Let Get Inspired help solve your top Olympic search terms from Google Trends

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Get Inspired can help you get involved with sport

Do you want to learn how to do the splits? Maybe you've been wondering what the difference between a yuko and an ippon is? Or maybe you've wanted to find out more about Sophie Hitchon?

You've been hungry for more information during the Olympic Games, with search engine giant Google revealing some of the most-searched-for questions during the Games.

Many of you want to know how the scoring works in judo. And how you train for a marathon.

Or something as 'simple' as wanting to know how to compete in the Olympics.

Whatever it is which has got you reaching for your phone/tablet/computer, BBC Get Inspired can help with the answers…

Top 'How to' searches on Google since the start of the Rio Olympics

1) It seems plenty of you have been checking out the action on the judo mats and wanting to understand it better. So 'matte!' what you've been doing and take a look at our guide to getting into martial arts for starters.

The official Rio Olympics website also has useful explanations about the scoring - head here and scroll down to 'About' and 'scoring'.

And why not take a look at Andrew Burt's inspirational life in judo for good measure?

Top trending Olympic athletes in the UK in past 24 hours (as of 16 August) on Google Trends

2) The likes of Mark Cavendish, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell have been understandably hot search topics in the past 24 hours and it seems some of you want to have a go - so here's how.

Sir Bradley Wiggins is in there expressing his love for the sport - as well as 73-year-old Clive, who still rides on the track.

You never know... this time in four years, you could be competing in Tokyo!

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Cycling veterans take to the track at the Manchester Velodrome, proving age is no barrier

3) How to qualify for the Olympics is quite a big question!

Hard work and dedication would be certain requirements and there'll be a myriad of different qualification criteria for the different sport, which the International Olympic Committee helps decide.

We think you'll have to start somewhere though, so why not have a look through our A-Z list of all the sport we have guides to - including all the Olympics sports and more - and see if there's something in there you fancy giving a go.

If that seems a bit out of reach you can always try Make Your Move instead - a campaign promoting accessible, physical challenges for everyone.

4) Golf combines physical activity, intense concentration and walking around beautiful landscapes. What is there not to like?

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Get rid of your 'chicken wing' at the driving range

Our how to get into golf guide covers advice for first timers or those wanting to improve their game.

5) You wanted to know more on how to watch the Olympics. There should be no problems with this one - the BBC's Olympics coverage is outlined on this page.

6) If you've spent too long on the sofa watching television - we don't blame you, it has been good - you might be one of those people who has searched for how to train for a marathon.

Fancy 26.2 miles? We're liking your ambition!

Try looking at our running guide to get some help and here's some more inspiration:

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'How long-distance running saved me'

7) As far as the synchronized swimming scoring system is concerned, we'll hand you over to the very nice guide on the official Olympics website (just follow the link and scroll down to 'About' and 'rules').

If you're wanting to give it a go, you can find who to speak to in our swimming guide.

A warning though - it's not as easy as you might think, as BBC Breakfast's Mike Bushell found out:

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Mike Bushell gives synchronised swimming a try

8) Has the gymnastics got you going head over heels? We're not surprised.

We reckon we better leave it to the experts to show you the proper way to safely flip yourself over, so find out where your nearest club is with our gymnastics guide.

In the meantime we'll let double Rio Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock test you out with a couple of warm-up exercises:

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Max Whitlock demonstrates different exercises for you to try at home

9) More contortions, eh? OK then. Learning how to do the splits was one of our 16 Make Your Move challenges.

Most people think you have to be athletic to achieve the splits. Actually, all it takes is a lot of sensible practice, patience and respect for your body.

If you want to get to this....

A man doing the splits

.....read about the four-stage process here.

10) Shuttlecocks crossing the net at the speed of a Formula 1 car and specialist schemes for teenagers involving music playlists and no dresscode.

You can find out all about badminton - and the scoring system - in our special guide.

Dujardin demands

And the 'How to...' questions are just scratching the surface on what you've been wondering about.

Here are some questions you've been considering about dressage as Charlotte Dujardin won her third Olympic gold medal:

Top trending questions about dressage as Charlotte Dujardin wins gold.

Handily we predicted your first question here - even telling you what their meals might be as they travel.

And while we're not going to try to answer all the others here, you can find out much more about equestrian sports such as dressage in our special guide and here are Charlotte's tips about succeeding in her sport:

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Dujardin gives her top equestrian tips

Hitchon examination

Finally, we did try to find out some more information about hammer bronze medallist Sophie Hitchon for you, but she seemed to be distracted somewhat and struggled to supply the answers:

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Hitchon does hula-hoop challenge