Five free workouts you can do at home

You don't need to leave the house to get fit - social media is filled with 'no-equipment needed' workouts which you can do at home.

Here are some of the best ...

Quickie cardio

Personal trainer Tally Rye co-hosts the Fit and Fearless podcast with the rest of the 'Girl Gains' crew. Try Tally's quickie cardio circuitsexternal-link for a full-body workout.

It's all about timing

James Stirling, aka London Fitness Guy, has a series of 'anywhere' workouts for when you're short on time, like this anywhere absexternal-link exercise.

Strength for runners

Tashi Skervin-Clarke is a running coach who shares exercises for strengthening your bodyexternal-link on non-running days.

Two for one

One of the most famous names in fitness thanks to her easy to follow routines, Carly Rowena shares workouts like this two-in-one full body and core exerciseexternal-link - French bulldog optional.

Warm down

After all that exercise you'll need to warm down, try these hip flexor, quad and hamstring stretchesexternal-link from beibeifit. external-link

For more ideas on working out at home, take a look at our guide that includes exercises to reduce bingo wings and belly-dancing cardio moves.