depth of skilful, committed, smart, and athletic athletes who are eager to learn, develop and build on the legacy and momentum of the Rio Olympic cycle," said Kerry.

A new captain to replace Kate Richardson-Walsh, who retired in the summer after 13 years of leading the team, will be announced in due course.

Squad: Giselle Ansley (Surbiton), Grace Balsdon (Canterbury), Sophie Bray (SC Kampong), Charlotte Calnan (Surbiton), Nicola Cochrane (Clifton Robinsons), Amy Costello (University of Birmingham), Alex Danson (Clifton Robinsons), Emily Defroand (Surbiton), Susie Gilbert (Reading), Takara Haines (East Grinstead), Sarah Haycroft (Surbiton), Sabbie Heesh (Surbiton), Maddie Hinch (SCHC), Jo Hunter (Surbiton), Sarah Jones (Holcombe), Kathryn Lane (Leicester), Joie Leigh (Clifton Robinsons), Hannah Martin (Surbiton), Shona McCallin (Holcombe), Lily Owsley (University of Birmingham), Olivia Paige (University of Birmingham), Suzy Petty (Wimbledon), Ellie Rayer (Loughborough Students), Sarah Robertson (Edinburgh University), Erica Sanders (University of Birmingham), Zoe Shipperley (Buckingham), Rose Thomas (Wimbledon), Anna Toman (University of Birmingham), Susannah Townsend (La Gantoise), Laura Unsworth (East Grinstead), Ellie Watton (Holcombe), Hollie Webb (Surbiton), Nic White (Holcombe).