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English Championship

6 - 9 August 2020
Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel and CC
Prize Money:
1EnglandSullivan21 under parno score666264no score192
2EnglandBrown16 under parno score666566no score197
3South AfricaStone15 under parno score656667no score198
3South AfricaBurmester15 under parno score666369no score198
3SpainOtaegui15 under parno score656667no score198
6EnglandA Johnston14 under par7666571no score202
6SwedenLengden14 under par3656670no score201
6AustraliaM-W Lee14 under par2646770no score201
6DenmarkHoejgaard14 under par2656769no score201
6WalesDonaldson14 under par1676469no score200
6BelgiumColsaerts14 under parno score656668no score199
6AustraliaScrivener14 under parno score646966no score199
6EnglandCanter14 under parno score646570no score199
6DenmarkSimonsen14 under parno score656866no score199
15FranceRozner13 under par14676969no score205
15ScotlandJamieson13 under par12746368no score205
15Northern IrelandSharvin13 under par5637069no score202
15South Africade Jager13 under par4696667no score202
15United StatesCrocker13 under par4696766no score202
15ScotlandSyme13 under par4656968no score202
15EnglandStow13 under par1706764no score201
15EnglandCoupland13 under parno score696566no score200
15South AfricaNienaber13 under parno score686567no score200
15New ZealandR Fox13 under parno score676766no score200
15EnglandArmitage13 under parno score686963no score200
15EnglandSmith13 under parno score686567no score200
27ScotlandFerguson12 under par16677069no score206
27EnglandRai12 under par11686968no score205
27South KoreaS-H Kim12 under par10676572no score204
27EnglandPaisley12 under par9686570no score203
27CanadaCockerill12 under par8676868no score203
27ScotlandWarren12 under par7686867no score203
27ZimbabweVincent12 under par4647068no score202
34United StatesVeerman11 under parfinished67697067273
34DenmarkOlesen11 under parfinished66707067273
34PolandMeronk11 under parfinished66697167273
34FranceLangasque11 under par16657070no score205
34ItalyParatore11 under par13696769no score205
34DenmarkHoejgaard11 under par10676869no score204
34FranceRoussel11 under par9676968no score204
34ScotlandRamsay11 under par8666869no score203
34ItalyPavan11 under par7686867no score203
34EnglandWestwood11 under par7666968no score203
34SpainCanizares11 under par5696469no score202
34BelgiumDetry11 under par3647266no score202
46AustraliaHend10 under parfinished71667067274
46SpainJimenez10 under parfinished66687466274
46EnglandTree10 under parfinished67677268274
46ItalyGagli10 under par17686969no score206
46FranceWattel10 under par17657170no score206
46GermanySchneider10 under par16677069no score206
46PortugalSantos10 under par13686869no score205
46EnglandSenior10 under par12657268no score205
46EnglandO Fisher10 under par8676869no score204
55South AfricaHarding9 under parfinished67657469275
55DenmarkHansen9 under par15696670no score205
55EnglandSouthgate9 under par14676969no score205
55EnglandBland9 under par11656673no score204
59South AfricaEaston8 under parfinished66697269276
59FranceGuerrier8 under par16706769no score206
59ScotlandDrysdale8 under par15657070no score205
62EnglandMcEvoy6 under parfinished70667072278
63FinlandPulkkanen5 under parfinished70677072279
63NetherlandsBesseling5 under parfinished70677567279
63EnglandShinkwin5 under par8686769no score204
66EnglandSlattery3 under parfinished69677174281
66SpainLarrazabal3 under parfinished69677471281
66FinlandSamooja3 under parfinished67707173281
69WalesEnoch2 under parfinished66707274282
69EnglandHowell2 under parfinished64717374282
71SpainCuartero1 under parfinished71667373283
72GermanyRitthammer1 over parfinished69657774285
72ScotlandLaw1 over parfinished68687673285
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