Great Britain hockey draw 2-2 with Germany in Mannheim Test match

Great Britain captain Barry Middleton scored his team's opening goal
Captain Middleton left the field with an injury shortly before half-time

Great Britain drew 2-2 with Olympic champions Germany in a Test match in Mannheim.

After conceding early on, GB levelled as Chris Griffiths found captain Barry Middleton, who scored from close range.

Middleton was later injured but David Condon's reverse stick shot from 10 yards put GB ahead, before the Germans equalised with a penalty corner.

The teams meet again in a training match on Thursday and then in the Nations Cup in London on 14 April.

"We were slow to start and were opened up in the first quarter, but once we got into the game we played well and I was a bit frustrated not to win it given the way we played," head coach Bobby Crutchley said.

"Once we got the intensity up I thought we had good control for long periods in the final two quarters, controlling possession well and creating chances. This was another good match in our development leading towards the Olympic qualifiers [World League semi-final] in June."

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