FA People's Cup: Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be... we're on the road to Wembley!

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So far we've seen glorious goals, superb skills, tactical team talks, and a fair share of puppy mascots! The grand finale of the 2017 FA People's Cup is underway and 96 teams are descending on Birmingham for a football frenzy Bank Holiday weekend!

And, of course, we're bringing you all the action as it happens on Sunday, 30 April and Monday, 1 May, when teams from all 16 categories battle for a chance to win tickets to this year's FA Cup final.

Here's a look back at some of the fantastic moments from the tournament so far...


Disability football match in play

Even before the competition began, we had a feeling it was going to be showstopper. More categories than ever, more players than ever (over 40,000) and even more wonderfully imaginative team names than before - some of them had us in stitches here.

Whether as part of a team, or as an individual, everyone had a reason why they wanted to sign up - including this team of mums who formed a side after watching their daughters at football training.

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FA People's Cup: Football mums show daughters how it's done

Team names confirmed, last-minute training sessions finished, it was time for the tournament to begin.

Round one

We were expecting a lively, exciting tournament, but boy did it start with an explosion of action! So to begin our first-round recap in the same manner, have a look at these beauties...

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FA People's Cup: Top 10 magic moments

Those of you who tune in to Match of the Day, might be thinking, OK, we've seen the action, now we want some analysis. Well, we figured you might think that, so we asked Football Focus front man Dan Walker and football pundit Dean Saunders to step away from the pros for a moment, and give us their analysis of three of our stand-out goals.

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People's Cup goals analysed by the pros

We've often wondered what it must feel like to win that crucial header, make a perfect tackle or score that winning goal. So if you want to experience first hand (well, as close as you can get from behind a screen), what it's like to play in the FA People's Cup, give this a watch:

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An idea of what it is like to play in the People's Cup

The FA People's Cup truly is a competition for everyone (so, no excuses not to sign up next year).

The walking football category has been more popular than ever this year, seeing more than 200 teams competing in the first round. And the more senior teams and individuals have just as much passion and enthusiasm for the game as the younger players...

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FA People's Cup: Walking football rekindled Jan's dreams

We've all experienced a bad day in the office at some point, and when you've made a mistake, what you really need is an arm around you and an upbeat, positive chat with a colleague. Well there was no such thing for team Boys from Nancy.You don't want to miss that one!

More than 600 teams made the journey home filled with joy, excitement and anticipation. These teams had made it through to the semi-finals. But here at Get Inspired, we're proud of everyone who participated. So, to relive all the action, and maybe catch yourself on camera, check out our first-round catch up.

The people behind the players

We love to meet the individuals taking part in the competition and showcase some of the inspiring tales they have to tell. Before we crack on with the second-round catch-up, time to grab a cuppa and watch these uplifting stories...

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FA People's Cup - Woking Wolves

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FA People's Cup: Ben Ridd meets GB Paralympian Jack Rutter

Round two

The sun shone brightly on the mornings of the semi-finals. Actually, it was a scorcher of a weekend - which, being British, a lot of the players taking part were quick to let us know!

FA People's Cup tweets about the weather

So, covered in sun cream, we sent our cameras out around the country to catch the action. And Saturday certainly didn't let us down...

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Goals from Day One of the 2017 FA People's Cup semi-finals

Among the buzzing crowds, players shouting "pass", "shoot" and other words I wouldn't like to repeat here, The Deaf Rhinos, a team from Manchester, were taking in the atmosphere. Coached by a hearing friend who also knows sign language, they say the chance to play competitively is for them like playing in the Premier or Champions League.

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FA People's Cup: Deaf Rhinos - the deaf team from Manchester

Much like the sunshine, the football didn't disappoint. The semi-finals saw dramatic penalty shoot-outs, belting strikes from a distance and fiercely competitive knock-out matches.

Want to find out for yourself? Check out our round-up of the semi-finals and get in the spirit for the finals with our top 10 moments from round two.

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FA People's Cup - top 10 magic moments

More to come...

So now you're up to speed on events thus far, if you're anything like us, the finals can't come quick enough. It's not only our biggest finals to date, but - with 96 teams, more than 600 players, crowds of supporters, and most likely several more furry mascots - the 2017 FA People's Cup finals are going to be epic!

See you then!

Join us from 11:30 BST on Sunday, 30 April and Monday, 1 May to follow all the action live from the FA People's Cup finals.