Island Games 2013: Experienced Jersey team to head to Bermuda

By Tim PryorBBC Radio Jersey
Jersey women's golf team

Jersey's women golfers hope to use their experience of previous Island Games to fire themselves into the medals places in Bermuda next month.

Frances Shaw, Elaine Pushman, Helen Lagadu and Gloria Paradiso will represent Jersey at the 6,842 yard Port Royal course.

Pushman will be at her fifth Games and Paridiso has already appeared at five.

"We've got an experienced team going over," manager Trish Parkin told BBC Radio Jersey.

"This is Helen Lagadu's first Island Games for golf but she was the goalkeeper for the women's football team.

"You never know with golf, I think we've got a strong team, and I hope that we'll come in the medals."

Parkin says her team are preparing themselves for the heat in Bermuda, where players will have to contend with humid conditions and an average temperature in the island in July of around 27C.external-link

Organisers expect rounds, over four days, to last four to five hours and are scheduling tee times in separate morning and afternoon sessions.

"The course is long," added Parkin. "We've got to be very wary of dehydration so we're getting advice from the medical team.

"There isn't very much shade on a golf course. The girls are very aware of what they've got to take care of."

The players will compete in a team event, with the three best scores to count each day, as well as an individual competition.

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