Liz Young: Pregnant golfer set to play Women's Open at Woburn

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Expectant mother Young ready for Open

Most sports probably would prevent people from competing at seven months pregnant, but golfer Liz Young is grateful she can sign off before beginning motherhood with an appearance at the Women's Open.

Young, from Brockenhurst in the New Forest, will down her clubs and start maternity leave after playing at Woburn on 28-31 July - something that was not in her original birth plan.

"I don't quite know if security will believe I'm actually playing when I turn up on the first practice day," the 33-year-old told BBC Radio Solent.

"We'll see how it goes, but the bump doesn't get in the way of my game.

"It's literally growing by the day. Things like the stress on your back are obviously different and twisting and turning in your swing can be more painful.

"I don't have as much energy as I used to, so that means less practice."

Late run

Liz Young
Liz Young says Woburn is her favourite course on the tour

Young's qualification for the tournament was only confirmed in early June as she finished tied eighth during the Czech Masters in Plzen.

"Originally, I'd planned to play up until the Scottish Open, which is the week before Woburn," she confirmed.

"After a poor start to the year, I didn't think I'd have enough this season to qualify. But things turned around and it's nice to think this will be my last tournament before becoming a mum.

"Woburn's my favourite course in the UK, so it's fitted in nicely."

Now Young is hoping she can inspire other pregnant sportswomen.

"I'm lucky I play a sport that allows me to play while seven months pregnant," she said.

"If I was a track and field athlete or a swimmer, I probably wouldn't be able to compete. But while I can, I think it's an inspiration to others who do become pregnant, that they can still be active."