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Trophee Hassan II

25 - 28 April 2019
Royal Golf Dar Es Salam, Red Course
Prize Money:
1AustriaSchwab7 under par570no score70
1EnglandSmith7 under parno score66no score66
3SpainCanizares6 under parno score67no score67
4United StatesSuri5 under par871no score71
4FrancePavon5 under parno score68no score68
4ScotlandGallacher5 under parno score68no score68
7United StatesCrocker4 under par867no score67
7ItalyE Molinari4 under parno score69no score69
9United StatesLipsky3 under par871no score71
9AustraliaPapadatos3 under par370no score70
9EnglandSenior3 under parno score70no score70
12EnglandChesters2 under par1072no score72
12NorwayReitan2 under par1070no score70
12SpainCampillo2 under par772no score72
12EnglandSlattery2 under par670no score70
12South AfricaWalters2 under par474no score74
17SpainLarrazabal1 under par1070no score70
17FinlandPulkkanen1 under par975no score75
17NetherlandsLuiten1 under par773no score73
17ScotlandWarren1 under par672no score72
17ThailandJaidee1 under par673no score73
17FinlandSamooja1 under par372no score72
17FranceJacquelin1 under par372no score72
17EnglandLewis1 under parno score72no score72
17GermanyKieffer1 under parno score72no score72
17AustraliaMcLeod1 under parno score72no score72
17SwedenSoederberg1 under parno score72no score72
17FinlandKorhonen1 under parno score72no score72
17ItalyPavan1 under parno score72no score72
17SwedenHanson1 under parno score72no score72
17ItalyMigliozzi1 under parno score72no score72
32EnglandMorrisonlevel par1172no score72
32IrelandDunnelevel par873no score73
32FranceLorenzo-Veralevel par673no score73
32SwedenBjoerklevel par674no score74
32FranceSordetlevel par476no score76
32EnglandEvanslevel parno score73no score73
32SpainOtaeguilevel parno score73no score73
32United StatesKitayamalevel parno score73no score73
32AustraliaPorterlevel parno score73no score73
32FrancePerezlevel parno score73no score73
32EnglandHorseylevel parno score73no score73
32FranceSaddierlevel parno score73no score73
32South KoreaChoilevel parno score73no score73
32SpainQuiroslevel parno score73no score73
32South KoreaKimlevel parno score73no score73
32South AfricaBurmesterlevel parno score73no score73
32SpainOriollevel parno score73no score73
32DenmarkJensenlevel parno score73no score73
50FranceDubuisson1 over par975no score75
50EnglandWaring1 over par973no score73
50ScotlandLaw1 over par975no score75
50South AfricaSterne1 over par871no score71
50EnglandSullivan1 over par774no score74
50SwedenLagergren1 over par675no score75
50FinlandKoivu1 over par374no score74
50ChileLeon1 over par373no score73
50JapanKawamura1 over par375no score75
50ItalyGagli1 over parno score74no score74
50EnglandShinkwin1 over parno score74no score74
50DenmarkWinther1 over parno score74no score74
50AustraliaOrmsby1 over parno score74no score74
50SwitzerlandGirrbach1 over parno score74no score74
50AustraliaCullen1 over parno score74no score74
50SwedenLemke1 over parno score74no score74
50FranceLangasque1 over parno score74no score74
50Northern IrelandHoey1 over parno score74no score74
50ParaguayZanotti1 over parno score74no score74
50South Africavan Rooyen1 over parno score74no score74
50EnglandWilson1 over parno score74no score74
71GermanyRitthammer2 over par1176no score76
71ScotlandJamieson2 over par1174no score74
71BelgiumDetry2 over par1073no score73
71JapanTanihara2 over par976no score76
71FranceHebert2 over par973no score73
71South KoreaWang2 over par877no score77
71SwedenKinhult2 over par573no score73
71ItalyParatore2 over par574no score74
71ScotlandForrest2 over par475no score75
71SwedenDantorp2 over par473no score73
71IrelandMoynihan2 over par374no score74
71NorwayKofstad2 over parno score75no score75
71FranceLevy2 over parno score75no score75
71South Africade Jager2 over parno score75no score75
71EnglandPaisley2 over parno score75no score75
71South KoreaPark2 over parno score75no score75
71United StatesCatlin2 over parno score75no score75
71South AfricaBezuidenhout2 over parno score75no score75
71DenmarkHansen2 over parno score75no score75
71NorwayJohannessen2 over parno score75no score75
91AustraliaDodt3 over par1173no score73
91SpainElvira3 over par877no score77
91AustraliaLawson3 over par775no score75
91GermanySiem3 over par574no score74
91PortugalGouveia3 over par575no score75
91South AfricaKruyswijk3 over par575no score75
91SpainCantero3 over parno score76no score76
91EnglandRai3 over parno score76no score76
91SwedenKarlsson3 over parno score76no score76
91FranceWattel3 over parno score76no score76
91EnglandWood3 over parno score76no score76
91ScotlandDrysdale3 over parno score76no score76
91WalesManley3 over parno score76no score76
91EnglandBrown3 over parno score76no score76
105SwedenBlomstrand4 over par1175no score75
105ChinaWu4 over par1075no score75
105AustraliaScrivener4 over par774no score74
105MoroccoSerghini4 over par675no score75
105EnglandEvans4 over par674no score74
105JapanMiyazato4 over par672no score72
105ScotlandRamsay4 over par577no score77
105EnglandMcEvoy4 over par577no score77
105ScotlandJohnston4 over par377no score77
105FranceQuesne4 over parno score77no score77
105PortugalFigueiredo4 over parno score77no score77
105EnglandSingh-Brar4 over parno score77no score77
105MoroccoRaouzi4 over parno score77no score77
105EnglandSouthgate4 over parno score77no score77
105SwedenKarlsson4 over parno score77no score77
105South AfricaPorteous4 over parno score77no score77
105WalesDredge4 over parno score77no score77
105EnglandMurray4 over parno score77no score77
123EnglandOrrin5 over par1077no score77
123ItalyManassero5 over par876no score76
123ItalyBertasio5 over par575no score75
123New ZealandGeary5 over par578no score78
123CanadaCockerill5 over parno score78no score78
123GermanySchmitt5 over parno score78no score78
123ScotlandMacIntyre5 over parno score78no score78
123GermanyMejow5 over parno score78no score78
123SpainArnaus5 over parno score78no score78
123CanadaConnelly5 over parno score78no score78
133SpainBorda6 over par1078no score78
133South AfricaFichardt6 over par776no score76
133MoroccoLguirati6 over par575no score75
133EnglandHowell6 over par377no score77
133SpainFernandez-Castano6 over parno score79no score79
133EnglandThomson6 over parno score79no score79
139EnglandCanter7 over par1173no score73
139EnglandMcGowan7 over par1075no score75
139EnglandGregory7 over par779no score79
139EnglandO Fisher7 over par578no score78
139GermanyLong7 over par479no score79
139ItalyBergamaschi7 over par481no score81
139ZimbabweVincent7 over parno score80no score80
146South AfricaLombard8 over parno score81no score81
146EnglandBaldwin8 over parno score81no score81
148MexicoToledo9 over par481no score81
149EnglandGavins10 over par878no score78
149MoroccoSsouadi10 over parno score83no score83
151JordanAl Kurdi11 over par783no score83
151Saudi ArabiaAl Sharif11 over par483no score83
151SwedenLaengfors11 over parno score84no score84
154MoroccoMarjan19 over par790no score90
-DenmarkKjeldsenno scoreWithdrawn77no score77
-EnglandNixonno scoreWithdrawn73no score73
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