Great Manchester Run: Inspirational stories from the 10k race - including Dawn Nisbet

Great Manchester Run 2017: Dawn Nisbet, Azeem Amir, Victoria Abbott-Fleming, Helen Bacon, Jess Dyer
Great Manchester Run on the BBC
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Ever wondered what it feels like to compete in your first 10k race in front of a crowd of thousands?

Sweating, huffing and puffing with aching legs and sore feet, but determined to cross that magical finish line; it must feel incredible when you do.

Well you no longer need to imagine! Thanks to one intrepid participant, we are giving you a chance to watch a first-time 10k runner take on the Great Manchester Run, from start to finish, via Facebook Live.

Meet Dawn Nisbet. You may remember her heroic park run last year which, despite finishing last, didn't stop her joyous smile and celebrations making waves on social media.

Dawn Nisbet completes her first 5k park run
Dawn became an internet sensation after this photograph was shared thousands of times on social media

Dawn, 41, has well and truly caught the running bug. And now she's taking on her biggest challenge yet.

To prove that, with sheer determination and motivation, anyone can run their first 10k, Dawn wants to transmit her run live through the streets of Manchester.

"You'll be able to see the support along the way, the crowds, the sights of Manchester and just the great atmosphere," explains Dawn.

You can follow Dawn live on Sunday, 28 May from 13:20 BST on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

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Dawn Nisbet on streaming her first ever 10k run

Nothing will stop these four inspiring runners

Dawn is one of over 24,000 people taking to the streets of Manchester on Sunday taking part in both the 10k and half marathon. Each runner has a story, a reason they have decided to take part. We want to share the stories of four inspiring individuals who, despite challenges in their lives, are taking part in the race on Sunday.

Jess Dyer

Manchester Metropolitan University student, Jess, recently passed a five-year anniversary since the last time she attempted suicide.

After a long battle with depression, Jess found happiness and success through joining the rugby team at university, and says she has gained new skills, confidence and friends for life.

"I've come such a long way in the last five years and I'm achieving new things each and every day!"

Jess now wants to help and inspire other young people struggling with depression.

The Great Manchester run will be her first 10k, and she's hoping to raise £500 for mental health charity, Mind- that's £100 to represent each years of her new-found happiness.

Azeem Amir

Azeem, an 18-year-old, was born with no sight in his right eye and slight light perception in his left eye.

As the youngest blind runner in the world to complete a Tough Mudder last year and a budding star in blind football, Azeem has never seen his disability as a barrier to taking part in sporting activities.

Azeem loves to compete and aspires to be selected in the Great Britain squad for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

He will be running this weekend in aid of the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital with his old PE teacher as his guide runner.

Helen Bacon

Helen was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in April 2016 and since then has had chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

Throughout this time she has continued to swim, cycle and run; which has been very important to her mental health and in reducing some of the side-effects of her ongoing treatment.

Taking part in the Great Manchester Run, Helen aims to raise money for Riding for the Disabled, a charity that provides horse-riding opportunities to disabled people.

As a dedicated volunteer and children's coach for the charity she inspires to see some of her students achieving Paralympic success in the future.

Victoria Abbot-Fleming

In 2003, Victoria fell down the stairs at work. Following what was first considered a minor accident, she never expected her life to change so dramatically.

She was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a rare chronic condition where the body reacts abnormally to an injury. This results in persistent severe and debilitating pain.

After her diagnosis, she had to give up her career as a qualified barrister - and learn to live her life as a double amputee.

But Victoria has not let her disability rule her life.

On Sunday she will take on the Great Manchester Run for the second year running as a double above-knee amputee, without the use of prosthetics.

Images from the Great Manchester Run past events
Established in 2003, the Great Manchester run is now the largest 10k running event in Europe

In addition to experiencing the buzzing atmosphere of the Manchester crowd and taking in famous sights around the city, these four inspiring runners will raise money for a charity that means a lot to them, and fulfil a huge personal challenge.

You can see live coverage of the race on Sunday, 28 May on BBC One from 12:30 BST and the best of the day's action from 17:00 BST on BBC Two.

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