Get Inspired: How to get into roller derby

Roller derby: Skate fast, hit hard

How do I start?

Find your local roller derby team by using the United Kingdom Roller Derby Association (UKRDA) club finderexternal-link.

What is it?

Two teams of 14 skaters, four 'blockers,' a 'jammer' who tries to go past them, 'full body slams' and 'hip-checks' - Roller derby can look like havoc on the track, but the rules are pretty simple to understand. Just watch this ...

A fun and easy way to understand the rules of Roller Derby

Is it for me?

Roller derby is a great way to get fit and make new friends. The sport prides itself on being inclusive so no matter your size, shape or ability you can play. Can't skate? Don't worry, clubs will teach you. There are men's, women's and junior roller derby teams.

What to expect when I start?

  • Lots of clubs offer low-cost sessions with equipment hire for beginners.
  • Roller derby puts a strong emphasis on having fun - each skater will adopt their own tongue-in-cheek or pun based name.
  • There's a lot of skating in short bursts so you'll get a good cardio workout and improve your balance, whilst learning about teamwork.
  • Roller derby also works your core and leg muscles.
  • Junior roller derby is mixed gender, and there are levels of game play that start with absolutely no contact up to more impact. Contact UKRDA.external-link for your local club.
  • There's a whole team behind putting on a successful roller derby game. Between 12 and 15 Non-skating Officials keep track of the score, time and penalties. Seven Referees, also known as 'team zebra', are on skates and keep the game fair, consistent and safe - contact your local clubexternal-link to find out how you can get involved.

To get you in the mood - what's your roller derby name?

Will you be 'Icy Wrecking Ball,' 'Captain Vixen' or someone completely different? Use the graphic below to find your name.

What's your Roller Derby name?

Are you inspired to try roller derby? Or maybe you are a keen enthusiast already? Get in touch and tell us your experience of the activity by tweeting us on @bbcgetinspired,external-link visiting us on Facebookexternal-link or email us on

All clubs need a chair, secretary and treasurer to help things run smoothly as well as officials, coaches and judges. Whatever role you're interested in, Join Inexternal-link has opportunities to volunteer in your area.

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